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+$16K Best Day of August Ever! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? All right, well, here we are finishing the morning up $17,000 for the second best day of 2019. Best day I’ve ever had in the month of August. Where’s my calendar? Here it is. This month has really turned around. This is a comeback story, turnaround story from down 10,000 on the month to up 30,000 on the month in the last nine days. I mean this is $40,000 of profit in nine days. Terrific. Absolutely terrific. I can’t complain one bit. As we come to the last three days here, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, last three days of August, I’m just going to be pedal to the metal.

I’m going to try to capitalize. In the last three days, I’ve made, let’s see, well 10,000 on Friday, 5,000 yesterday, 17,000 today. What can I do in the next three days? You got to tune in tomorrow morning, 9:15, for pre-market analysis. We’ll see what’s on the watch list. Use the coupon code Labor Day to save 30%. Watch over my shoulder as I’m trading for the next three days and we’ll see how we finish up this month. All right, see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, well, Midday Market Recap today. This is going to be the biggest green day that I’ve had here, certainly for the month of August. It maybe the biggest green day I’ve ever had during the month of August, which is always nice to set some records. I’m up in my retirement account, $16,131 tax free, which is great. Of course, I can’t take the money out until I’m 60 years old, but that’s okay. Putting some money away today, so this will be close to 180,000 tomorrow. In my main account, an extra $998, took my first trades in this account.

Then, I was kind of like, “All right. Let’s book $1,000 or so,” or whatever it was, about $800 of profit. Then, I just switched over to this account and figured I’d try to make some money in this account and hit this big trade on SSNT for 10,000. Actually, this one was a $15,000 winner and then I gave back 5,000 on it. After I gave back 5,000 and I was up only about 11,000 on the day, I took trades on ARCI and OSN. Got myself up to about 18,000 on the day, and then I lost 1,000 on this drop on OSN.

Now, I’m going to call it a day, up just over 17,000. I’m going to make it official, put it in the calendar, up 17,000, nice, solid green day. This is the ninth consecutive day of really hot momentum, right? Started on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th, that’s when we had DPW and PSTV. Then, last week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were great. Made 8,000 on Thursday, 10,000 on Friday. Yesterday, I was up 7,000 before giving back a little bit of profit, but then 17,000 here today.

The last nine days have completely changed the month of August for me. I went from being down about 8,000 on the month to up right around 30,000 on the month. I mean talk about a turnaround. I’m now actually in line to hit my $40,000 monthly goal, which I was not expecting for August. In fact, I set the goal at just $20,000 for August, thinking that if I made 20,000, that would just be a solid month knowing that August is typically slow.

Boy, things have really bounced back here with momentum. I think traders have been hungry for some opportunities. As soon as things started to look good, just jumped on these trades so that’s great to see. We now have just three days left for the month of August, so three days to try to finish this month really strong. I would just like to have three more green days. That would be my goal right now. In the last, let’s see, nine days, it’s been the first hour making some great money, lost a little bit of money trading in the afternoons in the last nine days. I need to pull back on doing that, but morning trading has been pretty consistent. Why don’t we break down the trades from today and kind of talk about how this all came together?

We’ll start by going over the gap scanner, do timeframe, historical date. I’ll do this at 9:25 AM so OSN, EDNT, KBSF, NETE, these were the leading gappers. You can see I traded OSN both in my main account, this was the first trade of the day, and the retirement account. In the main account, this is where I started the day, this was how we were looking at OSN pre-market. It was on the watch list. I said I was watching it for a breakout over $6 and 50 cents. This being the pre market trigger that if we could break this level, that that would look really good for a move up towards 750.

The bell rings and it kind of dips down here for a second and drops to a low of 575. It then actually drops to a low of 565 before surging back up. As it broke over six right here, I jumped in for the break of six. When I jumped in there for the break of $6, I took 9,000 shares. 9,000 shares times six is how much money I had in the trade, nine times six. We had this break right here where we squeezed up to a high of 615. All right? 615, there was the high, and I was selling at 613 and 608 and 605. I made $842 of profit on that trade, just under 10 cents per share.

Obviously that’s not a huge winner, but it’s not bad. In terms of percentages on a trade where I put out $50,000 or whatever that was, is not a big percentage return. If you are trading with an account with only $5,000 in it, you, on this type of trade, would have only made about $84. At the same time, risk versus reward, risking 40 to make 80, risking 400 to make 800, it’s all relative and that’s fine.

I then got back in OSN as it squeezed up right here into this circuit breaker halt. I got in at 595 again with 9,000 shares. It broke six, hit 612, got halted on the circuit breaker and I took profit on all but 1,000 shares, because I was concerned that it might resume a little low from the halt. I wasn’t sure it would work. It opened, it dipped down to 590. I sold the rest break even and then it ripped up to 650. I then got back in for the break of 650 right here, again with 9,000 shares, and sold as it broke up here to 671. At that point, I was up about $2,800, $2,800 in this account, plus another 800 there, so about $3,600 or so.

All right, so it’s going sideways here. It comes back up, pulls back. I’m just watching it. Right here, it’s under seven. It comes up, it taps seven, pulls back, taps, taps. I got in right here, 9,000 shares for the break of seven. Actually, I didn’t take 9,000. I think I took 6,000 on this one. I got back in here in any case for the break of seven. Then, it did this rejection here and I stopped out but lost, let’s see, about $1,500, 1,600 so a little bit of a pullback.

That was my last trade, it was a red trade. On this one, I think the problem was just that there was a big seller here at seven. There was a lot of buying that went through because a lot of traders, I think, were looking at it breaking seven and then making a move up towards 750, the pre-market highs. When that failed, a lot of people just bailed out and we got this drop.

SSNT, yeah, we’ll keep an eye on this one. This was the bigger one today, and this was really kind of an interesting one. We’ve gone over OSN, nothing crazy exciting, but not bad. Now, SSNT, not on the gap scanner. This one I found on the high day momentum scanner. This scanner right here is kind of my most valuable tool, helps me find stocks that are moving in real time.

Here, SSNT hits at five, at 428, and that was right here on this candle. It then pulls back and does a one minute pullback. Now when it hit right here at this time, this is what the chart looked like. I was like, “Wow, this thing is taking off.” This was just at 280 and it came all the way up to 429. I got to be careful because it dipped back down on this candle to 392. As it curled back up, I got in at 429 for the break over the highs.

I looked at it and thought, this looks good. I took a break of 429 and it squeezes all the way up to 568 and gets halted. I mean ridiculous. Wait, did this halt? No, sorry. It didn’t halt. It hit 568 then pulled back. It then does a one minute pullback right here. I was still holding shares from down here, like 430, 429, and then I added right here at 560 for the first candle to make a new high. Look at that. It squeezes up to 825 on the first one minute pull back.

Up here, I’m up, as of right here, $15,000 on the stock. I then added right… No, sorry, where did I add? I actually added through this area here, and I added back 8,000 shares or 7,000. I took a pretty big position through this consolidation thinking that if it broke over eight, we would have a move up to nine or 10. I ended up having an average price of about 780 or something like that.

I had added in the 750, 770 and 790, so I was in about 770. On this candle, it drops to 680 and I lost 5,000. I went from up 15,000 to up only about 10,000, which is a little disappointing to give back a third of the profit. At the same time, I felt that I could afford that risk given I was green on the name and now, at this point, had the potential to maybe see a $20,000 green day. Then, it’s pulling back as you can see, so pulling back, not looking great. I then get back in and take one more trade with $264 of profit. That was on the one minute chart right here. As it was curling back up, I thought it would break over the VWAP and I was wrong.

I would still keep this level on watch, 632, because if it breaks 632, then we’ve got potential for a move back up towards eight high a days, 825. It is worth watching. ARCI, this one, a couple of quick trades on it. Nothing crazy exciting. I mean $4,000 of profit’s not bad, but I took this trade right here on this pullback. We got that pullback there and rode that momentum up to a high of 924. I also added right here and made a little bit on this micro pullback, but it wasn’t a home run. That’s about it for me here, $17,000 green day. Not bad at all. I’m going to try to continue to ride the wave of the momentum that we’re in right now, capitalize on it as much as possible, make as much as I can in the next few days because the market is really hot.

I mean we are seeing some great action. This is actually going to be the day that I cross over $300,000 of profit this year, which is awesome. I was at 285 coming into today. Now, I’m going to be over $300,000 of profit on the year and we’ve got four months left, September, October, November, December. For me to get to my $500,000 annual goal, I’ve got to make another 200,000 divided by four, $50,000 a month, which shouldn’t be a problem considering November and December, I typically average $75,000 each month.

I’ll probably make 70, 75,000 in November and December, so that’s 150,000. If I make 25,000 in September and 25 in October, I’m fine. If I make 40, 50,000 in September and October, then I’m going to be lining myself up for 600, maybe $700,000 finish to the year, which will be awesome.

Yeah, and that’s pre-tax. Of course, my retirement account, there’s no tax on it because it’s a retirement account. I also can’t take any of the money out of it. This account is long-term. This account is the one where I can take this profit out tomorrow if I want to. I actively trade on both sides, both accounts. It’s easy in this Lightspeed to flip between those accounts. I can be actively trading on both sides. It’s what I say all the time, it’s doing yourself a favor.

If you can take a few trades a week and it’s for your retirement, for long-term stuff, just because you’ll definitely be thanking yourself down the road. That’s it for me. You guys who are going to keep trading, keep an eye on SSNT. This breaks over the VWAP, breaks 632, well, $8 would be the next spot to watch, so keep an eye on that one. All right. Enjoy the rest of the day. I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

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