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11th Green Day! +$1,511! | Ross’ Trade Recap

green day

What’s up, everyone? All right, guess what? Today was my 11th consecutive green day. I am up about $25,000 in the last 11 days. I’m on a little bit of a hot streak, and it’s nice.


The hot streak started at the end of September. The last week of September was solid. Went into a really good first week of October. Second week of October, a little bit of a chop, two red days, and then the last two weeks, the last eleven days, have been green.

We’ve got three days left in the month of October. I want to finish it in the green, and then go into November feeling good. Sitting just under $40,000 on the month. Fifty-thousand, it’s within reach, if I have a couple more good days.

Any questions, any comments, leave them below, and we’ll be back at it first thing on Monday morning.

All right, everyone, we’re going to do our midday market recap here, and break down the trades from this morning. Today is my 11th consecutive green day, finishing the morning up $1,511.76, which is fantastic. Another green day, I’m happy with that. No trades in the IRA today. I just traded in my regular margin account, but that’s fine.

Eleven days, this is about … Man, I’m not even sure. Twenty-four thousand, maybe twenty-five thousand dollars in the last 11 days? Averaging right about my $2500, $2600 per day average. Some days have been a little below, like today. But then, I’ve had other days that have been like $8000, or $5000. It averages out. I’m just working my way up to that million dollar mark in my small account. That’s just the line in the sand, the spot that I’m really thinking about. Right now, it’s just about being consistently green. Every day is a green day if I can swing it. Being aggressive when there’s good opportunities, and when I see something worth pushing a little harder on, but also being willing to just take a thousand dollars profit and be happy with that.

In the past, I might say, “Well, you know, I really want to try to get to $3000, or $5000.” Then I’d end up getting myself into a pickle, and finishing the day in the red, which is not what I want, obviously.

Let’s see, as of today, my small account is at $749,000, so right about $250,000 between me and one million. I’m at 75% there, which is pretty solid.

Today, you can see the trades. Only four stocks I traded, MYND, PXS, YECO, and PLAG. I didn’t have a single trade that was above a thousand dollars, so a couple of small winners, but that works. I mean, if you do the math, let’s say, $1500 a day, times … Let’s say times three, because I’m trying to think about average for a week. If you were just making $1500 a day, how much would you be making per week? Obviously, $1500 times five. What is that, $1500 times five, $7500. That would be per week, but you always figure you’re going to have a red day. Let’s say $5000 a week, times 52 weeks out of the year. That’s $260,000 right there with this type of trading, and that’s accounting for one max loss day per week.

I think, right now, just grinding on these smaller numbers is okay. This morning when I was looking at the scans … Let me pull up the gap scanner here. I really wasn’t sure that we were going to have anything that was going to be really good. Let me do this for a little after 9:15. Let me do this one more time, historical date 9/25. Yeah, okay, I guess that looks a little closer. That actually doesn’t look quite right, though. It’s weird.

But anyways, the gap scanner this morning was pretty much dead. There was not a lot on there. You know, we’re dealing with stuff going on with the overall market, long term investments down a little bit this month. It is what it is. It’s disappointing to see the market drop, but the reality is, you go back, and you see these types of things happen all the time. There’s a drop there. We go back. We had a nice kind of run, but there was a little bit of a scare right here, a little bit of a scare right there. This was a scare right there. This is just part of the market. This was a scare. That was a scare. If you’re always focused on these drops, then it always seems scary, but when you back it out and you realize, “Well, you know what, this is the way the market always is, it’s up and down,” and, yeah, sometimes you’re going to have periods like this. Obviously, this was 2008, that was a really big drop. But that’s not the most common thing. That doesn’t happen all the time.

What we more often see are these little periods of draw down, little periods of pull back consolidation. For day trading, it has a little bit of an impact, but not a huge impact. I think, for me, the impact is just that if the overall market is down a little bit, it’s not a big deal. If it’s up a lot, it’s not really … I mean, really, it doesn’t matter that much, because what we do is we trade individual catalysts. The stocks that we’re trading on here, they’re bucking the trend of the overall market, pretty much on any given day. If the market’s up a little, and it’s up 300%, that’s obviously bucking the trend.

Let’s see. The gap scanner basically had nothing. Nothing on here was interesting. I started the day with the high day momo scanner. This scanner right here shows me stocks squeezing up in real time. The first one that came up on a scan was LTRX. All right, so LTRX comes up here, and I look at it, and I’m like, “Ah, I don’t know. It’s popping up here. Yesterday, it was kind of strong. I see there was a catalyst, but I’m not super confident.” I just watch it. It doesn’t really start to move that much, so I don’t take a trade on it. I leave it alone.

All right, next one is MVIS. Well, it’s a 78 million share flowed stock there, so I wasn’t too interested in that one.

All right, next one is MYND. MYND, right here, so this one starts to pop up, and initially I look at it, and I say, “Well, I don’t know. There’s no news on it. I’m not sure I’m interested.” It pops up here. It does a micro pull back with a high of 65, and it ended up squeezing up, as you can see here, to a high of $1.98. What I did on this is I actually said, “I’m going to buy a little micro pull back around 80.” Let me pull this back. Where I got in was right here. Now, you can’t really see it well on the one minute chart, but when I pull it back here, you can see it better. It starts to squeeze up. It pulls back. I’m in right there. It pops up to 98. Boom, I take my profit. It pulls back, or take some profit. It pulls back, squeezes up here to a high of 205, 210, and I sell the rest in here.

Right there, $898. Not bad! I mean, not a huge move, 85 to 205, 20 cents, but enough to give me $900 of profit.

That was my first trade. Then this started to pull back, and I said, “All right. Let’s wait for the first pull back.” It just has faded back down, so no second trades on it.

That one’s hitting the scanner, hitting the scanner, hitting the scanner. PXS hits the scanner. All right, now this is a shipping stock. I wasn’t super, super crazy about it, but I was willing to take a stab on it. It pops up to a high here of 70. It pulls back for a second. I actually ended up buying it at 79, right here, just under 80, on this little micro pull back. It pops up to a high of 90, and I sell half, and then I stop out of the rest as it comes back down. On that one, I made only a $160 bucks, a smaller win.

Then, YECO. All right, YECO squeezes up and gets halted on a circuit breaker. This one gets halted at 490, right here. It resumes, and pops up, and I jump in with … I tried to take 3,000 shares at five, but I only fill 300. I’m in 300 shares at $5, and it pops up here to 548, 550, 581. I then added on this little pull back right here, at 575. I expected it to go up to 80. It didn’t, and it dropped down, and I ended up holding in the red through here. It drops down, drops down, and then as it curls back up right here, I got back out, basically break even. I got out for a small profit.

I only made $199 on that trade, and during this dip here, I was down more than $1000 bucks, and I was like, “Well, man, I had a good entry here, but I didn’t get full size, and then I chased it on this little pull back. I thought it was going to go higher, and it ended up coming back down.” I was willing to hold through this pull back because what we typically see is the first one minute candle, to make a new high, gets bought up. This was the pull back, first one minute candle to make a new high was here, and it did get bought up. I had the right idea. I was willing to hold, but I was putting my mental stop at the low of the pull back. If it had popped up here, and then gone lower here, I would have had to get out at this point, and that would have been, obviously, disappointing, but, you know, whatever.

That was YECO, small win. PLAG hits the scanners, as well. Pops up, gets halted at $5.33. It resumes around $5.50, squeezes up. I jump in at $5.60 or $5.70 for the squeeze up to 6. I manage to get $250 bucks on it, small size, not being super aggressive, whatever. Green is good. I’m happy with that.

Just kind of a little bit of a slow day, but four stocks, four winners, I’m going to be happy with that. That’s a good way to finish up the week, and right now, it’s been a pretty strong month. I’m up around $39,000 on the month. Kind of coming up at my $40,000 per month average, with three trading days left. Next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we’ll try to finish up the month of October strong. Halloween is on Wednesday, and I would just like to finish the month in good shape, go into November, December, finish up this year strong.

All right, so that’s the game plan. Any of you guys who have questions, comments on today’s trades, leave them below, and I’ll come back through and respond to your comments later this afternoon, and over the weekend.

All right, I’ll see you guys first thing on Monday morning! Bye, everyone.

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