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+$8,650 in September | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? All right, so, September is in the books. We’re at the end of the month, last day of the month and guess what, today I made $2,700, which means it’s the biggest green day of the month.


So, I only had actually two red days this month, which is really nice, really good consistency. But the fact that the biggest green day was only $2,700 by itself is no doubt an indicator of the type of market we’re in. In a strong market, I’m having at least a couple of $10,000 days each month.

So, I’m still grinding. I’m keeping my head above water. I’m up about $8000 this month and it’s kind of that survive to thrive mentality. Not that $8000 isn’t for a lot of people thriving. But for me it’s my second worst, or my third worst month of the year. It’s not the best month for me, for where I’m at, but that’s okay. Green is good and I’ll be jumping back in, next week October, and I’m hoping the market is strong.

Today we saw some incredible momentum and I’m fighting not to look at a couple of these stocks that are still running here as we get closer to the lunch hour. But, I’m just following my rules, locking it up, closing up shop and back at it first thing Monday morning.

So any questions, any comment, leave them below. I’ll come back through and answer them this weekend and I’ll see you guys on Monday.

We’re going to do our midday market recap here. Go over the trades from this morning, finishing the day up $2728.60, which is a pretty nice green day. Actually, it’s my biggest green day of the month which is nice, I’m happy with that. So, I’m going to make it official, write in the calendar. So once I do this, I cannot take another trade on the day because then, God forbid, I lose money, I’m going to have to cross out this nice big green day and change it. So, biggest green day of the month, 2,700 bucks. Biggest green day of August was, let’s see, I got a $4,000 day in there. Definitely a $3,000 day. Biggest green month. Biggest green day in July was $10,000. Biggest green day in June, about 7,000, nope, 10,000, another $10,000 day.

So, no doubt the fact that my biggest green day is only $2,700 is an indicator of the market that we’re in. I’ll take it though, I’m happy with that. This month has been about consistency, it’s been about just trying to grind on good green days. I only have two red days for the entire month. That’s awesome. I had a $1,200 red day and a $300 red day. So, you know, big deal. Not going to stress about that. I’ll be finishing the month up around $8,000 thanks to certainly some good trading this week. 600 on Monday, 600 on Tuesday, 500 on Wednesday or 400 on Wednesday, 1500 yesterday and 2,700 bucks today.

So this has been a good $5,000 week plus or minus. I definitely needed that for where I was sitting here in the month coming into this last week. Like I said, started the month with around, I don’t know, somewhere around $78,000 in this account. So the account grew by about 10 percent. Will be up around 86,000, 87,000 going into October. Certainly had a goal of being on target with $40,000 a month. That’s kind of been where I’ve been averaging this year. But, some weeks are better than others, some months are better than others.

Sitting here in the green, Gavin, who’s sitting next to me, he’s in the green also. He did a good job. He traded Tesla, IGC, SYN and AYTU. So he traded two stocks I didn’t trade. But he trades with smaller size. So he’s trading with anywhere from 25 shares for a stock like Tesla to 200 shares, maybe 300 for a stock like AYT or SYN. He’s trading with real money but he’s keeping the share size small. And that works better for him than trading in the [inaudible 00:04:31] If he wants to go down to trading with just 100 shares, he can trade with 100 shares and he’s not going to have to worry about losing a lot of money while he’s learning. There’s commissions and things like that but he’s able to be in the market every single day trading side by side with me, learning. That’s what it’s all about, keep your head above water, survive till you thrive. That’s kind of the name of the game.

So, we’ll go over the two trades that I took. Tesla, this one’s obviously one I wouldn’t have traded because it’s outside of my price range. It’s one that Mike certainly we’ll look at. But for me, it’s just not something that I would go for. So, kind of a whatever, nothing there for me.

IGC, this was our leading gapper this morning. So, I remember for those of you guys who attended our workshop yesterday which was awesome, it was a lot of fun, we had a great turnout, IGC, everyday starts the same way. It starts by looking at our gap scanners. So these scanners are showing us the stocks in the market that are going to open higher than they closed yesterday. IGC was leading the scan up 25 percent. However, the float is 27 million shares, which while it is below my $50 million share cutoff, it’s on the higher side of what I look for. And the volume was already 4.4 or 4.1 million shares before the belt. So it’s very crowded.

On this one, I didn’t feel comfortable taking a trade on it, although you’ll see if I pull this back here, the best setup and the one that Gavin traded, the one that John L10 traded was, let’s see where it was at, there were a couple of different setups. But the cleanest one, oh, this is a 10 second chart. So the cleanest one was right here. This was a one minute micro. It was a, sorry, a red to green move right here on this one. So we’ll go to a one minute chart, It’s a red to green move. It goes red for a second and then surges back up and breaks through that green high of day.

So that was a nice setup. I hesitated on it, didn’t take the trade, you know, that’s the way it goes sometimes. So no trades on that one for me. I’m not sure if John kept trading it. Some of you guys might have, but that one was a no trades for me. So nothing there. This one’s too cheap.

PRSS was kind of funny right out of the gate. It ends up surging up but I guess entering into a material definitive agreement. It wasn’t really in place. So that was out of play. This was too expensive. This is too expensive. ACST was one that I was watching but I didn’t expect to see a nice follow through on it, really, it’s a little on the cheap side, didn’t end up working out. So nothing on that one.

And BEV, nothing on that one, it’s a little too crowded. It’s kind of, for me, trading that one is trading the backside of the move. The front side of the move was last week. So nothing on that one. And thank you, Trudy, yeah, $8,000 is an awesome month. It’s true. Keeping it in perspective, it is a great month.

So, basically my watch list was, I don’t really have anything I like that much. That was pretty much it. IGC was like, ah, I don’t know, not interested. So, on days like that, we didn’t talk about this in the workshop, but on days like that where the watch list doesn’t give me a lot, I refer to this scanner right here. This is my high a day momentum scanner. It shows me stock squeezing up right now. So, as it’s squeezing up, squeezing up, squeezing up, all of a sudden, boom, you see this stock SYN hit the scanner 2.66. Hits the scanner, I look at it. It pauses for a moment and then surges up and I jumped in it at 2.80, let’s see, let me go back here, I get in at 2.80, 2.80 and 2.99. So I’ve got 9,000 shares average of 285. Pops up to 3.03 so I’m up and then it drops down here to 2.70. And so, as it drops down to 2.70, I’m like, well, now I’m down to 1100 bucks or whatever it is, 1200 bucks on this. If it comes back up, I’ll get out break even.

It comes back up, I basically unwind the position break even through this consolidation. This is a risk management technique. Trades that I get into, I’m expecting immediate breakout. So if I get it and it doesn’t work immediately, that by itself is an indicator to walk away. Surely in hindsight, it would’ve been nice to still be holding this 9,000 shares from 2.80, 3.80, 4.80, 5.80. That’d be a really nice winner but that’s not, that’s not the way it works. You trade based on the information you have at the moment. You can’t assume that stocks are going to do this because for every one that does this, you’re going to have 20 others that come right back down.

Anyways, it ends up breaking out, squeezing up and getting halted, which I wasn’t expecting. It squeezes up a full dollar, that would have been $9,000 right there if I’d held the whole thing. I likely wouldn’t have, I would’ve sold half, but it could have been a nice winner. So I missed that opportunity. It gets halted, it resumes, squeezes up and I scalp right in here for a break over $4. It then has this period of consolidation right here and I get back in for a scalp right there from four up to 4.35. So, you know, a couple of small scalp trades on it. Trying to unwind the position was not easy. I hit the bid at 82 to reduce my risk selling for like $150 loss. Sold the rest as it came back up, got back in. Ended up adding for the break over four. It goes to 4.09. Get back in here right around, where was it, I’m trying to look for that trade where it popped up to 4.30. That one might’ve been, there it is. So jumped in here at four, it pops up to 4.11, 4.21, 4.33.

So, made $889 on that stock. Green is good. Hindsight’s always 20/20. I remember we’ve got our FOMO Friday’s at 3:00 PM today so we can talk about this trade, but yeah, what can you do? You just got to follow the rules and sometimes it’s going to give you a big winner and other times you’re going to end up feeling like you followed the rules and you missed an opportunity.

So AYTU, one of the next ones to hit the scanner. Let’s see. Right here. All right, so hits the scanner. I see it surging up and I buy it at $3 and then I add at 3.30 going into the halt. So I actually add at 3.05 and add at 3.32 and 3.32 going into the halt. It resumes higher as they usually do from halts. Taps 3.78 and I’m selling at 3.59, 3.62, 3.72 and 3.45. So on that trade, I made 1800 bucks from an average of 3.15 up through this area here. It’s still holding up relatively well. It’s still above my entry points. I don’t know if it’s really gonna take off. At this point, we’re past 10:30, we’re at the end of the first hour. So, it’s a good time just to call it a day and for me to be happy with my profits.

That’s about it for me. Again, not the most exciting month that we’ve ever had but green is good, I’m happy with that and live to trade another day. So hopefully the month of October is a little bit stronger, can make a little bit more money. $8,000, it’s good, it’s progress. On my equity curve, let’s see, where am I? Right around $709,000 since I started with 583. This last month has been kind of just sort of flat basically right up at the highs. I want to open up again for another big push. Million dollars is still the goal but it’s just going to, got to get through these choppy markets first. Sitting at $374,000 on the year as of today. So, I’ll upload all my broker statements, my September statements to the website early next week once I have them all and you guys will be able to see where everything finished. Sorry, I’m about to sneeze.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and we’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning. Warrior Pro students, I’ll see you at 3:00 PM for our FOMO Friday mentor session. All right, I’ll see you guys there.

So yeah, hot keys. Let’s see. Custom orders. So my by orders, I’ve got a couple of different orders set up here. Let’s see. Buy 3000 shares, that’s this order right here to buy through the ask. Five cents above the ask. So Nasdaq, buy, ask price plus five cents. My sell orders, I’ve got sell orders to sell, like let’s see, this one right here, sell full ask minus one cent. This one I’ll use to sell one cent below the ask. Then I have the other one which is just on the ask 00. So sell limit Nasdaq. You can either put it at the ask, below the ask or above the ask.

SYN, I’m trying not to get FOMO on it. It’s nice to see that volatility. Could I be scalping it up here? Could I be adding a little bit of profit? Yeah. I could. But, you got to know when to walk away. What if I take a trade up here and I lose 300 bucks or 400 bucks. Then I’m going to feel like, oh man, I should’ve just taken the money when they had it. And then I’m going to start to feel like, well, let me try to get back to where I was. Let me try to get back to up 2,700 bucks. Take another trade, I lose another 400, now I’m up only 1800. I’ve given back $900 of profit. Man, that’s when you start to get frustrated and those are the days where you’re like, you know what, I should’ve just followed my rules and walked away.

So, of course, when you follow your rules and walk away, you’ll see stocks like this go to 30 bucks and that’s the market tempting you to get back in. But remember, at the end of the day, you’ve got to live with your P&L. So, if you can close the day green, like I say, you’re doing something nine out of 10 traders haven’t figured out how to do consistently. So, you’re doing good work. Try not to get that FOMO.

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