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Warrior Pro Course Contents

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  • Full Day & Swing Trading Course Curriculum (scroll down for details)
  • Day & Swing Trading Chat Room Membership
  • 4x Weekly Mentoring Workshops
  • Day & Swing Trading Scanner Settings
  • Access to the Warrior Trading Simulator
  • Additional Courses – Options, Cryptocurrencies & Advanced Courses

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  • The first 4 chapters of the Warrior Pro Course (scroll down for details)
  • Day & Swing Trading Chat Room Membership
  • Access to the Warrior Trading Simulator

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Warrior Starter Course Contents

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Warrior Pro Program Info

Program Contents

The Warrior Pro program gives access to the full set of Warrior Trading classes, our live trading chat room, full set of scanner settings, trading simulator, and 4-times-weekly group mentor sessions.

Warrior Pro classes are made up of our Warrior Starter Course, Original Day Trading Course for Small Cap Stocks, Large Cap Day Trading Course, Swing Trading Course, Options Swing Trading Course, and Cryptocurrency Trading Course. All of our courses are digitally recorded and streamed 24/7 from our site, so that students can study when it works for them and their personal schedules.

The stock market is open from 9:30 AM until 4 PM EST. We open the live trading chat room at 9 AM EST, so that people can watch us build our watch lists and prepare for the day.

The live mentor sessions that are a part of the WarriorPRO bundle run every Tues, Weds and Thurs at 3pm EST, as well as Wednesdays at 6am EST in our online classroom. These mentor sessions are also recorded so that students who cannot attend the live sessions can still participate, and all students can rewatch sessions afterwards.


The Warrior Pro is a 90 day program. Members receive access to everything in the bundle (courses, chat room, mentoring sessions, simulator, and updated scanner settings) for 90 days unless they extend or renew their subscription. When members first sign up, they are given an offer to extend their access to a full year by adding on 9 months for $997 or 2 monthly payments of $497. Members who do not upgrade to 1 year of access are auto-enrolled in a subscription to renew access which begins 90 days after initial purchase (if you do not upgrade to the year), which can be cancelled at any time.

Class Syllabus

Warrior Starter Program

Chapter 1. Becoming a Day Trader and Using the Trading Simulator

  • Part I: Becoming a Day Trader
  • Part II: Using the Warrior Trading Simulator & Tracking Your Trades in Excel
  • Part III: FAQ
  • Part IV: 30 Day Trading Plan

Chapter 2. Risk Management

  • Part I: Risk Management
  • Part II: FAQ

Chapter 3. Proper Stock Selection and Building a Daily Watch List

  • Part I: Proper Stock Selection
  • Part II: Building a Daily Watch List
  • Part III: FAQ

Chapter 4. Candlesticks, Setting up Charts, and Daily Charts

  • Part I: Candlesticks
  • Part II: Setting up Charts
  • Part III: Daily Charts
  • Part IV: FAQ


Warrior Pro Program

Warrior Starter Course (as above) + the 4 Advanced Trading Courses below:

Original Day Trading Course for Small Cap Stocks

Chapter 5. Intraday Chart Patterns

Chapter 6. Momentum Strategies

Chapter 7. Reversal Strategies

Chapter 8. Parabolic Movers

Chapter 9. Stock Scanning with Trade-Ideas

Chapter 10. Level 2, Tape Reading, and Hot Keys

Chapter 11. Trade Management and Your Psychological Game

Chapter 12. Creating Your Trading Plan and Building Your Business

Chapter 13. Important Trading Tools and Platform Demos

Chapter 14. 5 Cent Tick Pilot Program

Chapter 15. Live Trading Examples

More Live Trading Examples and Profitable Chat Room Recordings

Large Cap Day Trading Course

Prerequisites: VWAP Trading Class and Position Sizing Classes 1 – 3

Chapter 1: The Trader’s Edge

Chapter 2: Establishing Support & Resistance

Chapter 3: Technical Trading Strategies

Chapyer 4: Confirmation Techniques

Chapter 5: Trade Management

Swing Trading Course

Chapter 1: The Power of Investing and Setting Financial Goals

Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Great Swing Trade

Chapter 3: Take Your Positions!

Options Swing Trading Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to Swing Trading and Options 101 – The Greeks, Volatility, Options Chains, and Leverage

Chapter 2: Options Strategies – Learn the Strategies I Trade Every Day from the Ground Up

Chapter 3: Fundamental and Technical Analysis: What you NEED to Know – Indicators, Charting Software, Candlestick Patterns and SEC Filings

Chapter 4: Risk Management, Volatility and Choosing the RIGHT Stocks – Scaling In/Out, Determining Entry/Exit/Stops/Targets, Evaluating Trade Setups, and Risk/Reward Analysis

Chapter 5: Swing Trading Strategies and Patterns – Breakouts, Catalysts, Reversals, Continuation, and Gap Fills

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Chapter 2: Risk Management

Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 4: Technical Analysis

Chapter 5: Trade Execution

Warrior Trading Core Services:

Our Chat Room Memberships Include

Actionable Trade Alerts

Enjoy streaming Audio, Video and Screen Share in our Chat Room. Receive trade alerts via SMS Text, Email and Chat Room Alert.

Live Screen Share

Watch over my shoulder as I’m trading live on Screen Share. View my Charts, Scanners and Level 2.

Daily Market Education

We offer daily market education in our Day Trading Chat Room in the form of daily webinars, live trading, economic calendars and real time streaming news.

Professional Community

With over 1,000 active traders taking on the markets together, we are one of the largest and most active chat rooms on Wall Street.

Our Trading Courses Include

Streaming Courses

We have prepared all of our trading courses so that they are available for online streaming, instantly and at any time from anywhere!

Premium Access

Students gain premium access to our Written Trading Strategies, Excel Docs, and Indicators.

Stock Scanners

We share our custom filtered Trade-Ideas stock scanner settings with students of our trading courses. (Warrior Pro & Inner Circle only)

Trading Strategies

Learn and profit from our most popular trading strategies including Swing Trading, Momentum Trading, and Reversal Trading.


Our Paper Trading Platform Include

Direct Market Access

Our Simulated Trading Software gives you a direct market access experience. This is key for your training.

Level 2 & Hot Keys

Enjoy real-time Level 2 and Hot Key functionality! This allows you to scalp momentum breakouts with speed and precision control.

Advanced Charting

Improve your chart reading with the advanced charting abilities and access to popular technical indicators including VWAP.

Start With $100k in Buying Power

Trade with $100k in virtual buying power. Test your strategies safely before trading with real money.