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12th Green Day! +$936!

What’s up everyone? Alright, so here we are. Got my calendar. Today is my twelfth consecutive green day, a little bit of a hot streak going here. It’s the 182nd day of the year for me and I’m up $936.51. So another really decent green day.


Today’s my first day testing out a new trading platform. Still trading with Lightspeed but using a different platform. One of the cool things with Lightspeed is that they support multiple different trading platforms so you can use their default platform, Lightspeed Desktop, there’s a web one you can use, there’s a couple of desktop ones you can use and I wanted to try using two different ones and just get more experience using different platforms. So testing out a new one this week, we’ll see how it goes. Today’s the first day. Made some money on it and it’s like your first day driving a different car or something. You’ve been driving a Honda your whole life and then you switched to driving a Lexis or a Toyota.

I think these two platforms are pretty much on par, so let’s say it’s going from driving a BMW to a Mercedes. It’s still pretty much the same. Things are a little bit different, and so the first couple of days is getting used to those subtle little changes, all those things that you were so used to being the way they were and now stuff’s just a little different. So be a fun little challenge for me but I’m just happy to have my first day be a green day. All right, so we’re going to break it all down, today’s midday market recap. Any questions, any comments? Leave them below, give me a thumbs up, I’ll come back through and answer all your questions later. All right, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

All right, everyone. So we’re going to go over the trades from this morning here, in our midday market recap. So finishing the day up $936.51 for my twelfth consecutive green day, which is awesome. Things have finally started to pick up a little bit. Had a good start to the day today, a couple of good trades right out of the gates and that really gave me my cushion. So I’ll show you those trades and I’ll go over basically how I was able to find them. Drag this up here. So let’s see. We’ll start by breaking down,, I guess the watch list of what I was looking at pre-market.

So today was one of those days where we actually didn’t have a lot that I was really, really crazy about. Which is kind of unusual. Almost every day there’s something I’m really excited about, but about 9:15 or right around there when we were doing our pre-market analysis I had, let’s see, let me reset this. 9:15. I had CLDC on watch, as a maybe. Now it was only a maybe, it’s about $2, already a million shares of volume pre-market, $18 million share float. There was news on it, but I just wasn’t sure it was going to do anything absolutely incredible. So I was just kind of iffy on. Ends up being a big mover, which I’ll show you in a second.

IGC, second one float’s a little higher, volume’s a little higher. It’s a little crowded. When you look at the daily chart, you can see that it made this big move in the last couple of weeks, but is now on the backside of that move coming back down. So it keeps popping up and selling off, not into it.

All right. Next one down, NVLN, not a lot of volume. LOMA, float’s too high. UUU, I do end up taking a trade on this one, or I did. The float was okay but the volume is a little low. Only about 7,500 shares. Did end up popping up, but wasn’t the easiest one to trade. I actually lost a little bit on it.

All right, so based on the pre-market watch list, there really wasn’t a lot that I was super, super crazy about, but CLDC, just before the bell, actually started to pop up a little bit more. All right, so just before the bell rang, it broke over to and squeezed up to a high of 2.20. So now I’m watching it out of the gates for a break over 2.20.

You’re going to notice something a little bit different today. Today for the first time in, I don’t know, like a year plus. I’m not trading on the Lightspeed platform. I’m still using my Lightspeed trading account, but I’m trading on Sterling. So I wanted to check out this new system, or this new platform. I’ve still got my my IRA in Lightspeed right here. ZVZZT is a test symbol, so you can type this in at Lightspeed and test out your hotkeys, which is what I’ve been doing on both platforms.

So there’s kind of two things here. Number one, I haven’t traded in my IRA account in three months, and I think part of it is because it’s out of sight, out of mind. The way I have it set up here, if I press the tab button before, I would just flip back and forth between the two accounts, but not having them side by side in the heat of the moment when I’m trading, I would just be totally focused on this and I just keep not trading in this account. And even in the last 11 days the market’s been pretty good and I just keep, again, not trading the account. So I’m like, “All right, I think I need to separate these and have these on two logins.” And so this gives me an opportunity to test out a different platform that also works with Lightspeed and Sterling also works with a number of different brokers. So I figured if I could get confident using Sterling that this might also help in the classes and everything else, for those of you that want to use this with interactive brokers or with one of the tons of other platforms that they integrate with. So, anyways, no trades here, I’ll close out this this trade. Let’s see.

All right, so that one’s closed out on my my IRA accounts. So I’ll bring that back down here. First day trading a new platform is always a little bit like a period of adjustment. So CLDC is the first one that I pulled up. Let’s see. So CLDC, I had this up here and I had my order already typed up at 2.20. All right, so the bell rings, I’m going to scroll this down here. Actually I’ll sort this the other way, I’ll sort it like this. So first trade of the day, I took a trade earlier … Not a trade, I placed an order, just a test to see if my orders were going through, and they were. So first trade, 9:30 and two seconds. Order to buy CLDC, I fill 3000 shares at 2.16.

So that’s a good order, and then I put an order here to add, let’s see, at I guess 2.10, I pressed the order twice, and that obviously did not fill. So I think what I did, I don’t know, I just, I think maybe I put the order here, maybe I double clicked to the ask or something, and it changed my order, but anyways, the order went through at 2.10, so that obviously didn’t fill. I’m not really sure what I did wrong there, but unfortunately I only had 3000 shares, which is a bummer because right out of the gates it squeezed from $2.20. Let’s see, where are we? There we go. $2.20 all the way up to $2.80. That was a big move and I’m a little bummed that I didn’t hit it quite as well as I wanted to. But whatever, that happens. It’s not a big deal really. This might have even happened in my regular account, you never know, sometimes you get partial fills and that’s what it is. So anyways, I made it 2.16. I put my order to sell half 2.36, I sell another quarter at 2.30, 2.39, 2.31. I then add back at 2.50 and 2.55. So those orders go through fine. And I’m selling at 2.58 and 2.57. All right, so I’m doing a little scalp trade there. Not sure why this is … Okay. So I’m doing a little scalp trade. Maybe I’ll bring this back down to small size.

All right, so let’s see. I sell the rest at 2.40, something like that. I then jumped back in at 2.60 and I’m selling at 2.64, 2.74 and 2.72. High of day was 2.76. So I did a pretty good job there. Next one was UUU. Those are all my trades on CLDC. So $966 profit on that one. Which is, I mean, that’s good. 24,000 shares total traded.

Next one was UUU. Now this one, it pops up to a high of right around $1.75. Let’s see, UUU. You get so used to what you’re used to. Making any change can be a little tricky. We’ve got this little high here of $1.75. So I’m like, “All right, I’m going to jump in this year for the break $1.75.” So on this one I jumped in and I got filled at $1.80, and $1.81, which is not where I wanted to get in at. So I don’t know if that was … I don’t know what that was about. If that was just, I was a little slow on pressing the buy button. Because what was happening, we had a 36,000 share seller at 75 and went 36. 32, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 18, 19, 17, 16, 15, whatever. And I punched the order thinking I’m going to get in at 75, but I got in at 80. So maybe I was just a little bit slow. And Chris, this is still, Lightspeed is still routing all my orders, so I’m still trading with Lightspeed. I’m just using Sterling Trader Pro as the platform. Whatever, bad fills on that, I sell some at 82, 83, which is where I had been planning and kind of selling, up eight cents, except for here it was up only two and three cents. And so I ended up losing $53 on it. Whatever. I guess that just happens.

So next trade was on GEVO. let’s see. Let me see if there’s a better way to see this. I just want to see the … That, I guess we know, I’m going to make that a little smaller. There we go. Okay. So I just want to see these canceled orders on GEVO. GEVO, right. So this one starts to pop up. I tried to jump in for a scalp at 4.20 and it’ll don’t get filled. 4.20 was the first five minute candle to make a new high. Right here my order was actually, well, 4.14 was the first candle to make a new high. I jumped in and tried to get in at 4.19 and 4.20. I didn’t get filled. It pops up, it pulls back, it squeezes up to a high of 4.50. And I get in on this little micro pullback right here. Let’s see, I buy it at 41. I get a partial fill and I sell that at 49. It looks like that didn’t fill. Where did I get filled? Oh yeah, no, I filled 500 shares at 49, the rest I sold at 38. So I made only $23 on that trade.

So I don’t know, maybe first day trading on the new platform, a little bit of just getting used to it. That type of stuff. But we’ll see. Obviously I’ll keep trading here. My plan is to trade on this this week, make sure I feel good about it, and then if I do I’ll just stay here. If not, whatever. But so far, so good. Almost a thousand dollars of profit. So that’s a great start to the week. So I’ll type in here ZVZZT. So this is a test symbol. So this is where I can practice doing orders. Shift one. I’m in now with 12,000 shares. So let’s see. I’ve got to adjust this so I can see that full size. Oops. So why is it doing that? I’ll have to go to view, settings, let’s see take these away. Position, average price. No, I still want that one. I didn’t want last, and there was one other that came on here. Change. Take those two away. I feel like my computer’s running really slowly because I’m streaming to two chat rooms and a Facebook. 12,000 shares. Yeah. Okay.

I’m going to play around with this a little bit this afternoon. Test out the hot keys, get them in really good shape, and then I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning and hopefully we have some some good opportunities, some good stocks on the scans and we can make a little bit of money. All right, so that’s the game plan. I’ll see you guys all back here first thing tomorrow morning around nine, 9:15, for our pre-market analysis. All right, bye guys.

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