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Just2Trade Broker Review

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Just2Trade Broker Review

Just2Trade is a deep discount online broker that offers some of the lowest commission rates in the industry while at the same time having powerful and sophisticated trading software for active traders.  Their website has a simple layout that provides all the necessary information you need when checking out a broker.  One thing that I noticed that the site lacks is an educational resource. There actually wasn’t anything for clients to use in terms of education other that their FAQ section that covers basic account information and some troubleshooting ideas. I can understand that they would have to cut some resources as they charge such low commission rates they have decided to focus on providing a better experience for traders who don’t need the education and would rather have better products to use.

Their customer service was pleasant to deal with and were very helpful when I was setting up my account. I had quick response for the chat window option and through their email service. I always appreciate solid customer service and was happy with how Just2Trade handled my questions and the quickness they took to get back to me.


Commissions & Fees

Just2Trade has very competitive commission rates with two plans that you can choose from: Per-Trade or Per-Share. Starting with the Per-Trade commission schedule you are looking at just $2.50 per trade on equities and ETFs with options also at a cheap rate of $2.50 base rate plus $0.50 per contract. For the Per-Share plan you have to have a minimum of $25,000 in your account and once you approved you will have access lower commission rates depending on the amount of volume you trade per month. If you trade less than a million shares per month you are looking at $0.0025 per share for equities and if you trade between one and five million it will be reduced to $0.015 per share with the best rate coming if you trade over five million shares per month at $0.001 per share. For options under this plan its $0.75 cents per contract with no base rate if you trade less than 100,000 contracts in a month. If you trade between 100,ooo and 200,000 contracts per month its $0.50 per contract while the best rate is just $0.35 per contract if you trade over 200,000 contracts per month. As you can see, these rates are very reasonable and are tough to beat.

However, there is one important piece of information that you need to know about these lowered rates for the Per-Share plan. There is a minimum of $333 in commissions you must bring in per month and if you don’t meet that minimum then your account will be charged the difference. So if you only had $200 in commission at the end of the month then your account will be debited the $133 difference. Something to keep in mind if you decide to do the per share plan.


Trading Platform & Tools

Their trading platform is fairly basic with little to offer for active traders and is better suited for casual traders and investors. You’ll get your standard streaming quotes, stop and conditional orders, portfolio tracking and basic charting features with a handful of indicators to choose from. The trade ticket is simple to use with all the inputs you need to place advanced orders and with their Market Depth and your custom watch list you’ll be able to see what’s going on with each stock or the markets you’re following. However, I didn’t see any option to add time and sales which is vital tool for any active trader so that is a big let down. Overall, I found their platform to be too basic and sluggish for an active trader to use everyday and why I would recommend active traders to look elsewhere.


Final Thoughts

Just2Trade has one of the lowest commission schedules in the industry but unfortunately they don’t have much to offer in terms of a trading platform. This brokerage is really just for traders looking for the cheapest commission with a platform that will will execute orders on.  It’s not the best broker out there in terms of what you get but for the price it’s well worth checking out if you’re looking to trade every once in a while. If you’re only interested in lower commissions then this is the broker you want to check so if you want more information you can check this link out to their site.


As always if you have any questions or comments regarding Just2Trade, please leave us a message below!


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