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7 Things I Hate About The Mercedes-Benz G550

What’s up everyone. All right, so it’s been about three months now of owning the G5 50 and today I’m going to talk about the seven things that I’ve come to hate about this car. Believe it or not, this car, as cool as it is, it’s not perfect. It’s got a few issues that have been driving me nuts so let’s talk about issue number one. I want to go ahead and get in. Got the keys in my pocket right now, doesn’t care, it doesn’t know. And so that means every time I want to get in this car, I’ve got to get the keys out of my pocket, I’ve got to figure out which pocket they’re in, there they are, and then unlock it. So that’s the first thing, it doesn’t automatically unlock just because you’re near it.

The second thing, is that this happens all the time. Go to close the door, and that’s not closed. Now it’s not closed, that’s closed. So this one is so easy just to close it like that, and it’s got to go all the way. So it seems little, but when you’re used to driving a lot of these cars that have the auto close doors, the ones that close for you, this being so heavy is really taking a little bit of getting used to. All right, so those are the two things on I guess the exterior that I hate about this car. And now we’re going to jump inside, talk about the five things on the inside that drive me nuts.

All right, so now that we’re on the inside, we’re driving, we’re going to talk about the next thing that drives me crazy about this car. This is the one that I find the most annoying, it is lane departure, and it bothers me every single day. Every single day, I have to do this. When I turn on the car, I’ve got to press this button right by my knee, press it and hold it to turn off the lane keeping assist. Otherwise, every time I hit a yellow line, not only does the steering wheel vibrate, it slows down the car and steers me back into the lane.

We live in the country. Country roads, it’s rural and so I’m finding all the time that I hit the center of a lane, the yellow line, and it slows me down and pushes me back in. I even had a day, this was not long after I had the car, where there was a bicyclist over on the side and I was coming onto the yellow line to give the bicyclist his space and it slowed me down and brought me back in. And it’s like, “Come on, this is ridiculous. I’ve been driving a car since I was 14, 15 years old, I think I can figure out how to stay in my lane.”

So the lane assist, that drives me nuts. So every time I get in the car, I got to press this, hold it down for, I guess for a couple seconds, long enough for the light to go out. And it’s the same thing with the automatic start and stop when you come to a light. But that doesn’t bother me too much. That one you just press it once, and it’s off, you don’t have to press and hold, and it’s not as disturbing or as kind of disrupting while I’m driving compared to the lane assist. All right, so that’s number … well that’s the first on the interior, that’s number three.

Number four, and this one got me just the other day. So in the MB, Mercedes Benz, vehicle settings, you can go in here, and you can change things under the assistance menu, including active lane assist. Although, the only two options are standard or adaptive so you can’t turn it off. Now in my E63, I was able to turn it off completely, which was awesome. That’s what I want, I want to be able to turn it off but can’t do that in this car. So under active brake assist, you can turn it off but every time you turn it off, every time you turn the car back on, it goes back to medium.

So what happened a couple of days ago is I’m driving down the road, and I see a car with its blinker on, and it’s turning. And for whatever reason, the way we kind of lined up, as it’s turning I’m kind of going around it, and the car slams on its brakes. And I’m like, “What is going on?” And we’ve got snow here all the time in the winter. The last thing I want the car doing is locking up the brakes because it sees something up ahead that is an issue or thinks it’s an issue. So, that’s the second thing that really drives me nuts. And those are the two that I find to be the most intrusive because I’m trying to drive, I’m trying to do my thing, and the car is steering for me when I hit the yellow line, or it’s slamming on the brakes when it thinks that there’s something that is causing an issue.

And, I mean, I think if I had a 15 year old kid and he or she was learning how to drive, I think I’d probably want these settings turned on. But for someone whose been driving their whole life, come on, I really … And there it goes again. I tap the yellow line for a second, I’m on a narrow country road, and boom, it’s telling me to get back in my lane. So right there, so I just have to fight it because I didn’t want to hit those two people on the side of the road. Perfect example. This car would rather have me take out those two people than cross the yellow line, which is extremely annoying. I mean you shouldn’t have to fight your car ,and I just had to fight with it. All right, so I wish I could disable that permanently but can’t be done. Every single time you turn on the car, you’ve got to press that button.

All right, now those are the four kind of big things. The door, the unlocking and then the two things with the driving. The next few things are a little nit picky, I’ll admit. Of course this is a $150 thousand car with the options that I got on it so I think I can afford to be a little nit picky.

But the next one is that there’s no touchscreen. Every other car, my mom’s Subaru has a touchscreen, and this doesn’t have a touchscreen. It’s got this beautiful big glass screen, but I can only navigate it though my little mouse that’s kind of next to me here or this spin wheel. And, again, I find that to be really frustrating because I want to very quickly, the way you would with an iPad or with anything else and can’t do it, it’s not an option.

All right now, so Let’s see, we’ve got one, two, three, four, five. Number six, and this one again is going to be a little on the nit picky side. This car has ambient lighting. So there’s ambient lighting all around the edges, it’s really cool when you’re driving at night. You’ve got this nice glow, and it shifts from dark blue to magenta. It kind of does this oscillating stuff, I think it’s really cool. And I can go into the light settings here, again, under the Mercedes, the vehicle, and then under light settings and then I can do down here to ambient lighting and I can change all the settings.

What’s annoying, and this wasn’t the case on the E63, is that right along this bottom panel, right here, there’s a set of ambient lights that wrap around this whole console. But these ones down here, I don’t know if it’s my car that has a problem, I’m going to ask them when I bring it to the garage next time, or if it’s just all of them, but I can see the LED strip. So instead of having this nice relaxing glow, I’ve got each one of the LED light bulbs blasting in my eyes. So what I end up doing is going into the panel and going to the display and turning it all the way to zero. Why is it not going? There it goes. So I turn it all the way to zero, that way it doesn’t annoy me while I’m driving at night. So, and again, I’ll admit that that’s a little bit nit picky but it’s one of those things that has been kind of annoying me a little bit about the car.

So yeah, so anyways, and then the last thing, this is a more expensive car than my Range Rover and I think I was kind of hoping that it would be … driving it would just be like really smooth. Granted, this is a lot smoother 2019 verses the old model of the G Class but the first thing I notice when I started driving it, was because it’s got a little bit of a shorter wheel base, I felt the bumps more and this doesn’t have an air suspension.


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