Hey everyone!  Guess what?!  I’ve decided to fund a $1000 trading account.  My goal was to prove to myself that I still have what to takes to know how to day trade a small account.

I put the $1k deposit on my credit card, and the next day my account was ready to trade.  I also wanted make sure that our classes on how to day trade a small account covered all of the most important topics.   The only way to do this would be to actually test myself.

The 1 Month Day Trading Challenge : How to Day Trade with a $1k Acct

How to Day Trade a Small Account

I wanted to see how much I could grow a $1k account in 1 month. In 4 weeks of trading, I made over $7653.16 in profits, ending with an $8653.16 account balance (Oh, and I verified all the trades in my Suretrader Account, see the video below). This was a return of over 750% in just 1 month!  This was a big accomplishment for me, and proved that I still know how to day trade a tiny account.  This challenge also serves as an example all of our beginner traders can aspire to.  Learning how to day trade is hard, but a 750% gain in 1 month is the potential rewards of hard work.

Every trade I took was called out in our Day Trading Chat Room in real-time, allowing students to follow along during my challenge.  I only traded 3 strategies during the challenge, as discussed in the video, and as outlined here on my Day Trading Strategies info page.  Extended over 1 year of trading, this would be over $90,000 in profits from a starting balance of just $1,000. You don’t need a big account to make a living as a trader. It all comes down to education and discipline.

These were the Day Trading Strategies I used during the Challenge

Day Trading Strategies

Breakout Trading Strategy


Pull back day trading strategy

Bull Flag Trading Strategies

Reversal Day Trading Strategy

In 1 month I was able to generate over $34k Day Trading Momentum

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Over 90% of traders who try will fail. It is not because they aren’t trying hard. It is because they lack the proper training to profit from the market. You can’t jump into the market blind and expect to come out on top. We provide Online Day Trading Courses for our students. Our goal is to teach you the day trading strategies that I use everyday to profit from the market. This includes the Gap and Go Strategy, the Momentum Trading Strategy, and the Reversal Trading Strategy. In the last round of day trade courses, we asked our students to complete a simple survey. We found that less than 25% were profitable BEFORE taking the course, and over 80% were profitable AFTER taking the course. Check out our survey here. If you think you have what it takes to be among the 10% who will profit from the market in 2016, we’re ready to start teaching you everything you’ll need to know.

5 Techniques to Master as you Learn How to Day Trade


1) How to pick the right stocks (out of the thousands of stocks you could trade, there are only 5-10 that are worth trading each day).  We cover this extensively in our Day Trading Courses, but we also offer daily watch list building from 9am-9:30 each morning.

2) How to Manage Risk.  Do you know what profit loss ratio and what % of success you need to be profitable?  If you read my 8 Steps to Making $200/day you will see how I establish profit loss ratios and accuracy requirements.

3) How to Identify charts with home run potential.  Finding the gaps & the triggers.  This all comes back to the Daily Chart, the News Catalyst, and the Float of the stock.

4) Trading Bull Flags.  How to find intraday chart patterns like Bull Flags & Flat Top Breakouts in REALTIME.  Check out my videos here on How to Day Trade Bull Flags.

5) How to use Level 2.  Using Level 2 you can gain an advantage over other traders.  We spend hours covering this in the day trading course.  Just by watching the Level 2 and reading the tape you can begin to anticipate which direction a stock will go.

Account Reports & Trade List

TraderVue Reports

how to day trade



how to day trade

Swiss America (Suretrader) P/L Report


List of Day Trades



Daily Profit/Loss Screenshots from Suretrader

March 11th

March 9th



March 7th


March 3rd


March 1st


Feb 26th



Feb 24th



Feb 22nd



Feb 18th


March 10th



March 8th



March 4th



March 2nd



Feb 29th



Feb 25th



Feb 23rd



Feb 19th



Feb 17th


Use the Best Tools – Hot Key Scripts

Download my Hot Key Scripts in Excel.  HotKeyScripts-2017-V3  You can use these as templates or as a guide.