The “AAA” Rating For Your Trading Success


Once you’ve started trading and you’ve begun accruing more experience in this field, you’ve figured that success is no coincidence. But, instead, it’s the consequence of the ability to follow a precise set of rules with discipline. For the most of us, we had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Today, I want to share with you these three easy concepts that I’ve called “The AAA rating for trading success”, so that they are much easier to remember. Once you’ve made these ones really your own, I bet that you’re ready for the next chapter of your trading career. Here they are.



Once you’re planning your trade, the most critical part is determining the best timing for the perfect entry. So, in order to keep it possible, we need to anticipate the move we’re looking for. Very often, I’ve waited too much for it to form and to did not act until the risk/reward ratio was not there anymore. Always remember that a good P/L ratio is at least 2:1, so that you’re risking a specific amount of money to make twice as much. In other words, we need to make the move as soon as we have all the requirements well in place. Then, just follow the trading plan.



After executing the plan, we must accept the result. We must take responsibility for our actions. So, let me give you a good piece of advice: not only to always review your trades but to do it immediately! I do it every day, as part of my routine, because it allows me to go in detail about every single trade that I made when it’s still hot. This is so much beneficial, even if it can be painful, especially after a big loss. That’s why the best thing you can do as a trader, it’s to embrace your losses.



Finally, we can adjust the trading style and introduce improvements into our habits. This final step will derive almost automatically from the previous two. Keep in mind that the other side of a problem, is the solution. So, since the problem has been identified in the previous step, all we need to do is to flip the coin and find out how to fix it. With the proper education like the one offered by the Warrior Pro program you’ll have no issue on securing this one step too.


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Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro