Hey Warriors! We are so thrilled that you have landed on this page, the information you will gain from these videos will make you a better trader. Ross Cameron has hand picked his Top 10 All Time favorite, most valuable videos that he believes will be your springboard for Trading Success. Bookmark this page, and use it for reference. Each video provides a valuable lesson that you can apply to your trading strategy today!

Day 1: $583 to $1M Day Trading Challenge

Ross started with $583.15 as a challenge in January 2017. He’s right at $1,000,000 now, in that same account. You can do it too! See how day one began.

Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for Beginners

One of the best, most comprehensive hour, 100% worth your time. This video is one of Ross’ first, and it is absolutely brilliant. Must See!

Worst Trading Loss in 5 Years!

Here lies Ross’ worst trading losses -$28,000!  It’s always tough to post these, however, we understand the value and learning experience that one can learn from it.

Back in NYC at my Old Apartment before I made it...

Ross went Live with this one, as he reminisces of his past, before Warrior Trading. Stroll through NYC and learn more about Ross and how he got started.

22 Straight Days of Trading Profits

This recap is one of the best, recorded in the midst of a 22 day green streak. Enjoy an important lesson when Ross goes over his trades.

Float... Everything You Need to Know

The float is the number of shares available for trading. Discover why it’s so crucial to your trading success.

How I Made Over $24k in One Trade

See how Ross was able to make over $24k, in only ONE trade. This does not happen all the time, so when it does, it’s important to see how it happens.

Almost Lost $10k. Manage Your Risk!

Losing a lot of money in one day stinks. Managing Risk properly will lead you to trading success. You will be satisfied if you manage your risk properly, and this video demonstrates the fact.

Set Up a Traveling Trading Station

Learn how to day trade anywhere! Setting up a Traveling Trading Station is simple, and here are the tools to make it happen.

LIVE Trading Lesson Making Over $14k

Hop behind Ross’ shoulder and see how it all goes down, LIVE. These are the most requested videos we get, and this one is the cream of the crop.