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Are Penny Stocks a Good Long-Term Investment

Are Penny Stocks a Good Long-Term Investment?

  Penny stocks have been around for a long time but are penny stocks a good long-term investment? In the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, con artist Jordan Belford gets his start selling worthless stocks to unsuspecting retirees. Often sold on promises of large potential gains, most of these equities were known as ‘dirt […]

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Robinhood IPO

Robinhood IPO: Everything You Need To Know

  Robinhood IPO is just around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know. Robinhood IPO: Quick Facts Ticker: HOOD Offering date (date of first trading): on or about Thursday, July 29, 2021, according to Renaissance Capital Listing method: Traditional IPO Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select Market Offer price: Shares are expected to be priced between $38 […]

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Are Penny Stocks High Risk

Are Penny Stocks High Risk?

  Penny stocks are high risk mainly due to the lack of liquidity and company information as well as the high volatility associated with lower priced stocks. Many day traders looking to make money in the stock market prefer to buy low-priced stocks. This is because they offer higher than normal returns. Penny stocks can […]

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Can You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks

Can You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks?

  Penny stocks are where a lot of new traders start their career. Tempting day traders with the prospect of significant financial gains and a low cost of entry. Stories of stocks gaining of over 5,000% in just a short time add to their appeal, and advances in trading technologies make it easier than ever […]

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