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Simpler Options is an online trading community that was founded by John Carter, author of Mastering The Trade, in 2010. In the chat room, John and his highly experienced traders provide the community with real time market analysis, actionable trade ideas and a plethora of educational resources to help you fine tune your edge and trading strategy.

John has been trading for over 25 years and specializes in Options but also likes to trade stocks and futures. He graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a degree in History and Economics. The room is  managed well and offers plenty trade ideas that newbies can follow and learn from with the abilities to ask the moderators and experienced traders questions.

Fees & Services

Simpler Options has trained thousands of students and has a chat room of up to a thousand traders in it daily. This type of exposure to different trading styles and the amount of information passed along in here is incredible and will most certainly give you an edge over your competition.

Trading is an endeavor that shouldn’t be attempted alone and with resources like the ones Simpler Options offer, you will be ahead of the learning curve and on a path to consistent profits. They will not just tell you what to do but rather show you how they do it and why so that you can eventually gain the confidence necessary to make intelligent trading decisions.

There are a couple different packages starting with the “Silver” package that will give you access the premium nightly video, trading room archive and options trading forum community for only $79 per month. The “Gold” package gives you everything listed in the Silver package plus you will get access to the live chat room and you will receive live trader alerts via SMS and email for $147 per month. I would recommend coughing up a couple extra dollars for the Gold package so you can gain access to the chat room where most of the action takes place.

They have a ton of educational resources that cover a wide array of topics from basic option strategies to more complex, multi-leg strategies.

They are reasonably priced with some of the more basic programs starting at just $97 with most around the $997 range. The most expensive course is the “Ultimate Guide to Trading a Portfolio Margin Account” where John goes in depth into strategic strategies using portfolio margin and how to use the extra leverage to your benefit. This program cost $1,999 and is for the more experienced trading looking to add value to their portfolio. The course is 1,145 minutes long so there is a ton of information in it.

John’s classes are mostly focused on Options whether its trading directional strategies or putting on more complicated spread and condor positions, but what’s nice about this site is they have classes from a lot of their other highly experienced traders and even some outside resources like Mark Douglas, author of Trading In The Zone and other popular trading books.

Having the right education is crucial to understanding complex market concepts especially when it comes to options. Spending a couple bucks on these classes will help keep you from making rookie mistakes and get you in a better position to make smart, profitable trading decisions.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing Simpler Options I found that they offer a great service for a fair price. Their chat-room is full of good ideas and like-minded traders willing to help each other out. Their educational products are full of useful information and aren’t way over priced like most programs you find like this.

I definitely recommend checking out Simpler Options whether you’re new to trading or even if you’ve been trading for a while and are looking improve. Options are very complex but can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and to even day or swing trade so knowing how to trade them correctly is a must. They have resources for all trading levels so if you’re interested check out their website.


As always if you have any questions or comments regarding Simpler Options, please leave us a message below!