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Day 18 of the Small Account Challenge: +$2,249.53 | Ep. #19

Day 18 of the Small Account Challenge: +$2,249.53 | Ep. #19


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This is a great way to finish the week  I’m finishing with my biggest green day in the 2017 for the small account, and I’m just shy of $15k in total equity.  My balance as of the end of day today is right around $14,587.89.  That means I’m just over $10k from my first big milestone….$25k.

Hitting $25k will be a big deal.  That’s when I can officially open a US based trading account since I’ll be above the PDT min level.  My goal is to hit that level by March 1st at the latest, but hopefully I can do it by Feb 17th, just before the long Presidents Day Weekend.  That means I need to average about $3.5k/week for the next 3 weeks.  Can I do it?!  This week I made over $5k, so as long as the market remains relatively strong, I should be able to stay on track.

Today was a good step in that direction with 2 big winners, 1 small loss, and 1 breakeven trade.  Although my account is getting bigger and I can afford to be more aggressive, I’m still doing my best to keep stops tight so my losses will by small.  In total this week my biggest loss was $300, while my biggest winner was just under $2k.


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