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Day 6 of the Small Account Challenge: +180% | Ep. #6

Day 6 of the Small Account Challenge: +180% | Ep. #6

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Today was a monster day for me, the biggest day of the year, and I only traded 2 stocks.  I traded $COOL and $DFFN.  In my Suretrader account I locked up nearly 20% in gains with my 15th and 16th consecutive green trades, bringing my total to $1600 equity or 180% growth from my $583 starting balance on Jan 3rd.  Meanwhile, in my regular Speedtrader Account I locked up an $11,050.51 winner on $DFFN.  That’s my single biggest winner in over a year.  To capture that type of profit this early in the year is absolutely mind boggling.

In my video recap I discuss why I’m actually frustrated about my trading today.  Today COULD have been a much better if I’d had the buying power in my small account.  Unfortunately when I started the day my account was only showing 2x leverage and I had to call Suretrader to have them correct it.  It was corrected by 9:45, but it forced me to miss the first trade I took on $DFFN in my regular account.  Watch the recap and feel free to comment with any questions!




Video Recap of Today’s Trades