Warrior Trading has 3 indicators available on eSignal.  We have our VWAP Indicator, our Warrior Reversal indicator, and our Warrior Windows indicator.


You can find these from “insert studies” menu, then to “formulas


Click here to Download File of Formulas


Once you have downloaded the file, open the .zip.

Go to your Interactive Data Folder which can be found in your Documents Folder

you need to put Warrior-VWAP file in your Formulas folder

Once they are added open an eSignal chart and go to “insert study”

Then go to “formulas”

Then insert “Warrior VWAP

Once you have installed it you can edit your chart and change the color.  I change the EFS Plot Type line settings to “Line” so it’s not choppy looking


This VWAP indicator has a center band and standard deviation bands.  You can turn off the outside bands if you wish.