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Day 25 of the Small Account Challenge +$3k | Ep. #27

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Day 25 of the Small Account Challenge +$3k | Ep. #27

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Hey everyone!  Today is a big day.  Yesterday I wired out my money from my Suretrader account and opened my new Speedtrader account.  I started in Speedtrader with $41,898, exactly what I was left with in Suretrader after wiring fees.  Now I will continue to challenge as I make my way up to $100k.

I finished the morning with just under $3k in profits, which will put me just shy of $45k tomorrow morning as I start Day 26.  We are in an extremely strong market right now and that offers huge opportunities for traders like myself, who are aggressive trying to grow their accounts.

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Many traders will say things like I want to make $200/day consistently.  Consistency is important, but you will soon realize if you haven’t already, is that there are days where you can easily make 4x or 5x your daily goal, while other days even hitting the goal is a struggle.  We have to let the hot streaks tide us over during the inevitable cold streaks.  Right now we’re having some fantastic trading so I’m going to do the best I can to capitalize on the opportunities and build up my account.