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11th Green Day in a Row! +$3K! | Ross’ Trade Recap

green day in a row

What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are on my 11th green day in a row. Awesome. Green all of last week, green all this week. And I had a green day on the Friday after when I was trading from the Delta Sky Lounge in Orlando.


So 11 green days, $15,000 of profit this week about 6000 last week. So $21,000 in the last 11 days. I’m starting to open up here a little bit on that equity curve. October is feeling hot, so I’m excited about it. Break it down in midday recap the two trades right off the watch list. Super straightforward. You guys are going to love it. All right, any questions, any comments? Leave them below, I’ll come back through and answer them this weekend and I’ll see you guys on Monday morning. All right, enjoy the weekend.

All right everyone. Time for a midday market recap. So this has been an incredible week. Man, feels good. Very beginning here of the month, first week of October, I’m finishing the day up. $3619.22 and that’s in about 25 minutes of trading. I closed up my last trade at 9:54. So really can’t complain about that. I’m going to write it in the calendar, make it official. Day 181. 181st day of the year.

$3619.22. So let’s see, where does that put me on the week? I made 4800 yesterday, I made 1900 on Wednesday, 5000 on Tuesday, and I made, let’s see, what was it? 800 on Monday. So it’s a $15,000 a week. Can’t complain about that. That is fantastic. So I’m really just a pedal to the metal right now. Market’s hot. $15,000 a week, if I do this next week, back to back to back, it’s a $60,000 a month.

And it’s $60,000. It will be probably my, well, let’s see, what would that? I’m just seeing on my Excel doc where that would put me on the year in terms of a ranking month. If I do 60,000 this month, it would be my third best month of the year. Good months for me have been averaging between 40 and 50,000. So that’s probably where I expect to be this month for anywhere between 40 and 55,000, that would be solid.

If things just take off and I keep hitting big days, who knows, maybe it will be 60-$70,000 month, but a 117,000 was the month of January. So I don’t know if I’m going to be able to beat that. That would be pretty, pretty impressive. We’ll see. I think probably next January will be the next best opportunity for me to have a month like that just because January is usually so hot.

But I did do really well last year in November and December, so we’ll see. Anyways, puts me at a $389,000 on the year, getting really close to 400k, which is awesome. This is going to make it my best year of all time as a day trader and I’m sitting at $725,000 in profits in the account that started with less than $600, in January 2017. So $274,000 between me and one million.

I’ve got my eyes set on that goal. That’s the finish line. Well, it’s not really finish line. It’s a finish line in this big sprint, but it’s just one leg of this, this marathon that is the life of a trader. I mean, it’s not going to stop there, it’s just going to keep going. Five years from now I’ll still be trading in the same account, but getting to one million is a huge milestone. That’s something I’m really excited about.

So, this is my 10th or 11th, maybe 12th green day in a row. The momentum is hot and as I said yesterday, it’s learning when it’s okay to be aggressive, when it is okay to buy stocks at high of day, to buy into a circuit breaker halt, to really step up with bigger share size and know that this is the market for me to do that in. A month ago, taking the trades exactly as I took them today, would not have worked as well.

And that’s the thing that’s probably the most frustrating is you can do the same exact thing and on one day in one market you’re going to kill it and make $10,000. And then on another day in a market that’s not as good and is just bad follow through, you could lose $5000 or maybe 10,000. So doing the same thing every day doesn’t work. You have to learn how to read the market and how to adapt your strategy and your level of aggressiveness to the market that’s in front of you.

Trade the market you’re in, not the market you want to be in. That’s the thing I say again and again. Reminder again guys, today, 3:00 p.m., Warrior Pro students. We’ve got FOMO Friday, our mentor session. A resident trading psychologists will be joining us. Ted, 3:00 p.m. We’ll be talking about FOMO. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you guys are getting a little bit of FOMO if you missed some of these moves. I felt a little bit of FOMO on, what was it? Wednesday when I missed? Was it Wednesday? I think it was Wednesday. Yeah, when I totally under capitalized on this amazing move on VTVT as it squeezed from … I don’t know why my charts aren’t loading, but as it squeezed from 2.50 to $6.

I’m like, “How did I make only $1900?” Like that’s ridiculous. This should have been a $10,000 winner and I was feeling a little bit FOMO. So even for me, a guy that’s up $15,000 on the week, I could say, “Well, you know, if had been a little better, maybe I’d be up 25,000, maybe I’d be up to 30,000, maybe it’d be up even more than that.” So anyone can get FOMO. It’s not just to someone who’s red on the week, it can also happen if you’re green on the week because you could always be greener. So we’ll be talking about that during the mentor session this afternoon. But looking at the trades from today. What did we do today? Well, today was the same as any other day.

It really was nothing different. Looking at the scanners, timeframe, historical date. Look at these at 9:25 a.m. this morning. All right, so on our gap scanner this morning and we’ve got GTXI and VTVT as our two leading gappers. Guess what? Those are the two that I traded right out of the gates. Made $1700 in the first five minutes. So GTXI had a pre-market high up 2.55. I got in it to anticipate the break at 2.55 by purchasing at .. Let’s see, where was it? Oh actually I’m sorry I missed that first entry at 2.55. I got in at 2.84 and 2.90 to anticipate the break of $3 because it broke 2.55 and it went without me. So I got into 2.90 and then it squeezed up to a high of 3.34. So I kind of rode that momentum right there. VTVT, on the gap and go watch list as well.

Pre-market volume 1.5 million shares, 9 million share float. 44% percent gap, that looks good. Pre-market high $4, I jump in that for the break of 4. Boom. I scalped the break from 3.99 to 4.10. 9000 shares. That’s a quick 900 bucks. Boom. I’m in and out. That’s it. Fear of missing out is FOMO, George. So, those were two trades right out of the gate. $1700. Switch gears a little bit. Took, let’s see, a trade on VXRT. VXRT was on the scans. It had been in play yesterday as we, as we remember, of course. Generally I’m a little iffy about scalping stocks that were really hot yesterday and didn’t hold up super well just because there’s an inherent level of weakness in that. But I did go ahead and take a stab on it. First entry at 5.90 anticipating the break of 6, same as my entry on VTVT really.

Jumped in there, scalping through 5.99. Got back in it at 6.40 and scalped up to 6.50. So two trades on that one. $687. And then we had ASNS hit the scanners. All right, so ASNS hits the scans. Let’s see, where was it? There it is. Hit the scans to $2, 2.18, and as soon as I see that, I’m like, “This thing is ripping, it is running without me. I got to jump in.” So I jump in as it’s squeezing up, I buy it at 2.33. Ends up getting halted at 2.37. It resumes and squeezes up to 2.75. So from there to there, that’s my profit window. I made twenty cents average profit, so I’m in at 33 and I’m out at 53. It went high, but it didn’t really hold that level and it came back down.

But $1100 there was 6000 shares. So another green trade. And that for me is, is a solid day. So I can feel really good about that. I’m hoping that we see continued momentum through the month of October. I mean, it feels like right now the wind’s at my back. I’ve got a nice big cushion on the month, $15,000 of profit. Finally, my equity curve, which was kind of flat through August, up only a little bit in September, boom. Just bumped up $15,000 in one week.

So that’s what I needed. And hopefully we see that continue for a couple more weeks. Really just kind of get out of that slump that we were in through August and September, I think that we will see more traders jump off the fence, you know, off the sidelines and start to get into the market just with the way we’re seeing this type of momentum. So I’m feeling good about that. Excuse me.

A little bit tired here at the end of the week. So looking forward to the weekend, unwinding a little bit, relaxing, and I’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning, right? So for those you guys that are watching on YouTube, watching on Facebook, this is the time to get into the market. I mean we are seeing some real strength so I want to see you guys in our workshops, in our webinar, going through the classes and learning and all of my secrets for trading because we’re coming into the hot market.

October, November, December, and January, those are the four months that I cannot miss. If I miss those four months last year, I would have lost $300,000 in profit. That’s how big those four months are. Last November I did 80,000, last December I did 85,000, last January I did $117,000. I was up about 125,000 in January and I lost money on my last day.

That’s the market we’re coming into. Last October I made 35,000 and last September a year ago I was red 4000, so went low, things pick back up, ended up surging into the end of the year, into January and that’s what I’m expecting this year as well. And that pattern was pretty much the same in 2016 as well. I had a good summer, but the fall was also really good. So anyways, that’s about it for me here today. I’m finally going to go into the weekend feeling like I’ve got a nice cushion.

My account’s going to be up over $100,000 next week, which is fantastic. So I can’t complain about that at all. And I just hope that we keep seeing the momentum. So anyways, I’ll see you guys, Warrior Pro students, 3:00 p.m. Eastern, those of you guys who are still hanging out in the chat room, do us a favor, stay logged in. We’re going to do a couple of load tests this afternoon, tweak a couple different settings, see what we can get for stability. We might do a load test, pile in about a thousand users on the load test, see how we respond to it. We’ll be working on this over the weekend hopefully to get it squared away by monday. Okay. So that’s it for me. I’ll see you all at hopefully at 3:00 p.m. All right, see you a little bit.

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