is a website/newsletter founded by Dan Zanger that features a chat room for traders to meet and share ideas as they navigate the markets. Dan Zanger is quite possibly one of the best traders on the street as he was able to bring in returns in excess of 23,000% in the ’90s turning a five figure account well into seven figures by utilizing margin and staying disciplined to his trading strategy.

He has been mentioned in just about every financial media outlet from Forbes to Fortune Magazine. He has a strategy that focuses on chart patterns, as the site implies, that have a high probability for a breakout while also looking at the growth of recent earnings, how many shares are in the float and what the volume is doing on the day of the break out.

When all of these factors line up, Dan issues an alert in a technical buy area based on the chart price action with profit targets and stop losses.

He will review the positions weekly and discuss what he thinks will happen over the coming days. This type of direction is crucial when trading especially if you are new to the game and is why this service is worth every penny.

This newsletter has been around for over 16 years, one of the longest out there, so you know its seen its fair share of market movements and can stand the test of time.

Offerings & Service Fees

Subscriptions to start at $125 per month (discounted to $360 if you pay quarterly) but you can get access to a free trial for two weeks when you first sign up so you can check it out before committing any capital.

With a subscription you will receive a newsletter three times per week on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night that provides an overview of the current state of the major market indexes along with chat room access where over 500 traders meet daily to discuss trade ideas and market movements. Traders range from brand new to seasoned hedge fund managers all looking to capitalize on Dan’s unique and insightful trading strategies.

Dan will also include in the newsletter a watch list of stocks and their charts that he has analyzed and thinks has potential to breakout. If you are interested in more information regarding membership you can click on this link.

One thing that new subscribers may have trouble with is that Dan offers what he calls a “Technical Buy Area” in his watch list where he will look to buy based on volume and price action. New traders may think that they should always buy at this point and this is not the case.

You must see how price action behaves at this level and if there is enough volume to substantiate the price action. This may be tricky to learn at first but understanding price action and volume is crucial to the success of any trader.

What’s also nice is that Dan provides an archive of all his trades since has been around so you can go back and see how well he has done over the years. This is great because a lot of services like this do not have the same amount of transparency. It is important to note that past results do not mean the same for the future so you should always mind your stops and trade within your risk parameters.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great trading resource that will definitely put you on the fast track to making more money and teaching you great strategies that you can use for a long time in your own trading.

Dan’s expertise and experience over the years has led to an effective way to trade the markets that anyone can follow and for only $125 per month it is well worth the money. I highly recommend this service and it will quickly become an essential tool to your trading arsenal.

As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding or Dan Zanger, please leave us a message below!