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+$85K – 2nd Best Month of My Career! | Ross’ Trade Recap

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Hey, everyone. All right, so here we are finishing the month of May. This has been a truly incredible month. Second best month of my trading career, up $85,000. And that’s thanks to making 17,000 today, three days … Well, four days, three stocks, incredible momentum. We had SOLY, ELTK, GNCA today, big momentum opportunities, lots of fomo in the market, lots of opportunity to capitalize on volatility.

So really feeling super good about this finish to the month of May. And I want to remind you guys that this is the last day of our Memorial Day sales. So make sure you check them out, get started on your education and make this the summer that you’re able to quit your nine to five job, supplement your retirement, make a little extra money. Trading the market side by side with me and everyone else at the Warrior Trading family.

All right, I’ll see you guys first thing Monday morning. Enjoy the recap and as always, if you have questions, put them down below.

All right, everyone. So here we are, end of what has been the best week of the month. We started May with incredible momentum. The first week and a half was amazing, and now the last week has been incredible. I mean, we have seen just three huge momentum stocks this week. We had SOLY on Tuesday, ELTK on Wednesday, ELTK continued into Thursday, and today GNCA currently up 50% on 3 million shares of volume with news this morning. I’m up $17,417 and 62 cents this morning.

That’s going to make this about $85,000 of profit this month, which is a terrific month. It’s actually the second best month that I’ve ever had. My best month is $117,000, so I had a terrific month. Just a really great, great period of momentum that we’re seeing right now and I’m being aggressive. Pedal to the metal, a hundred percent. I know that these gains are going to have to tie me over during a period of time when the market is a little bit slower, where we’re not seeing big follow through, where I might be struggling to even break $1,000 of profit on the day. And on those days I’ll have to remind myself that I’m the same trader who made $17,000 on May 31st, same trader. It’s just that the market changes and you’ve got to be able to adapt to that market.

So, one of the things that we talk about a lot is the willingness to be aggressive being an important skill to develop as a trader. Because there will be times when the market is just perfect for being really aggressive, and where you can get away with chasing stocks and buying them higher. And where in fact it may even be the right strategy to do exactly that because of the high levels of emotion that we’re seeing in the market and how those are being reflected in the small cap stocks that we’re trading.

And then there’s going to be a time where everything that pops up seems to instantly drop, and we’re not seeing big follow through. And of course that’s the time to slow down, to recognize that the market is not as strong for long bias momentum traders and that this is just the place to be stepping back a little bit.

So, I had three stocks I traded today. GNCA, ELTK and [ESBA. 00:03:38] And in total on our three big momentum stocks this week I made about $10,000 on each of them. SOLY, made about $10,000 on. ELTK, made about 10 grand on. And GNCA, about 10 grand, 11,700. ESBA was a small winner today, relatively speaking, considering where everything sits this morning. So let’s break down how I was able to find GNCA, how I found ELTK and where I got in and got out of ESBA.

All right, so the account today is up more than 20%. Tomorrow, this account will be … or Monday, close to $100,000, which is pretty cool. So 20% account growth in one day, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an $8,000 account or an $80,000 account, 20% is a great day.

Okay, so gap scanners this morning. Let’s see, hang on, let me right click. We’re going to go timeframe. We’re going to historical, 9:25 AM. And again today I started in the hole by $33, I’m trading on a hotel Wifi. So $33 to use the high speed internet for 24 hours for one day. But I was able to cover that cost, which is good. At first I wasn’t sure, but then yeah, it looks like I covered it pretty well.

Okay, so ESBA, leading gap this morning. Now let’s look at ESBA first and then I’ll come back to ELTK. I don’t know why it’s so expensive. But actually, well it’s $16 per computer and I’m using two computers. But $16 still seems awfully expensive. So here’s our chart on ESBA. This stock was up 82% this morning, 5.28 million share float. And I’m just going to … Yeah, I’ll leave that there. 5.28 million share flow, 4.7 million shares of volume pre-market. I mean, this thing had almost 5 million shares of volume by the time the bell rang. It was really taking off. Now my concern with ESBA, I had a couple of concerns. I’m going to move this over here. All right, so let’s see. I’ll put this here like this. All right, so there we go. Just keep that circle.

So ESBA has an interesting history. Now when you look at just the daily chart on ESBA for the last couple of months, the last month and a half, it’s like okay, whatever. There’s nothing there. The 200 moving average is at a dollar 60, we’re clearly going to be opening above that level. We’ve got a pre-market flag right here, pre-market high of two 27. So it looks like a good setup for break at two 27. Okay, fine.

But, let’s look at the daily chart a little more closely. Let’s pull this back and when we do that, what we’re going to notice is that this stock actually has a history. A fairly sustained history of gapping up, squeezing higher and then closing lower than the open. It’s going to happen today. It happened on this day. Let’s go back, it happened on this day and it happened on this day. So when I saw that pattern that it has, I was immediately thinking that this was going to be something that would be a little hard to trust. Of course the price is okay above $2. I would say the area where I usually do the best would be between two 50 or three, probably three dollars and maybe six or seven dollars. But this is okay in terms of price.

So the only thing I thought was that it looked like it was going to be maybe a grinder. And grinding stocks often don’t respond super well to break out patterns. They pop up and fade, they pop up and fade. They don’t hold their levels very well. But in fact the bell rang and this thing popped up and it took off. My first trade on it was right here jumping in at 47 and 48, for the break over the half dollar with 9,000 shares. It broke the half dollar and hit a high of two 55 and then dipped down and I sold for $200 profit, only $200. But I was still confident.

It dips down, this is the first one minute candle to make a new high and I bought right here. I got back in at … Actually anticipated the break of two 48 and I bought 12,000 shares at two 45. it then pops up here to a high of two 60 and I was selling it two 55, two 59 and two 58. on that trade I made about $1,400 of profit, just about 11 cents per share, and that put me up $1,600 on ESBA on two trades. One scalp of the half dollar and one scalp on the first one minute candle to make a new high. These are breakout patterns.

On this candle the stock had, looks like 1.1 million shares of volume in that one minute candle. So me buying 12,000 shares was not a big deal. I was able to get in and get out with no issues. 27 million shares of volume on it today. So no issue trading big size on it, no issue with slippage, wasn’t a problem.

Now as it started to curl back up here, right in this area, I was watching it for that break over the half dollar. And I said, “You know what, I don’t think I’m going to do it because this one minute micro pullback ended up failing. And I’m afraid of it breaks here, because it just failed here, it’s going to fail again.” So I didn’t trade it. But some people certainly would have bought this break of a half dollar because it was a decent looking set up. Half dollar break, retest of two 60 then it moved up to two 65, two 70.

And so you have people that buy right here. And when it fails, what did they do? They bail out. And so what you sometimes see on false breakouts is a quick whip, a small pop, and then a big flush as all the people that bought right here, and that are maybe buying down here and holding for the move higher, suddenly bail out. And so you have that quick-in balance to the sell side. And then it goes sideways, it comes back up and it does it again. Quick-in balances, sell side, people buy and then it fakes them out. It double tops here and they get right back out and another quick sell off. And that actually was a false breakout right here, also on the five minute chart. So it was more dramatic because you also had people who trade five minute set ups get caught in it. So at this point I was done with that spot, I’d made my money on in the first five minutes and I wasn’t interested in getting back in it. I thought it would be choppy and not safe.

ELTK was actually the first stock that I traded today. It was gapping up 15% on 476,000 shares of volume. So again, a decent amount of volume pre-market, ELTK on its third day of continuation. So we have this sort of big move that happens on Wednesday. It continues on Thursday as we break and make new highs, and now here Friday we have the third day of continuation. I was ultimately looking for a break of 11 56, a break of the highs. That didn’t happen.

But what I did on this was I traded right out of the gates for a break of $10. so as you can see here pre-market, my chart’s a little messy because I’ve got these different … I’ve got the TAS Market Profile indicators on here. So they add this red line. So the bell rings and we had this high rate here of $10, and we have this kind of little hit and this little tap of 74 and then a pullback. And so the bell rings and I jumped in right at 74. It breaks 74, 75, I think I added a 80. it hits a high, I took 6,000 shares, it hits a high of 10 15 and then it drops down and I sold at $10 for $1,200 of profit. I think it was 1,200. No, sorry, it was 900, which put me up 1,200 after my first trade on ESBA.

So I made 15 cents per share on this trade right here. Not a big winner. It dips down. It rips back up. I’m not really sure I trust it, it feels just really volatile. So I’m leaving it alone. So I’m just watching it here. Wait, where was it that I got back in? Hold on. So that’s the five minute chart. Okay, so sorry.

So this is the one minute chart, where at broke. That’s where I had my trade right there and made the $900. it then drops down. By the way, GNCA I would watch if it broke over the high here of $7 and 10 cents. Because if it breaks seven 10, that to me right there, watch the break of seven 10, seven 20 on the ask. So seven 10 was the critical spot. I want to see if it holds this level of seven 20 and then we might get a move back up towards seven 43. So just keep that one on watch, see what it does here. I may continue to chop around, but it breaks back over seven 50. This has a great shot of hitting higher day. So this may actually give another opportunity. So when I say I prepare orders, I put an order at seven 50 for 2,000 shares. All I’ve got to do is press the buy button right there if I want to get in. All right, so we’ll keep an eye on that.

But going back to ELTK. Seven 25, seven 20, seven 25 … What’s going on, keep that on watch. So back to ELTK. The first trade, the first $900 was in the first one minute. It doesn’t hold that level and it sells off, it dips down. And then right here as it curls back up, I got back in it, anticipating that it would break over 10 and break the highs. I got right back in, right under here at seven 90 … Sorry, nine 90 anticipating the break of 10 and we got to squeeze from nine 90 all the way up to $11 and 12 cents. And that is where I made the bulk of my profit on this. I made over $3,000 on this trade right here. And my target was that we would break over 11 56 and continue to make new highs. That didn’t end up happening, which was disappointing.

Now GNCA, this one was a surprise. This one was not on my watch list pre-market and I don’t think … SOLY wasn’t on my watch list pre-market on the first day it made the move either, it’s not uncommon. This is a stock that all of a sudden started to take off. You can see it was lighting up the scanners here where. Where did it first hit? It first hit right here, actually at $4 and 99 cents. That’s pretty impressive. And that was right here. And I looked at it and I was like, “Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t think I like it.” It doesn’t have a lot of volume. Only about a hundred thousand shares of volume. It has news, which I saw and I liked the news. But without a lot of volume I wasn’t sure.

And another big red flag for me was that the 200 moving average was right here at five 94. so I felt like it was coming into the 200. However it has a couple important things. It has news and a recent reverse split, right there on the daily chart. So I knew it was worth watching, but I was waiting for more volume to come in, it pops up, it drops down and goes sideways here. And I wrote it off. I was like, “Eh, I don’t know, it’s not doing much.”

But because I’d put it up on my level two window, GNCA, I was watching it side by side with ELTK. And so as I looked over and saw, as I see right now that it’s lots of green and suddenly it’s starting to move up. I was like, “Whoa, okay. Well actually this may be worth watching.” And right here I jumped in at five 50 anticipating … Well, I was anticipating a circuit breaker halt, which I could see right now is at seven 79,. but at the time was it five 67 so I got in at five 50, it squeezes up, it gets halted. It’s halted for five minutes. It resumes higher at six 55, it dips down, I buy the dip, it then squeezes up to a high of six 80 and I’m selling. And then it drops down to six 23 and I bailed out at six 25. I was like, “Oh, I guess, it’s not going to go higher. This right here, this one minute candle, is a red shooting star. I better get out.”

So I sold at six 25. And I was up at this point from right in this area, I think only $2,000, it’s a small winner. I mean, it was okay but not huge. And then all of a sudden it rips back up right here. And as it ripped back up and as it broke, just as I saw it was about to break over seven 80, I jumped in with 9,000 shares. That’s where I took my biggest position. I was like, “This thing … Wow, this is …” Yeah, it’s, it’s going right back to high a day. This thing’s going to break over $7. Broke over $7 and got halted at seven oh eight. It then resumes and hits a high right here of seven 74 and then all the way up to seven 85. and that was where I made the bulk of my profit on this trade right here.

So it faked me out because it dropped down but when it ripped back up, I was totally willing to get in. And sort of similar here. If I’d gotten in here, I would’ve gotten stopped out as it dipped back down, but then totally willing to get back in if it works. And then similarly here. I actually got back in for the break right here during this one minute consolidation. I thought it was going to break over seven 60 and retest high a day right here. So I got back in. It fails, I stop out, I lose a little bit of money, it drops down and I’m like, “Well. I guess this thing is dead.” And then again, it rips back up. So I got back in at seven 60, added at seven 75, it hits a high of $8, ended up selling at seven 90 or seven … Seven 90, seven 85. It hit a, it didn’t hold that level.

And so between … This was the big trade right in here and this was a bit of a smaller trade and this was a bit of a smaller trade because it didn’t break $8. If it had broken eight, that would’ve been a much better trade. And then it ended up coming back down. So just kind of a wild stock. It ended up getting halted on a circuit breaker going back down right here. But then ended up obviously recovering and making the move right back up here. I mean, it’s right now back at six 76. It’s not holding up maybe super, super well, but at the same time it is still up 50%. It’s got news and I would say it’d be worth watching for the rest of the day to see what it does. And if it did break over seven 50, that 85 level on TAS Marker Profile indicators telling you that’s the spot to really watch for a break. This thing could go to eight and then off it goes.

So yeah, today ended up being some surprise momentum. It wasn’t straight off the watch list, it was off the high day momentum scanner. But a stock that was under the radar started to take off, was willing to jump in, stopped out, got back in, stopped out, got back in, took a couple tries. But I definitely found my way to profit. And then since I already had a cushion from ELTK and ESBA, it just made a $5,000 day much nicer. So, I’m going to finish today up $17,000 and be grateful for this being the second best month of my trading career. I think the second best month. Just around $85,000, which is fantastic.

So, and what’s interesting is this month I didn’t have the best day of my career this month. I think this is the biggest green day of the month, which is actually awesome. It means that the profits this month were from lots of really decent green days. Lots of days between 5,000 and $7,000 and a couple of bigger green days like today. But it can be done. It’s a matter of learning the strategy, survive till you thrive, and really understanding the patterns that we’re trading. And understanding the charts. I mean, it’s level two, it’s time and sales. This is the level two right here. The time in sales is the tape right here. It’s being able to read the market sentiment right in front of you, to read the charts right in front of you. It’s technical analysis. And it’s understanding how momentum works and how fomo works. And there’s a lot of fomo in the market right now because of what we had this week on SOLY and ELTK.

Now a week and a half ago I had three really slow days. I had three days where I couldn’t even break $1,000 because there wasn’t a lot of momentum in the market. There wasn’t a lot of fomo in the market. People were being more conservative, they were sitting on the sidelines. And then all those people sitting on the sidelines, they jumped right back in when we got back from the Memorial Day long weekend on Tuesday with that big move on SOLY.

So I saw a lot of you guys, we’re calling out how you did this week. I’ll scroll up here for one second. Let’s see. This was in the chat room … Where was this. And I’m really just so impressed with you guys who stepped up, put the pedal to the metal, got aggressive when it was time to be aggressive and booked some really great profits. I know why you guys are trading the simulator and that’s totally okay. There’s nothing wrong with trading on a simulator. You know what I mean, it’s absolutely what you’re supposed to be doing.

So, we’ll look at some of the profits that you guys had today. Kyle, $403 on ELTK, that’s awesome. Jose, $5,600, Anesto $30,085, $440, $720, $375. I mean, everyone has different daily goals, whether it’s a hundred a day, 500 a day, a 7,300 in the sim. The awesome thing about trading in a sim is that you’re learning on the same exact software you’ll use with real money. So you’re proving you’ve got what it takes. Green, green, green, green, green.

So just so great guys. Awesome way to finish a great month. And of course we’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning, 9:15 pre-market analysis. And those of you guys again who have been sitting on the sidelines, you’re not in the classes yet. Today’s the last day to use the Memorial Day special coupon code. So I really encourage you guys to focus on your education. Let education be the tool that allows you to really take your trading to the next level and take your life to the next level by extension.

So this is an exciting summer, just getting started here. In June, July, August, it should be fun. I’m going to be really looking forward to some good trading and the fact that I’ve been able to trade on my traveling train station, on my laptop in a hotel room. I can do this from anywhere in the world. I’m 5,000 miles or so from the New York Stock Exchange right now. It doesn’t matter. Trades are fast, internet is fast, the profits are there.

So anyways, enjoy the weekend everyone and I’ll see you all first thing on Monday morning. All right, bye. See you guys on Monday.

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