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Stash Invest App Review 2020

Stash Invest Review
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Stash Invest is a great place for beginner investors or people who don’t have time to do their own market research to start! The app works by easily stowing away your money into your interests and watching it grow over time. Stash Invest is very user friendly and offers as low as $1 monthly fees.

Stash invest homepage

As a leading mobile investing app, Ed Robinson (Co-founder and President) and Brandon Krieg (Co-founder and CEO) founded Stash in 2015. Both co-founders started the company with a mission of simplifying investing. Today, Stash Invest has extended its mission to include access to financial education, services, and technology designed to help the average user secure their financial future.

As a micro saving mobile solution, Stash is geared towards helping users’ select flexible investment options that meet their goals. Designed for new savers, hands-on investors, goal-oriented investors and retirement savers, Stash requires no minimum balance but you are required to deposit a minimum of $5 or more to begin investing.

Operating under the mantra “we believe in financial transparency, opportunity, diversity, access, education, and literacy”, Stash guides investors through the process of building a wealthy and healthy portfolio.

In our Stash Invest App review, you will learn more about the company, services offered, features, fees and why it’s the perfect mobile investing solution for you.

Stash Invest App Features and Services

As said earlier, Stash is a mobile investing solution. As such, users are required to download the official app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To get started, simply open Stash website and click “Sign Up” on the upper right corner.

You will be presented with an electronic registration form. Enter the following details to proceed.

  • Email
  • Password

Click “Create Account” and proceed with the rest of the steps which include:

  • Creating your investor profile – you will be required to answer a couple of questions. These questions are designed to help determine your risk tolerance.
  • Provide your personal information
    Select your investment – Stash Invest will display investment options that match your risk tolerance. Click on any of the options to learn more.
  • Funding your account – link the Stash Invest App with your bank account to fund it and start investing.

Complete registration and start investing.

Stash Invest

Stash is not just an investment mobile app. It is an investment solution that offers access to tools designed to help you become a successful investor. With Stash, you can invest in what matters to you.

The staff at Stash hand-picks investments and designs them into investing themes which are straightforward and approachable. With Stash, you will never be alone. Stash Coach is available to guide you as you make your investment choices.

As an investor, you have the choice of selecting investments from the environment to innovation. You can invest in stocks and ETFs based on trading liquidity, risk profile and expense ratio. With Stash, you don’t need a deep wallet. Just start with $5 and increase the amount as your portfolio grows.

Want to view the potential of your budget? Stash has designed an intuitive calculator based on a 5% average growth rate per year. Just move the slide across – from $5 to $100 – and watch the graph below as it displays the growth potential depending with the amount invested.

Stash Investments

Stash is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. As an investment adviser, it offers a wide range of options.

The following are investment options offered by Stash.
i. The Activist

Designed for the investor with a cause, investment options available include holdings in companies that help to create a bright future. Simply put, you will be investing in companies that produce wind, solar and other renewable energy solutions. Such companies include Electric Power Development Co, Xinyi Solar Holding’s Ltd, Vesta Wind Systems and Meridian Energy Ltd to name just a few.

ii. The Techie

Want to change the world? You can now invest in upcoming tech companies developing solutions that solve both local and global problems. In addition, you will also invest in tech companies that improve how we interact and communicate with each other across borders. A few of the companies that you will invest in include Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, Google, Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

iii. The Globetrotter

This type of investment focuses on global industries. Simply put, you will invest in companies that fuel our fun from travel and leisure to entertainment and gaming. A few of the companies you will invest in under this category include Delta Airlines, Las Vegas Sands Corp, CBS Corp, Twenty-First Century Fox and MGM Resorts International.

iv. The Trendsetter

If you are a social media mania, then you can finally have a slice of social media giants. Under this category, you will invest in companies that fuel our entertainment and communication. A few of the companies include Tencent Holdings, Twitter, Alphabet, Pandora and Facebook among others.

Stash Retire

If you want to ensure your future is financially secure, you can now do so using Stash. With the mobile app, you can save for retirement and on your taxes. For customers under 25, Stash does not charge any fees. As you already know, retirement accounts are some of the greatest investment opportunities.

At the time of writing, Stash offers two retirement accounts namely

By selecting any of the accounts above, you can enjoy immense tax benefits and savings not only when operating the account but even when withdrawing funds. To get started, simply sign up with Stash Retire. From your account, select the right retirement account that will help you maximize your savings.

Stash Banking

This product is designed to replace traditional banks. In the belief that traditional banks are treating their customers like ATMs, Stash Banking wants to change this practice. The service is designed to help people spend wisely. In addition, Stash wants to help its users save and invest for the long run all via one mobile app.

Simply put, Stash Banking is the best solution designed for users who want to secure their financial future. What you ought to know is that Stash Cash Management LLC which is not a depository institution or bank licensed in any jurisdiction provides Stash Banking. It is wholly owned by Stash Financial which is an affiliate of Stash Investments LLC.

Stash Learn

Learning is the key to making wise financial and investment decisions. To help you with this, Stash has made Stash Learn accessible to its users. To get started, click on “Learn” from the homepage. From there, you will be redirected to the learning portal.

Stash provides a wide range of articles designed to help you learn about different types of investment options, how to invest and even how to use Stash to secure your financial future.

Sample the following titles

  • How to Invest in ETFs with Stash
  • Stash Invest vs. Stash Retire, Which Account is Right for You?

To ensure that you are able to locate the right learning resource, Stash has divided Stash Learn according to the following categories:

  • Teach Me
  • Money News
  • Money Talk
  • Stash

Stash Invest App

Now that you have created your account with Stash, you can access it on the move plus your portfolio and other investment options. This is possible with Stash Invest App. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Stash Invest app allows you to view your Balance, Potential and Investment Ideas. In addition, it also allows you to access other services – Stash Learn, Stash Banking and Stash Retire among others.

The best thing about the Stash Invest App is that it has an intuitive and easy to interface that you will surely love.

Stash Fees

All accounts at Stash with an average daily balance of $1 or more but less than $5,000 are charged $1/month for Stash Invest and $2/month for Stash Retire. For accounts with an average daily balance of $5,000 or more, Stash charges $0.25/year or 0.021%/month. For accounts with an average daily balance of $1 or less, no charge will be deducted.

Deposits and withdrawals are free. When it comes to Stash Retire, users have the option of selecting between Traditional IRA and Roth IRA. Below are fees charged by Stash for the above retirement packages.

  • Traditional IRA – $2/month equivalent to 0.25% for accounts with over $5,000. Maximum contribution of $5,500/year ($6,500 if user is aged 50 years +).
  • Roth IRA – $2/month equivalent to 0.25% for accounts over $5,000. Maximum contribution of $5,500/year ($6,500 if age 50 years+).

Final Thoughts

Stash Invest is a great mobile investment and financial solution for beginners and goal oriented investors. Thanks to their investment options, you can build your portfolio depending on your goals. In addition, you can learn more about investment options available to you finally making the right decisions when selecting financial instruments for your portfolio.

Stash does fall short in certain areas. For starters, subscription fees are charged to the users’ bank account, not from their investment portfolio. Secondly, the fees are quite high especially for accounts with lower balances.

Despite the shortcomings, Stash is a promising mobile investment solution that will help you grow your investment portfolio.


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