eSignal Desktop Layout File (Scroll for More)

Click here to Download Ross’ layout.

Click here to Download Mike’s layout.

How To Install Warrior Trading eSignal Layout


eSignal Charts

eSignal Custom Indicators

You can find these from “insert studies” menu, then to “Add-On Studies”, then to “Day Trading Warrior”, then you can select any of the available indicators we’ve provided.


Warrior VWAP Indicator



Warrior Windows Indicator (Explained in Class 4 of the Day Trading Course


Other Scripts from Mike

Installation instructions: Unzip the contents of the .zip file below after you have downloaded it, and place them in the “Formulas” section of the “Interactive Data” chart. Go to File > Documents > Interactive Data > Formulas > My Formulas

Daily-to-Intraday Moving Average Script: Click here to Download.

When viewing a specific moving average on the daily chart and intraday charts, they will have different values. This formula will allow you to extend your daily moving averages onto your intraday time frame, so you don’t have to flip back and forth between the time frames to view a daily moving average.

5m 20EMA Plot: Click here to Download.

This allows the 5 minute 20 EMA to be super-imposed on the fast time frame charts such as 15s/30s.