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The Warrior Pro program gives access to the full set of Warrior Trading classes, our live trading chat room, full set of scanner settings, weekly group mentor sessions (live, with recordings available), and access to our real-time trading simulator.

Warrior Pro classes include our Warrior Starter Course, Small Cap Day Trading Course, Large Cap Day Trading Course, Swing Trading Course, and Options Swing Trading Course. All of our courses are digitally recorded and streamed 24/7 from our site, so that students can study when it works for them and their personal schedules.

The stock market is open from 9:30 AM until 4 PM EST. We open the live trading rooms before the bell rings so that traders can watch us build our watch lists and prepare for the day, and the room closes when the market closes. Check out the full Warrior Trading Live Trading Room schedule here.

The live mentor sessions that are a part of the WarriorPro Program run up to 6 times per week in our online classroom. These mentor sessions are also recorded so that students who cannot attend the live sessions can still participate, and all students can rewatch sessions afterwards. They include sessions with our educators, moderators, and in-house trading psychologists.


Warrior Pro has 1-year or 90-day memberships. Members who do not upgrade to 1 year of access are auto-enrolled in a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

Warrior Starter Program

Warrior Starter Course (Updated for 2020)

About 20 hours of videos, with quizzes & additional study materials
Chapter 1: Becoming a Day Trader

Chapter 2: Picking Stocks for Day Trading

  • Part 1: Popular Financial Instruments for Day Trading
  • Part 2: Long vs. Short Selling
  • Part 3: What Makes a Strong Stock?
  • Part 4: Stock Halts
  • Part 5: Examples of Stocks I’ve Traded

Chapter 3: Account Types

  • Part 1: Different Account Options for Traders
  • Part 2: Choosing a Broker & Opening an Account

Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 5: Technical Analysis

  • Part 1: Chart Types & Time Frames
  • Part 2: Candlesticks
  • Part 3: Support & Resistance
  • Part 4: Gaps & “Windows” on Daily Charts
  • Part 5: Our Favorite Multi-Candle Chart Patterns
  • Part 6: Popular Technical Indicators
  • Part 7: Understanding What Makes a Strong or Weak Daily Chart
  • Part 8: Setting Up Your Charts

Chapter 6: Understanding Your Account Information & Balances

Chapter 7: Order Entry Window

  • Part 1: Order Entry Window
  • Part 2: Popular Order Types
  • Part 3: Hot Keys & Hot Buttons

Chapter 8: Market Depth (Understanding Level 2)

Chapter 9: Time & Sales

Chapter 10: Order Window

Chapter 11: Positions Window

Chapter 12: Scanning 101

Chapter 13: Preparing to Sim Trade

  • Part 1: Understanding Risk
  • Part 2: Reviewing Your Trades

Chapter 14: The Psychology of Trading

  • Introduction: 50% Skill, 50% Mental
  • Part 1: Recognizing & Understanding Emotions in Trading
  • Part 2: Stages of Learning to Trade
  • Part 3: Strategies to Support Your Best Trading
  • Part 4: Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Chapter 15: Learning Path & What’s Next

  • Part 1: Starting Your Own Business as a Day Trader
  • Part 2: The Warrior Learning Path

Warrior Pro Program

Small Cap Day Trading Course, by Ross (Updated for 2020)

Part 1

Chapter 1: Intro to Day Trading

  • Part 1: Intro to My Small Cap Day Trading Strategies
  • Part 2: A Beginner’s Day Trading Plan

Chapter 2: Risk Management
Chapter 3: Stock Selection & Building a Watch List

  • Part 1: Stock Selection
  • Part 2: Building a Daily Watch List

Chapter 4: Daily Chart Patterns
Chapter 5: Intraday Chart Patterns

  • Part 1: Intro to Intraday Chart Patterns
  • Part 2: Bull Flags & Bear Flags
  • Part 3: Flat Top Breakouts & Flat Bottom Breakdowns
  • Part 4: Moving Average / VWAP Pullbacks
  • Part 5: ABCD (1234) Pattern
  • Part 6: Top and Bottom Reversals

Chapter 6: Level 2, Tape Reading, & Hot Keys/Buttons

  • Part 1: Level 2
  • Part 2: Time & Sales AKA Tape Reading
  • Part 3: Level 2 & Tape Reading Examples
  • Part 4: Routing Methods, Liquidity, & Dark Pools
  • Part 5: Hot Keys
  • Part 6: Hot Buttons

Chapter 7: Gap & Go Strategies (previously chapter 6)

  • Intro to the Gap & Go Strategy
  • Setup 1: The First & Second Pullback
  • Setup 2: Break of Pre-Market Highs
  • Setup 3: Break of Pre-Market Pivot
  • Setup 4: Half & Whole Dollars
  • Setup 5: 1-Minute Open Range Breakout (ORB)
  • Setup 6: Red to Green
  • Setup 7: Pre-Market Gap & Go Trades

Part 2

Chapter 8: Momentum Strategies (previously chapter 7)

  • Intro to Momo Strategy
  • Long Setup 1: The 1st and 2nd Pullback
  • Long Setup 2: The Moving Average Pullback AKA “Bounce Off 9EMA/20EMA/VWAP”
  • Long Setup 3: The ABCD (1234) Setup
  • Long Setup 4: The Half & Whole Dollar Breakout
  • Long Setup 5: The Micro Pullback
  • Long Setup 6: Buying a Break of High of Day
  • Long Setup 7: Continuation
  • Long Setup 8: Buying Into or Out of a Halt
  • Long Setup 9: Parabolic Squeezes
  • Long Setup 10: Breaking News & IPOs
  • Setup 11: Reverse Split
  • Long Setup 12: Recent IPO Breakout
  • Long Setup 13: VWAP Breakout
  • Long Setup 14: Dip Buy (On Flush/Washout/Panic Selling)

Chapter 9: High-Speed Trading AKA Breakout Trading (sometimes referred to as “Scalping”) (previously chapter 11)
Chapter 10: Reversal Trading (previously chapter 8)

  • Intro to Reversals & Short-Selling
  • Setup 1: Candles Outside Bollinger Bands
  • Setup 2: 5+ Consecutive 5-Minute Candles
  • Setup 3: 10+ Consecutive 1-Minute Candles
  • Setup 4: Whole-Dollar and Half-Dollar Entries
  • Setup 5: Daily Support & Resistance Levels

Chapter 11: Short-Selling Momentum Stocks (previously chapter 8)

  • Intro to Short-Selling Momentum Stocks
  • Setup 1: Shorting a False Breakout
  • Setup 2: Shorting a Trend Shift
  • Setup 3: Shorting a Halt Resumption
  • Setup 4: Shorting Bear Flags
  • Setup 5: Short at VWAP

Chapter 12: Stock Scanning (previously chapter 9)
Chapter 13: Trade Management, Psychological Factors, & Recovering from Loss (previously chapter 12)
Chapter 14: Trading Plan & Running a Business as a Day Trader (previously chapter 13)

  • Part 1: Creating Your Trading Plan
  • Part 2: Running a Business as a Day Trader

Chapter 15: Overview of Trading Tools (previously chapter 14)

Large Cap Day Trading Course, by Mike (Updated for 2020)

Part 1

Chapter 1. Intro to Large Cap Trading
Chapter 2. Risk Management
Chapter 3. Stock Selection
Chapter 4. Developing an Edge
Chapter 5. Macro & Micro Markets
Chapter 6. Establishing Support & Resistance
Chapter 7. Daily Chart Patterns

Part 2

Chapter 8. Intraday & Entry Patterns
Chapter 9. Technical Trading Strategies
Chapter 10. Confirmation Techniques
Chapter 11. Trade Management
Chapter 12. Overview of Trading Tools
Chapter 13. Trading Plan & Your Business
Chapter 14. Recommended Reading

New! Swing & Options Trading Course

Part 1

Chapter 1: Intro to Swing Trading
Chapter 2: Options Trading 101

  • Part 1: Part 1: Buying Options Contracts
  • Part 2: Selling / Writing Options Contracts
  • Part 3: Options Spreads (+Bonus video on spreads)
  • Part 4: Premium Pricing & Greek Pricing Formulas

Part 2

Chapter 3: Swing Trading Strategies

  • Part 1: Stock Swing Trading Strategies
    • Stock Strategy 1: Buying the First Candle to Make a New High
    • Stock Strategy 2: Daily ABCD Setup
    • Stock Strategy 3: Trading Near Support/Resistance Levels
    • Stock Strategy 4: Entry Near the 200 EMA
  • Part 2: Options Swing Trading Strategies
    • Options Strategy 1: Selling Covered Calls
    • Options Strategy 2: Selling Cash-Secured Puts
    • Options Strategy 3: Selling Vertical Credit Spreads and Iron Condors
    • Options Strategy 4: Buying Vertical Debit Spreads for Directional Trades
    • Options Strategy 5: Buying Calls/ Puts for Directional Trades

Swing Trading Course (Older Version)

Chapter 1: The Power of Investing and Setting Financial Goals
Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Great Swing Trade
Chapter 3: Take Your Positions!

Options Trading Course, by Arsh

Chapter 1: Small Capital. Large Returns. Options Trading 101
Chapter 2: Performing Technical Analysis
Chapter 3: Building a Watch List
Chapter 4: Options Premiums, Options Chain, and Options Greeks
Chapter 5: Options Trading Strategy

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency
Chapter 2: Risk Management
Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis
Chapter 4: Technical Analysis
Chapter 5: Trade Execution

Day Trading in an IRA Class

How to Trade in an IRA

Live Trading Archives

Mentor Session Recordings

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