Suretrader Review by Warrior Trading


Suretrader Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Learning how to day trade was the hardest thing I ever tried to do.  It took me years before I found any success.  One of the things I now realize, looking back, is that my learning curve took 2x longer than needed because I was using the wrong tools.  I wasn’t using a broker designed for Day Trading, I didn’t have the right Scanners to find stocks, and I didn’t use good charting software.  As a result, I was trading at a serious disadvantage.


Access to the Best Trading Tools

The challenge with access to the best trading tools is that what is best for one trader may not be best for another.  Additionally, we have to measure the costs associated with trading tools because the best tools may not be cost effective for a beginner trader.  A few of the tools I consider to be a MUST are Trade-Ideas, TC2000 or eSignal for charting, and a fantastic broker.  Throughout the years I have actively traded with Suretrader.  When I first traded there the commissions were 4.95 per trade up to 10k shares, and they allowed direct access routing to ARCA, EDGX and other market makers.  This gave them a competitive advantage against many brokers that only allowed smart routing.


Changing Commission Structure

In 2017 Suretrader changed their commission structure from 4.95 for up to 10k shares to .01 per share.  To clarify the difference in price, .01 for 10k shares is $100.  That is a 20x increase in commission.  It’s almost an unthinkable increase.  In all my years of trading I’ve never seen such a large change in commission structure at a broker.

As you can see from the pricing table below, Suretrader has the highest commissions out of all the brokers we’ve reviewed when trading more than 2000 shares.  Interactive Brokers offers a similar per share pricing structure, but it’s 50% less, and they only require a $1.00 min per trade if you trade small size like 100 shares.


Disabling Direct Access Routing

An additional change at Suretrader was the decision to remove direct access routing.  This means traders can no longer send order directly to the market makers.  I traded there during times of Direct Access Routing, and during times of “Smart” routing only.  I was profitable in both instances, but I strongly prefer the ability to choose the direct access route to send my order.


Conclusions on Suretrader

As a result of the changes at Suretrader in regards to commission pricing and direct access routing, the competitive advantage they once enjoyed is now gone, in our opinion.  We have since worked closely with Lightspeed Financial and TradeZero to develop promotional discounts to Warrior Trading Students.  Both of these brokers offer reasonable commissions and direct access routing, making them a more favorable option for a true day trader.  Using the best tools will give you an advantage, which makes it extremely important to carefully select your broker.