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+$18K in Two Days on This Stock… | Ross’ Trade Recap

green day

What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are, finishing Friday. This is my ninth consecutive green day and I’m up over $9000 again on CTRV, so that gives me about $18,000, almost $19,000 of profit just on that one stock over the last two days. Just like that, I’m up nearly $30,000 on the month, which is awesome, 75% of my goal for the month of June in five trading days. I really can’t complain about this momentum right now. It is super hot. I am being aggressive. I’m putting the petal to the metal.

Yesterday I did trade with smaller share sizes. You might remember if you watched my recap. Today, I increased my share size a little bit. I didn’t go super, super heavy. Monday morning, as long as we keep seeing this momentum, I’m ready to go back in full size on Monday, Tuesday, and hopefully next week we see continuation of this hot streak and we keep seeing stocks on the scanner up 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 100%. CTRV today was straight off the watch list. The set up was a bounce off the lows and nailed it. Enjoy the recap today. As always, questions, comments, leave them below and I’ll see you guys first thing on Monday morning.

All right everyone, so finishing here my ninth consecutive green day, which is always nice to be on a little bit of a hot streak, particularly at this time of year. Beginning of Summer can be hit or miss, but the market is still going really strong. We are seeing some great opportunities, really every single day this week except for Wednesday. Wednesday was a little slow, but the rest of the week has been great. Started the week with $10,000, finishing the week with just under $10,000, so that’s going to put me up close to 30 grand on the week, which will be 75% of my goal for June. $40,000 is the June monthly goal and making 30 grand in the first 5 days is the cushion that I wanted. I love when we get a really strong cushion in the first few days of the new month and we definitely have gotten it here.

This week has just been a continuation of really hot momentum that we saw towards the end of last week. Last Friday, made about $17,000 trading right off the watch list. Today, CTRV was the stock I traded, again, right off the watch list. My first entry was at $7.20. I got in at $7.20 as it was hitting high of day and what I was looking and thinking might happen was a short bounce off the lows. We definitely got that. We got a bounce off the lows from $7.20 all the way up to a high of $11.00, which is really pretty incredible. I mean, that’s… You don’t see that type of breakout every single day, so you know, yesterday I made some good money trading CTRV, but in the afternoon, it ended up selling off pretty strongly.

What I thought today was that perhaps it would give us a bounce off the lows if it broke the pre-market high, which was $7.50. I got in at $7.20 anticipating the break of the pre-market high, and buying as it made new highs, which was high of day. It then squeezed up to $7.97, up to a high of $8.88. It did a pull back right here. I bought the five minute set up, sold on the squeeze up to $9.45. Resistance around the half dollar, it pulls back, and then right here, I got back in for that break over $9.45. That trade for the break of $9.50 was particularly impressive. That was right in here that we got the break. The high was $9.45 or $9.44, I guess. No, it was $9.45. On that one, let’s see. Let me find my order. I just, I was super aggressive. I jumped in, let’s see where was this? Here it is. So, I jumped in this at $9.30, $9.40, and $9.42 anticipating this break, 9000 shares, and it just immediately popped up, well pretty close to, made this quick squeeze. I tried to add. I was at max share size. I wanted to add again for the break over the half dollar. I’d already gotten myself too deep.

Now yesterday, I was willing to trade with 6000 shares. I then increased my share size for the INSY trade and then brought it back down to 6000 shares. This morning, on my first trades on TTRV, I only took 6000 shares, but once I had a good profit on the day, I was up three grand, I increased shared share size to 9000 shares. Just like yesterday, when I’m wanting to buy, I’m pressing shift one, without even thinking about. I’m just like, I’m adding. I’m being aggressive. Then the platform is holding me back to my pre-determined max share size, which is good because at the beginning of the day when I say, “Look, I’ve got to be careful. It’s the end of the week. We’ve seen some choppiness, I need to be able to taper back a little bit.”

So anyways, we got this break here and then squeeze from $9.44 right up to $10.29 and that was, for me, the big winner. On that trade, I was up about $3000 before that, and then on this break out here is where I made about six grand. Then I added in this consolidation for the break over 11. It did not work and I stopped out down here, giving back about $800 of profit. So you know, that’s the way it goes sometimes, giving back a little bit of profit, being aggressive. Like I often say, “Every day you trade, you’re either leaving money on the table, or you are giving back profits. You’re always doing one or the other.”

Today I actually am giving back, despite being up nine grand, I’m actually the one that’s going to be giving back a little bit of profits because I was up close to ten grand before stopping out on this drop. Now had this broken to the upside and squeezed up to $11.50, $12.00, well this might have been a $13, $14,000 day, but didn’t happen, dropped here, got halted going down. Currently, it is forming a five minute set up. It’s forming the five minute set up through circuit breaker halts. First five minute count will make a new high actually just happened, but I think it’s going to be a little tough to trust this one minute set up. I think it’s going to do more of A B C D pattern, more coiling, consolidation, and then maybe a move back up, but this one, a little tricky. There were a couple of bigger red candles. Flush down here, flush down here, but then it just kept recovering. So great job for those of you guys that traded it and did well on it.

RWLK was another one that I was watching, but I was so focused on CTRV I didn’t feel like I could split my focus and trade both stocks at the same time, which is sometimes the case, so I focused on the one that I was already in and that I was already making money and just left this one alone.

So yeah, that’s about it today. Kind of a short mid-day recap not as much to cover, but good opportunities on CTRV. This was right off the watch list, so really no excuse for not being able to capture a little profit during this move, I mean, because this was a pretty big move here. Yes, obviously some places like up here, up here, and up here were higher risk. These pull backs near the VWAP and the 20 moving average were lower risk on the one minute and I was trading both of them. I was buying breakouts of the highs, then buying the pull backs, scalping the high of day, buying the pull backs, scalping the high of day break, so being aggressive and trading both set ups got me to where I’m at here today, which is a really solid day.

So let’s see. So, this is the 107th trading day of the year, 107th and I’m sitting up $268,000 on the year, which gives me a daily average of about $2500, 19% higher than my daily average for 2018. Hopefully I can keep it up. Even if I go back to my 2018 average, I will still finish the year up $528,000. If I maintain this average for the rest of the year, I’ll finish up $575,000 this year. So, you know, I keep kind of an eye on that forecast. I forecast low and if I come up higher than that, I’ll be really pleased.

So yeah, we’ve got about 123 days left in the year based on my projection of personally trading 230 days, which accommodates taking some days off throughout the year. So really can’t complain here, great start to the month of June. The momentum is still hot and I’ll be back at it Monday morning. Hopefully we see this hot streak continue and we can just have a fantastic beginning to the Summer. I’m looking forward to the rest of June. Now that I’ve got a cushion, I can coast a little bit if things do slow down, and July is often a really strong month, as well. I’m going to try to do the best I can here in June and July to stack up some profits. If it does get slow in August, then I’m going to try not to sweat it too much.

August can sometimes be a little bit of a slower month, but a good time to be studying. If you can be green in August, you can probably be green every month of the year because August can be a tough month. So, good month trading the simulator for beginner traders. All right everyone, that’s it for me. I will see you all back here first thing on Monday morning. Bye, everyone.

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