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Day 27 of the 100k Challenge: -$4044.53 | Ep. #29

Day 27 of the 100k Challenge: -$4,044.53

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Unfortunately today is a Red Day Recap.  I’m finishing the day down just a little over $4k, which means I’m giving back just under 1/2 of yesterdays gains.  The good news is that I don’t feel I broke any rules today.  I stepped up to the plate with big share size but the market wasn’t on my side today.  Although I’m disappointed to be closing red, my account has grown by over $35k since my last red day.  So that’s a big leap forward!  If you think of your profit loss curve like a chart, you want to see a big move up, then a small pullback.  So this year I went +$22k, then -$5k, then +35k, and now minus $-4k.  I’ve only had 2 red days so far.  Although combined they amount to over $9k, I’m still up $51k year to date.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on the horse and hope to see some nice momentum and good opportunities.  I’ll be mindful that I need to close the day green vs add to the draw down.  So I’ll have to be especially cautious about what stocks I’m willing to trade, and avoid adding big size until I have a profit cushion.

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