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Day 14 of the Small Account Challenge | Ep. #15


Day 14 of the Small Account Challenge | Ep. #15

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Today was a fairly choppy start to the week.  I didn’t get the clean follow through that I was hoping for on either $GLBS, $ETRM, $SGY, or $ZX.  Fortunately, I was still able to walk away with a small profit of $314.91.  I’m glad to have a green day but it’s certainly not the cushion I was hoping for on a Monday.  Tomorrow I’ll be looking at the gap scanner and what I’d really like to see is a fresh gapper.

If $GLBS is gapping up AGAIN I’ll be annoyed!  We have 5 doji candles in a row and it’s really choppy.  I’d like to see some new stocks come into play.   Based on the way it closed, I think there is a good chance it will gap up and squeeze over $12 tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it’s at a price where I likely won’t even be able to take 1000 shares at Suretrader because it’s under restriction.  I think right now traders are still trading $GLBS because there isn’t anything else that is really active right now.  Once we have a new stock with a good catalyst $GLBS will likely fade.


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