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California Trading +$3,289 | Ross’ Trade Recap


Hey, everyone. All right so here we are finishing the week, for me, with another solid green day. So progress is being made. The last few days, I’ve been trading on my traveling trading station. Those of you guys who have been asking about it, it consists of one laptop and two ASUS USB monitors with a Ten One Design mount clip which you can find on Amazon for like $30 each. They’re kind of expensive, but they work great, and in fact this week, fellas, I have had two women come up and compliment me on how beautiful my laptop is. So you’re all going to meet some women. Bringing this station into a coffee shop or maybe an airport lounge, it just might work for you. All right?

Anyways, this is the station that I’ve been using, and overall it’s been great. The biggest thing, ultimately, is having a good wifi connection or hardwiring if you can, and I’ve had a pretty good internet connection on this trip. So green, happy, and finishing the week on another good note. I’ll be back at it first thing on Monday morning, and I hope you guys all have a great weekend. All right, see you on Monday.

All right, everyone, so we’re going to go over the trades from today. Another green day which is awesome. I don’t have my calendar. I didn’t bring it with me on this quick trip to California. Usually, often I would, but one of the problems is sometimes it gets all jumbled up in my bag, and then it kind of ruins it for the rest of the year. So I just said, “You know what? I’ll just fill it out when I get home.”

The only problem is that now I kind of am left with a sense of, “What did I trade this week?” and, “How was this week?” I can’t even really … It’s day to day. What stocks did I trade on Monday, and how much did I make on Monday? At this point, on Friday, it’s out of my mind. I’m not thinking about it anymore. That’s a good thing to be able to just put those days behind you, but it’s also when you’re at the end of the week doing your weekly recap, it can at least leave me a little bit … I’m not sure I finished the week.

So I’m going to log into Lightspeed, and let’s just see where we’re at. I know I made progress which is good. I mostly traded on my main account this week which is up to 90 grand, so I’m making some really good progress here in this account. I think I only took one trade in my retirement account this week. Some weeks I trade in it more than others. It kind of just depends on the market and things like that.

Let’s see. Looks like … Yeah, so this week, it looks like I made about $500 on Monday, $8,000 on Tuesday, I lost $1,700 on Wednesday, made $3,200 on Thursday, and up $3,200 here again on Friday.

So yesterday I was up $3,213, and today I’m up $3,289. So anyways, that all comes together to a solid nearly $15,000 green week which is terrific. So definitely making some progress here. I’m up $8,000 on the month in my main account, and I’m up another $6,000 on the month in my retirement. So I guess up about $15,000 on the month, and that’s because I did have a $5,000 red day last week which was kind of disappointing, but bounced back from it. That’s good, and making progress here definitely on the month.

Anyways, the two trades today: DRAD and DPW. Let’s pull up the gap scanner. Today for the most part was a pretty straightforward day. Gap scanner was looking pretty good this morning. MTSL was our leading gapper. Now, currently it’s at only $1.63. It hit a high of about $2.60 this morning so it really pulled back quite a bit off of those pre-market highs. Let’s see. We’ll just go like this. Computer’s running just a little slow here. I’ll be happy to be back on my main trading station on Monday morning. Ugh, everything’s slowing down. MTSL, okay.

So this was our gap scanner. Gapping up 106%, but just selling off the gap. I was watching this. I had a long bias over $2.50, so I was looking for a break of $2.50, and unfortunately what ended up happening on this stock was that it ended up breaking $2.50 and making a move higher, but it did it pre-market which was really disappointing.

That’s sometimes the way it goes, but missed the trade there, no trades on it, the break was pre-market, by the time the bell rang it hit a high of 266 and then faded back down. So that one I didn’t get to trade. DRAD was gapping up 11% right here. It was gapping up about 14% by the time the bell was ringing. On this I jumped in for the break over $6.00 which was a pre-market pivot right here. It started to squeeze up. It was hitting the high a day momentum scanner at $5.90. There’s [inaudible 00:06:05] in the scan now. I’ll mute this.

So I’ve jumped in that. I press the buy button three times with an order at $6.01. I only fill 3,000 shares. I then press Shift + 1 because I knew those orders weren’t filling, and it was going higher. I filled another 800 shares at $6.08 and another 500 or so somewhere a little higher, and I filled a total of about 4,000 shares. So I kept getting partial fills which was disappointed. I tried to take 9,000 shares, and I just didn’t get filled.

Now that’s often the case of a stock is moving very quickly, unlike volume that I won’t be able to fill my full order. So I already had the level two up on it because it was on our watch list as a possible gap and go trade. So I had it on watch. I knew that it was a somewhat recent reverse split, that there was news on it today, and that there was a possibility. Being a little more expensive in the $6.00 range, I knew the volatility could be a bit higher which is not always a bad thing.

So it ends up squeezing up here to $6.87, and then it open at $6.99. I had my order ready to add, and a Shift + 1 is buy order for 3,000 shares $0.05 above the current ask.

So I have my order here at $7.00 to add, and I gave it a second. I said, “I’m going to let this thing pull back for a second, and as it curls back up I’m going to jump in.” Well, it dropped here all the way back down to $6.20. So that’s a big drop, and then I’m waiting for the first $1.00 [inaudible 00:07:41] to make a new high, and it didn’t end up happening, and it broke $6.20, and that’s where I had to get out. And I said, “This for me is my stop,” and in fact on this one I could have flipped short because I had shares available to borrow, but I didn’t want to flip flop. So I didn’t, I just left it alone and got out.

I made about $3,300 of profit which is all in all not a bad trade at all. If I had taken 9,000 shares, I don’t know if I would’ve really made a lot more money because I probably would not have been able to fill as much of the trade up at these high levels because of how quickly it dropped.

And then DPW hit the scanner as it was squeezing up. This one I jumped into. It hit a high of $3.73 and then dropped in that same five minute period all the way to $3.08. I got in with 6,000 shares. I was up over $1,200, and then it reversed and I stopped out break even. So I lost $17.00, whatever, it’s not the end of the world. So basically a break even trade.

That was it. That was my day. So at that point I was like, “Hey, wait a second. This is Friday the 13th. I’m just going to step back.” I wasn’t even thinking about it before the bell rang, and then I said, “You know what? Be grateful for the $3,000. It’s a good day, and I’ll live to trade another day.” Be back at it first thing on Monday morning, back in my office, and with the [inaudible 00:09:15], with my full trading station, and ready to continue this hot streak.

I mean ultimately even though I did have a $5,000 red day last week, I’ve totally recovered that. I’m back at all time highs for the month of September, and I had that red day, and I had a $1,700 red day on Wednesday the 11th, but you know, bounced right back from it. So that’s good. We’re seeing a market where the ability to bounce back is definitely there. So that’s going to let me continue to be aggressive knowing that if I do have a red day, I can jump right back from it, and overall market … Look at this, guys. A month ago we were talking about recession, and of course recession, recession, it gets all the clicks, and all the headline stuff. We’re back at all time highs on the S&P 500.

It’s pretty impressive the way the market this year has seen some serious dips and then some serious rebounds off of those lows. So you know, it’s an interesting environment that we’re in, but anyways that’s it for me. I’ll see you guys first thing Monday morning. I hope you all have a great weekend, and get a little rest or study up for those of you guys that are in the classes. All right, see you guys later.

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