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webull desktop review

Webull Desktop Review [2021]: How It Compares

  Brief Overview Webull recently performed a major overhaul on its desktop software. In this Webull desktop review we take an in-depth look at how it performs and how it matches up against their competitors. Called Webull 4.0, the new program is capable of delivering a high-level trading experience. The broker has continued to make […]

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Kinfo Review [2021]: Should You Use It?

  Brief Overview Kinfo is a new trading analysis and social networking platform headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite its location, the company focuses on the U.S. markets. Its digital tools help users analyze their past trades and connect with other traders. The company was founded in 2017 and only has a few hundred users. So […]

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dough App Review [2021]

  Brief Overview dough is a new low-cost brokerage firm. With funding from tastytrade, Inc., the new Chicago startup provides a fresh take on trading and investment education. But can its budget trading services match or exceed what is available elsewhere? Let’s have a look. Services Offered dough provides trading in a small selection of […]

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Tradespoon Review

Tradespoon Review 2021: What We Like and Dislike

In this TradeSpoon review we dive deep into their offerings, what we like and dislike and how it compares to other companies. Brief Overview Tradespoon is an online security research platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find trades. It is the creation of Vlad Karpel, who was in charge of technology at […]

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Webull Review

Webull Review [2021] | Better Than Robinhood?

Webull Review Webull is a stock brokerage firm offering zero commission stock trades on both mobile and desktop. They’re currently the biggest threat to Robinhood when it comes to acquiring millennial users with free services. Webull started out as a research firm and have only recently branched out into the brokerage industry. This puts them […]

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Bookmap Review 2021: A Complete Guide

Brief Overview Bookmap is a high-level price analysis and trading platform. It’s capable of delivering in-depth insight into an asset that other software platforms can’t provide. But the program fails to deliver many important tools. Here are the details: Services Offered Bookmap’s crown jewel is a platform that delivers sub-second price analysis on stocks, ETFs, […]

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Sterling Trader Review

Sterling Trader Pro Review [2021]

Sterling Trading Tech is a software company that markets several trading platforms for both institutions and individual traders. Sterling’s tools are quite advanced with many useful features, which means sophisticated traders will want to keep reading. (Note: For a sample platform layout, scroll to the bottom of this page.) Brief Overview Sterling Trading Tech is […]

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