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+$55K in The Last 12 Days! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up, everyone? All right. We made it. It is the end of August, the end of what is typically the slowest month of the year for day traders. Gosh, we ended up finishing in great shape. The first 10 days were tough. The last 10, 12 days have been amazing. $55,000 in the last 12 days. I went from down 10 grand on the month to up 45,000. Now, this morning when I was getting ready to come into the office, I was picking out my outfit and stuff. I had this Jerry Garcia shirt which… I don’t know. August, Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead, it’s just… I don’t know. For me, I was like, “Oh, I’m going to wear that.” I looked at it, I picked it up. I said, “What the hell is the matter with you? There is no way I’m going to wear red on the last day of August. I just can’t risk it. Not in this market.”

Put it to the side and wore this shirt instead with the sunflower. Sunshine daydream. It’s August. It’s Labor Day weekend. Let’s all get out there, enjoy it, enjoy the warm weather. Those of you guys in Florida, stay safe. We’re going to be thinking about you. Well, I’ll be back at it Tuesday morning. We’ll start a new month, new chapter. All right? Set your goals for the month of September. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s to manage your risk better, focus on bigger winners, tighter stops, whatever the case is. We’re all going to start in the exact same place in September. All right?

New month, new you. Let’s get to it. I really encourage you guys to utilize the coupon code Labor Day. You’ll save 30% store-wide Warrior Starter course. Includes chatroom and sim. Warrior Pro course includes the Starter, the chatroom, and the sim. You can get in there. You can learn my strategies. Practicing the sim in September, October, November, December. The months are typically the hottest. Hopefully you’re able to start actually putting the pedal to the metal and making some money. All right. Hope to see you guys in the chatroom, in the classes and everyone else. See you first thing Tuesday morning.

All right, everyone. We’re going to do our midday market recap here. I’m going to finish the morning up. $2,500 in my main account plus another 1,700 in my retirement account. $4,263.76 which is not bad for the last day of August. Finally here at the end of the month, this has been a crazy month because I started with basically one two three, four, five red days in a row, which was terrible. I mean, just a terrible red streak. I didn’t have a green day for almost two weeks because during that five-day red streak, I also took two days off. It was like… Let’s see. I had one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 days where I was either breakeven or red, which is I think one of the longest cold streaks I’ve had in years. That was terrible. I was down 10,000 on the month, which is also disappointing.

I mean, I came into the month of August when I was in Italy in July with Roberto. We were talking and I said, “July or August is typically a difficult month for me. What I’m going to do this year is I’m going to take money out of my account. In August, I’m not going to be able to swing for the fences with really big share size. I’m just going to be a little bit more conservative. I expect it’s going to be a difficult month. I’m going to adjust my profit target to maybe only $10,000 or maybe just $20,000 of profit.” But even with small account size, the first week, I lost… Oh, I was down like three grand. No, actually, I was down about five grand by the end of the first week.

Then coming into the second week, I felt like I needed to compensate and make up for the fact that I was red on the month. I started trading a little bit in the afternoons. Trading in the afternoons got me into some trouble. I ended up losing more. Then I was down about $9,000 on the month as of the morning of August 15th. Halfway through the month, I was down 10 grand basically. Then on the 15th, I made 2,000. The 16th, I made 4,000. That week was a turnaround. I was basically flat on the week because I’d lost money the first three days but made it back on Thursday, Friday. Then last week, I ended up having a really terrific finish with 8,000 on Thursday, 10,000 on Friday. That’s continued into a really strong week here making… No. I made a little bit less on Monday than today, but it’s been a strong week.

However, I still am going to maintain that Tuesday was definitely my high watermark with $17,000 of profit. Wednesday was four grand, five grand yesterday, and another four grand today. These last three days have been a little bit smaller. I’ve definitely noticed that we haven’t seen the same level of follow through or resolution that we were seeing earlier in the week and the last week, which is a little disappointing. MTC yesterday. Now, look at this one. Squeezes up, gets halted on a circuit breaker, and drops down, rejection. Then it rips back up. Today, OPGN squeezes up on circuit breaker, rejected, comes back down, I bought the first pullback. I bought the first pullback right here and rode that momentum back up. I also bought this pullback right here, but this ended up being a false breakout. This was the one today that gave the most profit for me. My first entry on it was as it curled up right here on the red to green move. It went from being below the open here to breaking through this level, hitting the high day momentum scanner.

Now, this stock was already on watch today because it was a reverse split. I think it was on one of the scans yesterday because it was a reverse split. Kind of was watching it but not super seriously. But I was like, “Well, it ended up rallying up a little bit yesterday on light volume. It’s worth watching. Really needs news.” But sometimes these reverse split stocks end up making some nice moves. The bell rings, it pops up. It then drops back down. I had it on a chart, but didn’t really do any thing that for me was interesting at this point. Then here, it starts to curl up. Boom, breaks through seven. Breaks through 7.20. High of day at that time was 7.25. Breaks through 7.25. Back on the high day Momo Scanner at 7.28.

I think it was on the scan this morning as well, but maybe not. Anyways. 7.28, 7.43, 7.68. Gets halted on circuit breaker. It resumes. Hits a high of 8.24. I take some profit on that trade. I make some money. But the rest of it, I stopped out coming back down so. It didn’t really hold that level. But then right here, it does this kind of A, B, C, D pattern which is where we would say it drops, comes back up, comes back down. This is the trigger point to get back in. I got back in right there over 75 which also coincided with the first five minute candle to make a new high. That was a solid trade from 75 here up to 8.50. It was 75 cent breakout right there.

Now, on this candle, it actually hit 44. We Dropped down to a low of 7.61 and then ripped back up to 8.50. As it ripped back up, I added back right up here. On that one, I actually gave back a little profit because it came back down. I thought it was going to break over 8.50 and I was wrong. Then it comes back down. It comes back down here. Sideways consolidation. At this point, we’re setting up another five minute patter. As soon as it broke this level right here, I was adding at 8.25, 8.28, 8.30, 8.34, and then I added again. Took a little higher than that. Anyways, it breaks over 8.50. It rips up to 8.68 but it doesn’t hold that level and it comes back down. That was the rejection. Kind of not the best follow through.

I mean, it’s still up. What’s it up right now? 20% on the day. But I was hoping for more. I thought this had a little more potential. BNGO, this one, very disappointing as well. It was one that I wasn’t watching very seriously. It was a gapper but on very light volume. Because it’s not in the price range where I typically do well, I sort of set low expectations for it. But out of the gates, it ripped up. I jumped in on this pullback right here. I was able to make $600 on this breakout. I then got back into it. I think it was right here I got back into it. On that trade, I ended up losing a 1,200. I went from up 600 to down 566. At that point, I was red on the day. I think this is the first day I’ve been red on the day in maybe a week or so. Maybe more than a week.

I was red on the day and I was like, “All right, you know what? You’re down $566. It’s not the end of the world. Your max loss is $2,000 red on the day. Let’s sit tight.” This trade on BNGO, was at 9.30. Then this one was at 9.39. Okay. From 9.39, I didn’t take any trades until OPGN hits the scanner right here at 10 o’clock. I sat patiently for 20 minutes. Felt like an eternity. Waiting for something to hit the scanners that looked good. OPGN ended up being the one. Yeah. I would say that this is a market where we’re seeing definitely more than base hits because we are seeing a lot of volatility. BNGO from $1.80 to almost 2.80. That’s a big move. No doubt about it. OPGN from a low of 6.50 up to 8.50. That’s a big move.

When you have stocks making big moves like that, capturing 10 cents or maybe 20 cents isn’t that difficult. If you’re trading like me with 6,000, 8,000, or 10,000 shares, those 10, 20 cent clips add up. On OPGN, I wasn’t super aggressive on share size. I only had 2,600 shares going into this halt. The volume was lighter on it. I was pressing my SHIFT+1 hot key and I only got partial fills. I mean, there’s really nothing I could do. I mean, I got partial fills. Then coming out of the halt, rather than adding like 5,000 shares and going up to 7,500 shares, I felt like, “Well, coming out of the halt, I better be a little more careful.” I only added a thousand shares at 7.81 coming out of the halt for the break over eight. But then I was able to take some profit up here in the 8.10s, 8.20s. Then the rest, I stopped out coming back down.

Even though I only had 3000 shares, this was an okay trade on the first one. It did put me back to green on the day. Then this was a better one. That was, I think, the best trade. This one, I added a little bit of profit because I did sell some up here. This was the one I took in my IRA. $1,700 on that. On this one, I took 7,500 shares. I was a little more aggressive there. But at this point, the spreads were better and the volume was a little higher. I felt more comfortable. But anyways. That’s where I’m going to finish here.

Totaling it up on the week, let’s see, 19, 23, 28. About $32,000 on the week, which is pretty awesome. As you guys know, all of yesterday’s profits, I donated to some local nonprofit organizations here in Berkshire County, Massachusetts to the Humane Society, to Berkshire-Bounty for… It’s like a food pantry and to an organization that helps local farmers get up on their feet. No farms, no food. Yeah. I was happy to do that. Thankful Thursday. I really am just so grateful that this month turned around. I wasn’t sure on the 15th, two weeks ago, but boy, the last one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 days have been phenomenal. Well, let’s see, $55,000 of profit in 12 days.

This is the thing. Being a trader, it’s all about averages. 55,000 divided by 12 is 4,500 a day. 4,500 a day is more than twice my daily average. However, in the 10 days before this hot streak started, I was well below my daily average. You’ll have periods, sometimes, of days or weeks that are below average. Then you’ll have periods that are above average. You just have to look back over the last X number of trading days and say, “Well, what’s my average been this year?” Which actually I’m not even sure what it’s been. I don’t know that Trader View shows stats for how many trading days you’ve had. I’ll just put this up here for one quick second. This was before yesterday. I didn’t include yesterday. I haven’t imported yesterday’s trades yet and today’s won’t be available till next week. Well, next day. I don’t know if you can import on the weekends, but anyways.

This will be up around 316 now. But yeah, it doesn’t say how many days that is. I was counting my days. Then I lost my calendar for a little bit. Then I stopped writing down what day of the year it was. I got to go back from June. I won’t do it now, but yeah, I’ll have to catch back up and see what my daily average is. It’s somewhere… Well, I don’t know. I can’t say now for sure what it would be. But let’s say while I was at 120, so another 40 days. Probably around one 60. Let’s just do 316 divided by one 60 is about 1,975 a day, 2,000 a day. I’m right around my daily average of 2,000. Dipped a little below it probably because of the week start of August, but hopefully, September, and then definitely October, November, December, I have high hopes that I’m able to really do quite well.

I average $70,000 in November and December. If I can hit just my average, that’s going to add another $140,000 of profit. 316 plus 140 is 450. If I can make $25,000 in September and October, I will hit my $500,000 goal. If I end up averaging 55 or 60 or even just 40 in both September and October, I will come in above goal, which would be fantastic. We will see. Anyways, that’s it for me. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Remember, the markets are closed on Monday, but that’s no reason that you guys can’t be studying. I encourage you guys to use the coupon code Labor Day. Join the Starter, join the Pro. Get into the chatroom, into the simulator. Study up because this is… We’re coming into the time of year where the markets are the hottest and there’s a lot of opportunities. Study up in September, October, November, December. Hopefully you’re able to start making some money.

All right. That’s the game plan. I will see you all first thing Tuesday morning. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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