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Coinbase Goes Public: Is It A Buy?

  Coinbase (COIN), the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has finally made its market debut after confidentially submitting its IPO paperwork in December 2020. If you don’t know what Coinbase is, it’s the most popular place for retail traders and investors to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, the most popular, and Ethereum. The San Francisco-based […]

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How Many Day Trades Can You Make In A Week

How Many Day Trades Can You Make In A Week?

  As with kicking off any career, there are plenty of things you should learn if you have dubbed yourself a brand-new day trader. Not only will you need to decide what to trade, when to trade, how to manage your risk, but you’ll have to get the right software and equipment, and of course, […]

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How To Use Multiple Time Frames Swing Trading

How To Use Multiple Time Frames For Swing Trading

  It’s very easy to get tunnel vision staring at a 1-minute intraday chart. While you might have an excellent feel for where a stock might go for the next few ticks, you can quickly lose sight of the big picture.  The use of multiple time-frames in technical trading can really help traders understand the […]

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Market Gear Review

Market Gear Review [2021]

  Brief Overview Market Gear is a trading, investment education, and social networking platform. The company succeeds in delivering many useful tools that both traders and investors commonly need. Here’s the rundown: Services Offered At the heart of Market Gear is a trading platform with many advanced resources. Although Market Gear itself is not a […]

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Floor Traders

What Are Floor Traders and What Did They Do?

  Today the market is entirely electronic. You generate digital order tickets and route them to an electronic exchange that automatically matches your orders with corresponding orders, or else it sits on the digital order book waiting for another trader to route an order that satisfies it. Outside of some hiccups created by high-frequency traders, […]

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