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$1 Million Dollar Challenge Complete! | Ross’ Trade Recap


Being a day trade warrior. What does it mean? Taking $583 and turning it into one million dollars? Yeah, I’d say that’s being a day trade warrior. Today is the day I crossed over one million dollars of trading profits. Took me two and a half years. Two and a half years ago, I started with $583 and 15 cents in my account. Today, I crossed over one million dollars of trade and profits. Don’t tell me I can’t do it. It’s just been done. This has been an incredible challenge. It took about 553 trading days, two and a half years, which means I was averaging about $1,800 per day.

Now, we’re going to talk about the metrics, the biggest winners, the biggest losers, I’m going to break it all down during this recap, but I want you to remember something. Your job as a day trader, as a day trade warrior, is to just find that one stock each day that has the potential to make a big move. And once you’ve got a system for finding that needle in the haystack, trading becomes easy. Then the only difference between making a hundred dollars a day and making 200 is increasing your share size, and the only difference between 200 and 400 is increasing your share size. Averaging $1,800 a day with about 9,000 shares, that means all I was doing was getting 20 cents of profit out of the market. Two times nine is 18. 20 cents of profit, 9,000 shares is $1,800 a day. You do that over the course of 553 days and you’ll be a millionaire. It can be done.

So, I want you guys to really enjoy this recap. It’s a really special one, and if you want to go back and watch day one of $583 challenge, you can do that. Watch day one and then watch today. I’m the same trader, same strategy, two and a half years later, an extra million dollars of profits. Pretty amazing. Any questions, any comments, leave them below, and as usual, I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, live streaming around 9:15. See you guys in the morning.

All right, everyone. We’re going to do midday market recap here. This is a very special midday market recap. This is day 553 of the million dollar challenge. My goal to take a $583 account and turn it into a million dollars, and today’s the day I cross that million dollar mark. $14,157 today gets me across that mark. I had $48,000 in my account this morning, so a nice 30% gain on the account. I never really kept much more than 50 or 75,000 in my account at any one time, always taking out the profits at the end of each month. But today will mark the cross of the million dollar line, which is really pretty incredible.

This journey started about two and a half years ago on January 1st, 2017 and at the end of each month, my broker statements have gone on the website, 2017, 2018, 2019. Yesterday was the last day of April and on the last day of April I finished with $987,000 of profit, which put me about $12,218, 217 and 91 cents away from the goal. I didn’t really think that I was going to cross it this week. Yesterday, I actually actually lost $1,400. I wasn’t expecting the have a big home run today, but it ended up happening and once I was up 8,000, I started thinking, “You might cross that level today.”

Then I was up 9,000, and then , and then I was up 11,000, and I was like, “Only a thousand dollars to go.” And then I was up 12,000. “Only 200 to go.” And then I was up 13,000 and I figured, “Well, let’s just get a little cushion off this mark, because once I get my statements, I won’t know exactly to the penny.” You know this amount here, when you get it down to the statement, sometimes it’s a little different. So I was like, “Let’s just get a nice cushion and be 100% across the million dollar line in the sand.” And so now it’s done.

We’re going to talk a little bit about this journey here today, what it’s like to take $583 and turn it into a million bucks. I knew it was possible, it was only a matter of time, but I’ll say the hardest part of this challenge was the first 5% and the last 5%. The first 5%, the first 50 grand was tough. I had to trade pretty aggressively. I had to work really hard on making sure I didn’t have hardly any losses. What’s cool is that I have all of the metrics of this challenge right in here.

I can go right here, day one to day 28. Let’s just say the first 28 days of 2017. I can export all my trades and import them right here into trader view. Let’s look at detailed. This was the first 28 days, $14,000 of profit, 87% accuracy. I took 47 trades in total. My average winners were $375, average losers, 220, so that was a really good start. That was actually the only the first one and a half percent, but that was the hardest part. You guys have no sound on?

I see that on Facebook. I’m going to restart the Facebook live for you guys and just go to see more. I’m just going copy this and start the live broadcast over for you guys on Facebook. Hang on, let me just switch over and I’ll put it back up. Those of you guys in the chat, you should all be fine.

Yeah, so this was the first month. A lot of people have asked me a lot of questions about how do you trade with an account as small as $500? How is that even possible? It’s of course possible and of course I did it. It’s not something you’re going to be able to do with Etrade. It’s not something you’re going to be able to do with Ameritrade. I had to find a broker that caters to active day traders with small accounts.

And of course I found that broker and then was able to start trading, but for those of you guys that are at the very beginning of your learning curve, knowing the right tools to use, the right brokers, all of that is, you know. It’s a learning process. For those of you guys watching this video on YouTube, what I’ll do is I’ll put in the description a couple of different things. I’ll probably put a link to one of my short classes, Day Trading 101 where I walk you guys through how to set up a small account, how to start trading with as little as $500 ,you know kind of all of those basic things, how to manage risk when you have a tiny account, and then I’ll also probably put a link to a Webinar or something like that that you guys could attend. I host live workshops from time to time, so I’ll just keep updating those links and you guys are welcome to check them out.

I’ll also put a coupon code out there. Coupon code million will be 30% off storewide. All right? You guys can check that out. I’ll probably keep that up there as a an evergreen coupon code. If it doesn’t work, it means that we pulled it down, maybe too many people were using it, but I will leave it up for right now at least. I’ll put it up today and leave it up for the time being, so coupon code million will save you 30% if you do decide to get started.

But you know the beginning of the challenge, and this is the other cool thing, I decided to do something on this challenge that was a little different. I had done small account challenges in the past, but I had always done a small account challenge and at the end of the month I’d be like, “Hey guys, this is what I did.” I would share it with you guys after I was done with it. I felt like it was too much pressure to show in real time the challenge, so I was always just like, “You know what, I’m just going to do the challenge and then if it goes well, at the end of the month, I’ll share with you guys and if it doesn’t go well, well you know, there’s no pressure. I just won’t share it.” And with this $583 challenge, it on January 1st, 2017, and if I go onto our YouTube channel here. Let me just look for this. This is right here, 563 videos deep, the $583 challenge.

So, I click on this and video one, it should load up video one, day one, $583. It was actually January 3rd, that was the first day of 2017. And so you can go back and you can watch this all the way from day one, so as of today this video has almost half a million views and I’m sure it’ll have more by the time you guys are done with it. The Godfather theme. That’s fine. Anyways.

You know, I decided to do this fully transparent, to do it right in front of you guys, and I was fully prepared that on the first day, day one here, that it was definitely possible that I would end up taking a loss. But I ended up making $124. The first day was a green day, $124 and that continued with day two, about $187 or something like that. Day three, 150. Day four, 150. By that point, I was up $618 on the week. I’d are doubled my account. It just kept going from there, kept growing.

It started with a goal of turning the account into $100,000 and once I hit a hundred grand, I was like, “All right, well that only took 45 days and I think I can do that nine more times, so let’s just go all in and make this the million dollar challenge.” And you know, I think a week after I did it, I was like, “Wow, I’m only 11% of the way there. Like, I’m going to be doing this thing for a really long time.” In fact, two and a half years. That’s about as long as it takes to get a master’s degree if you’re going to the university or whatever.

But I knew it could be done. I mean, at the end of the day, once I had 50,000 in the account, I knew it could be done, it was only a matter of time. That’s really all it was. It was just a matter of time because I was consistently making 40, $50,000 a month. So it was like, “Well, if this takes me three years, it takes three years, but it’s going to happen.”

What I didn’t expect was near the end of the challenge, and now let’s look, bring this all the way to present, and I’ll upload today’s trades tomorrow once they’re available. Well, we’ll go 2019. Here as I got towards the end of the challenge, what it didn’t expect was some of the emotional ups and downs that I would have. As I got really close to the end, I started to get really aggressive. I started to really badly want to finish this goal and as a result, I ended up having the biggest draw down of the entire challenge.

You know, this challenge from over the course of two years, during the first year, the biggest draw down I ever had was 14,000 going into … Oh no, I guess this was 22,000. 22,000, 24,000, so that would be over a period of several bad days, and of course by this point I already was up hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then here, on this day, before I had this huge draw down, I was only about $10,000 away from the goal.

Look at this. Let’s zoom in on this for a second. I got in my head. I got in my head. I was right here, $8,000 away from the goal. I was so close. I kind of was talking about this in one of my recaps being like, you know, trying to do something that’s never really been done before. You know? It’s like in my mind trying to cross the Grand Canyon on a tight rope and once I was halfway I was feeling good. You know? Had some really good stretches here. Yeah, a couple , whatever, but really good momentum overall. Wind behind. You know, wind in my sales, just feeling solid. All of a sudden I’ve got the last 50 feet to go and I start getting in my head like, “Whoa. I’m going to do this.” Like, “What day am I going to cross this level? What am I going to do when I finish this? Then what happens?”

And I lost my balance, and I lost my focus, and I started trading my profit loss. I started really trading based on what this number looked like every day instead of trading the actual stocks that were right in front of me. Today was the big one, ABIO from 5.50 all the way up to $9. I mean, this was an incredible move, but what I’d started doing sort of at the last part of this challenge here, I’d started just grasping at straws, trying to hit anything that was moving, and I stopped doing what was working so well during this long and really strong period of momentum.

I ended up learning something pretty profound about trading that I wouldn’t have learned if I just sailed right across that line. What I learned was that one of the biggest challenges is the pressure that you put on yourself. This is something that I struggled with as a beginner trader. When I first got started, and a lot of our students can attest to this and I’ll show you a couple of them here.

Roberto is one of the students at Warrior Trading who’s a member of the 100k club, make an $8,000 a month day trading from Europe, and when he got started trading, he lost money. Same as me. He was living in Detroit trying to figure out a way to get himself back to Italy, which is where he’s from. And he had that pressure that he needed to be successful. It needed to work. It needed to work so he could live this life that he always wanted. And when you start putting a lot of pressure on yourself, under that pressure you can start making some mistakes.

When I was first getting started, I had a tremendous amount of pressure. I had a pressure from, you know, who’s now my ex wife, who wanted so badly for me to start making money so we could start doing all these fun things. It was like, “Well, I want to play on a big trip in July, so you need to make $15,000 before July. You need to do this and you do that.” And I just kept not coming up to that level, and there was so much pressure, and that pressure was getting me feeling like I was backed into the corner. Then I would start doing things out of desperation. I started trading this number here. This number was read and I started getting all freaked out, getting all antsy.

Then once I started to just kind of let go of that and sometimes that meant taking that P and L right off my screen so I wasn’t even looking at it so closely each day. Once I started really just trading the stocks that were in front of me, and taking the red days as they came and not being bent out of shape about them, and taking the green days as they came the 100, 200 dollars I started just sort of feeling more confident.

Then next thing I knew I had a period of consistent profitability. There were some specific turning points that I had that I talk about during our classes, Day Trading 101, The Warrior Starter, and some of our webinars and stuff, but just to summarize, one of the big turning points of course was discovering an actual strategy. Because before then, just throwing darts at the wall doesn’t work at all. Right? I needed an actual strategy. But once I had the strategy, I still struggled a little bit with that mental game, and letting myself off the hook, taking that pressure off ended up making a big difference. Then the ironic thing is that once the pressure’s off and you don’t feel like you need to be making the money, then you start making the money.

That’s one of those things I talk about sometimes with trying to solve a problem, that you don’t always solve the problem until you walk away from it. Sometimes you need to look away, you need to think about other things, you need to just get out of the situation and then all of a sudden the solution comes to you.

So you know, I’ve gone through this and for me again, re-experiencing it here at the end of this big challenge I think ultimately will just help with my teaching and the mentoring that I do for so many of our students. Roberto, now a student who’s become a member of the a 100k club, making over a hundred thousand dollars, taking a small account and turning it into a hundred grand, trading from Europe, and living life 100% on his own terms.

This is all to say that I’m not the only one that’s figured this out. One of Roberto’s friends who’s a really, really nice guy in the Czech Republic, Peter, making $6,900 in 42 days day trading from Europe. The market opens at 3:30 PM for him and he starts trading as soon as the bell rings. It’s amazing to, you know. I’ve seen so many students go through this learning curve and get to the other side where they’re trading profitably.

Another European student here, Max, from $64 or 64 euros a day to, 500 a day as a trader, so this kind of a common theme of going from a job that maybe isn’t super satisfying to living life 100% on your own terms. Here’s Paul, US Army Special Forces Sergeant to day trader. Retired and said, “You know what, I want to do something a little less stressful.” So the path is there, but it starts with knowing a strategy and then once you know the strategy, it’s having the discipline to follow the rules.

And so you know, let’s look at today’s trades. Today was a day where we had some hot momentum. It ended up being on ABIO. ABIO, as we look at this here, and I’ll just move this up a little higher, this one was a surprise momentum stock. It was not on my radar. It wasn’t on my radar at all. I wasn’t even looking at it this morning. And in fact you can see although it was actually gapping up slightly this morning, I don’t think it was something that anyone was looking super closely at.

Everyday starts the same way. It starts by looking at our scanners, which are the gap scanners. These tell us the stocks that are opening up the most out of the entire US market today. And so if we go and we refresh this, and we do a time frame of 9:25 AM. At 9:25 AM this morning, this is what our gap scanner look like. We had Staff up here and you’ll see I ended up trading , made $247 on it. Again, I only trade stocks between $2 and $10, so this was off the list. This was too cheap. Too expensive, too expensive, too expensive. Right away when I’m looking at the market, I’ve already been able to filter down stuff that I’m not going to trade.

Now, I still like to see what’s happening, so that’s why I keep the filters open. This one only had two shares of volume, so that was off the list. This one I looked at, but not a lot of volume. Too expensive. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Too expensive, and this one was a maybe. Pretty much that was the list this morning: Staff. OROG, and then these ones I was kind of looking at.

The bell rings, I ended up taking a trade on Staff. I do a gap and go trade on it. I jump in and scalp it. It ends up moving to a high of $2.28. It doesn’t really hold that level. It drops back down and I ended up stopping out of the rest of it. So, a 9,000 share position only made $240. Not a home run by any means.

Then at that point I’m like, “Okay, well let’s switch gears here and let’s look at the high day momentum scanner.” Back here, this scanner shows me the stocks that are moving up in real time, moving up right now. And so all of a sudden off this scanner, of course Staff is on there, this stock is on there, another stock is on there, Arlo. These are some higher priced stocks, but I like to see what’s moving in the entire US market. TAIT is on there. I lost money on it yesterday, so I wasn’t eager to jump on him. MTFB popped up here, up about 20%, made $153 on that.

Then here we go, ABIO. It hits the scanner at $5.72 cents. And when it hits the scanner, it has 55,000 shares of volume and shows that it has a float of 155,000 shares, which is a ridiculously small float. I mean, that’s absolutely crazy small. It’s probably not even accurate. I can’t really imagine that it’s that actually that small, but in any case. I see here news at 8:35 AM, here today. 8:35 AM, there’s news out on it. This news headline, you can see by Ben Zynga, the headline. Where’s it. Let’s pull this up here. This was the headline right here.

So, I see that there’s a catalyst. I see a combination of low float, moving up quickly, up 10%, with a catalyst, and as soon as I saw that, I then look at it and I saw that it was about to get halted on a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker level was 6.09. Now remember with circuit breakers, you can see LULD, limit up limit down, and that told me that this stock right now, if it breaks over 4.24, it will get halted for a period of at least five minutes on a circuit breaker halt.

These volatility halts we’re created in the market to help reduce volatility, especially to the downside, so if a stock suddenly drops 10% within five minutes, it will get halted for five minutes to give investors a chance to kind of circulate news, figure out what’s going on, et cetera, et cetera. It sort of just brings the emotions down and it was really designed to help prevent a flash in the market. But they go both going down and going up.

As I saw it, the circuit breaker halt was at 6.09 and it was at 5.85, 5.88. Boom, boom, boom. I started jumping in and it ends up hitting 6.09 and getting halted, and I have not a full position but a partial position. I’m trying to get in it. It resumes and I add at 6.45, 6.50. So, I added on this coming out of the halt. It then pops up to a high of 6.90 right here. It then goes to 7.08. It does a nice little pull back here.

And check this out. This candle right here, it goes from 6.76 all the way up to 7.25. It then pulls back, it comes back to 7.25. It pulls back and when it breaks 7.25, it opens up and goes up to 7.47, 7.50. A little consolidation here at 7.50. We weren’t sure it was going to be able to break over that level, it felt like it was sort of getting over done, and then it popped up to 7.58. It pulls back, breaks over 7.58, squeezes up from 7.50, all the way up to $8.35 cents. Pulls back again and moves up here to a high of $9. High a day, $9.

The big trade here on this one, for me, the biggest one I think was right around here. This is when we got that quick break. It squeezes up, takes off, and you could see, I was just actively trading this: jumping in, jumping out, jumping in, jumping out. I was aggressive, and once I was up $8,000 or whatever it was, that’s when I started to really put the pedal to the metal. I was like, “Okay. You know, this thing is opening up. I’m going to start to … I see the potential for a big win.” So where it was this? Let’s see, this was right … That was 7.23 right, right, right, right, right.

This was the big one right here. Look at this, this was a very quick trade, ridiculously so. I didn’t expect it to be so quick. But in at 6.71, 77, 6,000 shares. I tried to add to 9,000 at 91. Didn’t get filled, it immediately goes to 25. I’m selling a little bit on the ass, 23, 24.

I end up getting back in, getting back in for the break of 7, out at 7.15, 7.24. I mean, I was just super aggressive on this: adding, selling, adding, selling, adding, selling. And you know, that’s how I work myself up to $13,000 of profit. It wasn’t one trade, it was lots of small trades. Base hits add up, and over the course of this challenge, I’ve had a lot of base hits.

If we go back to the overview, 2,873 trades, 67% accuracy. Average winners, only about seven minutes long, and I only trade for one hour a day, 9:30 to 10:30. One hour a day. So Max, and Roberto, and Peter over in Europe, they trade from 3:30 to 4:30, 5 PM local time for them and then they call it a day. A lot of you guys in California, you get up a little early trade. You know, get up at 6:00 AM, trade from 6:30 to 7:30, 8 AM, and then you go to your day job.

Peter is still working his day job. A lot of people will still work their day job because trading affords you that ability if you’re not on eastern time zone. And of course even if you are in eastern time zone, you have the opportunity to work a night shift, 3 to 11 or something like that.

So this, this has been a pretty amazing challenge. Price and volume, some interesting metrics here. We’ll probably get into a lot more of this in I’ll probably the host a webinar specific to this challenge, so maybe I’ll save this stuff and cover it there. We’ll go through all of this. We’ll go through days and times, the price and volume, instrument, market behavior, win/loss expectation, liquidity, we’ll do all of that in a separate webinar specific to taking $583 and turning it into a million bucks.

Now that the challenge is done, what comes next? Since this has been a two and a half year challenge, two and a half years is a really long time. No doubt about it. You know, if I started over tomorrow with $583 again, that’d be another two and a half years. You know? Plus or minus two to three years. That’s a long commitment and no doubt it’s a lot of pressure to do a $500 type of challenge, and so what I think I’m going to do are shorter challenges.

I will do small account challenges, but I think I’ll probably do a $500 challenge, $1,000 challenge, and do it as a one month challenge to see what I can do in one month. Maybe I’ll do a 100k challenge, something like that. I’ll do short challenges and then start over again. $583 to 50k, $583 to 25k, and just kind of keep doing those smaller challenges, shorter challenges, a little bit more manageable. You know, kind of like, I dunno. Just like a football game or something like that. Rather than doing a whole season, just do short little challenges, and I think that will be exciting for you guys, especially for those of you that are trading with small accounts on any given day.

And of course during those challenges, I’ll probably still actively trade in my main account because the biggest downside for me with trading with a tiny account is that I can’t make as much money. In one month, I might make, as I made in the first month of the challenge, only $15,000, whereas one month with my big account, I’d be making anywhere from 50 grand to 100 grand. So that’s a little bit of a challenge, sacrificing profits.

But I have gotten some practice at trading in two accounts at the same time, as I did it during this challenge at various points, and I even have been doing it recently with a retirement account and my main account. So, I’ll probably do something like that, and of course I’ll keep working with students, and maybe having a little bit of pressure off of trading will give me a little more time to work with you guys.

So, you know, I know how exciting it is to have that moment where you’re finally on the other side of the learning curve. My goal is to help as many of you get there as possible, as many of you guys who have the dedication, the drive, the discipline, who want to make it happen. This is proof that it can be done. This is the four minute mile. Now that it’s been done, I won’t be the last one to do it. You know? Roger Bannister crossing the four minute mile in … When was that? Let me Google that. It was like March 6 or May 6th. Roger Bannister. Let’s see. That was on May 6. Yeah, May 6, 1954.

So May 6, 1954, he was the first person to run a documented four minute mile, and since he’s done it, now thousands of people have done it since. Right? It’s like once it’s been proven that it’s actually possible, because a lot of people have said, and I can’t tell you how many people have said Ross, “It is mathematically impossible to take $583 and turn it into a million bucks. That’s a 170,000% return.” I just did it. Don’t tell me I can’t. It’s just been done.

Here’s what is mathematically impossible. It is mathematically impossible, at least in my mind, to take $583,000 and turn it into a 170000% return. There is a limit to scalability in the market. So for me to take $583 and turn it into a million bucks, I had to use an average position size of about 8,000 shares. If I start with, let’s say $5,800 and I wanted to turn it into 10 million, I would’ve had to trade with 80,000 shares. 80,000 shares average position size. If I wanted to start with 58,000 and turn it into 100 million, I’d have to be trading with 800,000 shares. You can’t buy 8,000 shares of these stocks. You can’t buy 100,000 shares of a lot of big stocks if you want to. And so that’s the limit. There’s a limit to scalability.

Can you take $583 and turn it into a 100k? Absolutely. I’ve proven you can. Can you turn it into a million? Absolutely. Can you make a million dollars a year day trading the markets? I don’t see why not. Now, my best year as of today is half a million, but I don’t see why a million is out of reach. Can you make 10 million? Can you make 20 million? Can you make 50 million? I don’t know. Maybe, but I haven’t. I really haven’t. I really don’t think I’ve seen it. And so that’s the downside of what I do, that there is a limit to scalability.

That’s why I focused my efforts on being a teacher, to help as many of you guys get to a similar level as me. It’s not practical for me at this point to try to open a hedge fund and try to get people to give me millions of dollars, because I’m not going to be able to return 170000% if I have a 10 million dollar account. Could I make 500,000 a year with it? Well yeah, because I have already proven I can make 500,000 a year, so 5%.

Can I make a million a year? I don’t know. Can I make 2 million a year? Maybe. But you know, you think about it, the way hedge funds work, you get 2% as a management fee, you get 20% of the profits. So even if I had a hedge fund with 10 million dollars and I made a million dollars a year, well I’d keep 20% of that. I keep 200k. Then I get 2% management fee. So I’d make $220,000 with a $10 million account, or I can just keep trading with my regular $50,000 account and make half a million a year and keep it for myself. Right? That’s why it, just for me, has never made sense and some people have criticized that. You know, if you’re really so good you would just open a hedge fund and become the next Warren Buffet. But my strategy has a limit to scalability.

I’m okay with that. I’m okay with half a million a year. I’m perfectly happy with Roberto making 8,000 a month, with Peter Making 6,900 in 42 days, with so many. Max, John, Selena, all of our other students who have done so well. You know, Hulk is another student that’s been doing really well. One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed doing is giving students who do well the opportunity to start teaching, to start giving back a little bit. Hulk, couple of years ago, you can see Hulk great here. He’s in the large cap room. But a couple of years ago he was working in … I’ll close this. Working in a auto transport management kind of position and now here’s the day where he’s making $3,000. It’s crazy.

I mean, once you get it, and that’s the blessing of the curse of the market, that you can spend literally a year and a half, two years struggling to figure it out, which is what happened to me. I spent two and a half years struggling to figure it out, not making consistent profits, that’s the curse. Then the blessing is that once you figure it out, the only difference between making 2,200 a day and 2000 a day is increasing your share size. That’s it. That’s exactly what I’ve done. I went from trading 2,000 shares to 4,000, from 4,000 to 8,000, from eight up to 10, 12,000 shares sometimes. Sometimes I go a little higher. That’s the exciting thing.

Day trading has I’d say never been more popular than it is right now and it’s because of accessibility, because right here, from the palm of your hand, you can access the market. So, you guys are in an awesome place to be learning and you’ve got the tools and the resources to make it happen. Our trading simulator makes it really easy for you guys to start practicing. Get in there, start trading without ever risking real money. There is a path to success. 90% of traders don’t take that path. They try to do it on their own, trial and error, and they lose money. But you guys who are in the chat room and you guys who are watching on Facebook or watching on YouTube, the fact that you’re watching and have still watched up until now, you’re showing you’ve got what it takes to be part of the 10% who succeed.

So stick with it. It can happen. And when it does happen, it’s pretty amazing. I’m not going to say making 30, $40,000 in a single day isn’t amazing. Money I wouldn’t say buys happiness, but it certainly buys a better quality of life, and you don’t have to worry about bills, and you can buy what you want, and you can provide for your family, and you just don’t have that worry anymore.

And if you’re still in a nine to five job, it can certainly buy your way out of the nine to five grind. I haven’t had a nine to five job now in more than 10 years, and I’m not going to look back, right? Once you get a taste of the market, it’s incredible. $14,000 in one day. So this afternoon, if I go out and do some grocery shopping, what are groceries going to cost me at most, like $150? 200 bucks? I mean, it’s like you’re never going to spend $14,000 in a day. I mean, unless you’re really going crazy. This isn’t about private jets and driving a million dollar type of sports car, whatever. It’s not about having a Bugatti. It’s just about making enough money to live life on your own terms. That’s what’s always been for me.

Anyways, this has been an awesome, awesome day. Really exciting here. I’m sure a lot of you guys wound up watching this recap a couple of times. At the end of the day, this was just one day, and a challenge that spanned about 553 trading days, 560, or something like that. This wasn’t the best day. It certainly wasn’t the worst day. This was just another average day and I’ll be back at it tomorrow. Same as always. Those of you guys that want to learn more, check out some of the links in the description and I will see you guys back in chat room. All right, see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning. Bye, everyone.

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