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Day 17 of the Small Account Challenge +$1.9k in 30min | Ep. #18


Day 17 of the Small Account Challenge +$1.9k in 30min | Ep. #18

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Hey everyone!  Finally I got a big day of profits!  This week had been fairly slow up until today and I’d been grinding on small wins between $500-1k.  I knew today had big potential when I saw $FFHL on the gap scanner.  This stock had a great daily chart with no nearby resistance, plus it had a fresh catalyst from this morning.  The only thing I needed was for it to hold back from going parabolic pre-market.  It did start to squeeze up just before the bell, more than I would have liked, but I decided I would get in as soon as the bell rang and that’s when I sent my order to jump in at 3.75.

Unfortunately, I only filled 70 shares of that order.  At the same time I took a 5k position in my Speedtrader account and filled in the 3.90s.  I held that position until 5.00.  In my small account I managed to lock up about $1500 in profit on $FFHL and then another $500 on $MSDI.  This brings me to just under my weekly target which was to reach $12,500 in total equity.  Hopefully we’ll have some good action tomorrow so I can get over that level!


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