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Summary of my Breakout Day Trading Strategies

Breakout trading is a form of momentum trading that requires QUICK entries and exits.  In contrast to trading within chart patterns (buying inside a flag, buying inside a wedge, buying before a breakout), momentum breakout day trading has us looking to get into the trade right at the apex point where the breakout should happen!  This means we have to be quick and aggressive.  I love breakout trading because we know almost immediately if the trade is going to work or not.  We don’t have to hang out and wait, it’s an instant gratification day trading strategy.

I have about a dozen breakout stock scanners to help me find setups.  These include Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Flat Tops, Flat Bottoms, and Ascending and Descending Wedges.  Those are my favorite breakout patterns.  The same applies for the breakdowns.

Study some of the charts below and join us in chat as I call out setups and take my trades.  Learn to trade with me!


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Breakout Day Trading Strategies



DDD-flat top breakout



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