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Day 11 of the Small Account Challenge +$615.85 +1171% since Day 1

Day 11 of the Small Account Challenge +$615.85 +1171% since Day 1

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Today was one of those days when the A quality setup couldn’t be fully traded with my Suretrader Account.  Suretrader has a 2:1 margin restriction on $GLBS which means even though I had nearly $40k in buying power, I could only buy $12k worth of stock.  This meant less than 2000 shares, so I took 1k shares and was able to lock up just under $600.  I took small positions in my Suretrader account, but because I still wanted to fully capitalzie on the opportunity, I took full size in my regular account and net +$7.361.91.

Unfortunately today was the end of my 35 trade winning streak!  I had my first loss, -225 on $APRI.  Fortunately I was already green on the day when I had that loss, so I stayed green and then finished the day up $615 despite the loss.


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