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+$8K Green Day! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? So here we are another big green day, up over $8,000 dollars. I had 14 grand or 15 grand on what was it, it was almost 16 grand on Monday, $3500 yesterday so that put me up almost $20,000 on the week. And now another $8,000 today so that’s like almost a $30,000 week. We still have Thursday and Friday so maybe we make it official, make it a $30,000 week.I’m off to a really good start here in May.

I mean this is fantastic, up almost 50 grand on the month. Almost $50,000 since my last red day, the momentum is high and what I said today was, the first stock that hit the scanner that had a little float, a decent daily chart and was moving fast, I was going to jump into it. That’s exactly what I did. ATIS, it hit the scanner, jumped in, squeezed up, ended up hitting a high of 331 up at its highest, I think around 50% or maybe 60 70%. Right now its still up 38% on the day so seeing some really solid momentum there, and I just want to try to put the pedal to the medal.

Be aggressive while the market’s hot, capitalize on this opportunity, make as much as I can knowing that you know slower markets will be around the corner at some point and we have these windows of opportunity. We’ve got to be really really aggressive because the reality is, I remember in 2016, in three days I made $100,000 dollars. And that was three days spread across the whole year. No that was 2017 and I finished 2017 with $335,000 dollars of profit. Which meant three days accounted for nearly 33% of my profits. That tells you who important it is to show up everyday if you can and how important it is to really capitalize when the momentum is high. Be aggressive. I did it today, feeling good about that.

Today could have been an even better day. ATIS had room on the daily chart above the 200 moving average up to 393 and from there up to I think it was 550 so it could have been better and if it had some breaking news that probably would have done the trick, it was just a technical breakout. Tomorrow, same as today, I’m going to be watching that scanner, first stock to hit, especially if it has breaking news, going to be aggressive. All right that’s the game plan I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15 for pre-market analysis.

Alright everyone so we’re going to do our midday market recap here. I’m going to finish up the morning in really great shape. Another super solid day up $8,149.91 so the momentum continues. Today it was a little unexpected, I wasn’t sure which stock would be a strong one but another really big trade. That’s going to put me here up just about 47 grand on the month of May and we are now only one week into the month. Now halfway to a possible 100K goal. I’m not going to try to get bent out of shape about crossing 100K, it will either happen or it won’t but having some really strong momentum is no doubt an awesome way to start the month. I mean it just, its really terrific. It also just kind of helps shake off some of the choppiness that we had in March. Things got better in April but just to put a little bit more space between me and some of those red days from the early spring. And also to put a bigger cushion between me and the one million dollar mark.

I’m now over a million dollars by about 35 grand so as I said, one of my goals was that I would take this 583 dollar account, cross one million dollars and not look back. You never know when you’re going to have a little period of pullback before a move up and I didn’t want that to be right at the million dollar mark here where I’ve crossed below it, come back above, back below, back above, etc. So now since I’ve crossed it and I’m up $35,000, if I do have a red day it definitely shouldn’t put me back below the million mark. If it did it would be my worst red day in the history of trading, my trading. I’m feeling like I’m getting that cushion which is great and its going to put me in really good shape by the end of this month just to feel like you know cross that level and didn’t look back.

Anyways, at this point here what I’m kind of noticing is this feeding frenzy where we’ve been seeing some really hot momentum, oops, on certain types of stocks. And so, I’m going to move this over just so its a little bit easier to see there, I’ll put it right there. Let’s see I’ll push that live. So in the last couple weeks we saw obviously a huge move on first ABIO. So ABIO was the first one that really took off. The float on this was 150,000 shares and it gave us a surprise move, it squeezed from six dollars all the way up to a high of $12.88 in one day. Next day, gapped up, hit a high of $20.45. Second day it rolled over. Now BLIN very similar. Hit the scanner on what was it, Monday, took off, went from four dollars all the way up to eight dollars. One hundred percent move. Second day it gaps up a little bit and then rolls over. So second day doesn’t give us good continuation. But we had a nice move off that first break out.

Now today ATIS. The float listed in trade ideas, let’s see, is 56,000 shares. Now I guarantee you that’s not true. Its not actually a 56,000 share float and so the question [JNUS 00:06:30] halted? No it doesn’t look like its halted. So the question is what is the float actually? And you know I’m not totally sure what it is, we’d have to dig in but my approach was, okay here it is hitting the scans, $2.33, its up 33% on the day and you know what? We were already watching it before it even hit the scanner. So our job is to find that needle in the haystack. There are 10,000 plus stocks in the market to chose from, how do you find the one that’s going to make a big move today?

And so its using this scanner right here. This is our gap scanner. This is telling us the stocks that are going to open higher then they closed yesterday. And right here, we scroll down, we were looking at BURG which you can see I made $136 on, small profit on that one. This one, CTRL, not enough volume, not enough volume. And in any case this one had a float that was too high. Price is too high, price is too cheap. I really don’t like to trade under two dollars. Price is too cheap. Price is too high, its above ten. Float is too high, its above, well its a thirty million share float. This one the float’s too high. This one the price and float are both too high. This one’s too cheap. Now again, one of my goals for the month of May was to avoid trading stocks under two dollars as much as possible because I had found some of those low priced stocks were giving me some unnecessary losses.

So going down the scans etc. etc. and here we had BLIN. This one we were watching this morning. And I went further down the scan just looking and I saw CHFS, so we took a peek at that one. We took a peek at JMU because they both have very low floats. Now not a lot volume, not a lot of volume but it was worth taking a look at. And there we had ATIS, another one. And so we had glanced over it pre-market and I said, “Well you know you can see a little bit of volume, somewhat recent reverse split from back here in April,” or when was this, in March, “You know you never know, its got the 200 moving average here if it breaks that level though its got resistance at 393 and that gives you room all the way up to 552.” So that’s a nice window right there. And realistically its got room up to 200 moving average anyways. And so I was kind of just you know like alright, we’ll see, I don’t know. I’m not really sure if its going to do anything.

But I put it up on my level two window and figured I’d keep an eye on it. So the bell rings, and BURG is the first one that I was trading. It was up 75% pre-market which is pretty impressive but unfortunately its retraced a good portion of the move. Its just been selling off. I jumped into out of the gates right here for the break over the pre-market highs, target was three dollars. Break or pre-market high was 287, I jumped in, it squeezes up to a high of 295, it doesn’t break three, it starts to turn around, I get out of it basically breakeven. I took 12,000 shares, only made $136. That’s only a penny per share. So that was not a big winner. It was worth a stab but it just didn’t work.

And then I’m sitting patiently waiting and waiting and watching. A couple of you guys in the room said, “Hey take a look at ATIS, it just popped up here.” So I took a look at it right here. And it had indeed popped up to $2.20 right here. So it has squeezed up. And I was like, “Okay, I’ll watch it, I’ll watch it.” And right here it breaks and goes from 220 all the way up to 290 and is halted for five minutes on a circuit breaker. I got in at 225 adding at 230, tried to add at 240 and 250 I was not getting full orders filled. It squeezes up to a high of 288 and its halted. Now this is very similar to BLIN, very similar to ABIO. All of a sudden taking off. And I do think its still worth keeping an eye on although it was having some issues up here around 225 which is where the 200 moving average is on my e-signal charts.

200 moving averages can be sometimes be a little difficult to read when you have stocks with reverse splits. Different charting platforms will put the indicator in different places. Depending on your, if you do an auto right here, and auto chart, its going to put the 200 at 261. So you know its kind of of a little bit of an issue there but then see you open it up like this and now the moving average changes to 304. So you’re like, “Wait a second what is going on here, why is it changing?” Well when you’re scrolling out the chart its pulling out more data so its adjusting it. And so I use this time template of 200 [ema 00:11:40] correction so it automatically loads to 200 candles so we’re getting the actual 200 ema.

Anyways. So on this one, so it pops up here and gets halted. I was expecting that it would be a ten minute long halt, I thought it would probably be a ten minute long halt. And I expected it would resume higher. Yesterday on BLIN, I’ll pull this one up here, just another chart, so BLIN yesterday, or sorry on Monday, its squeezed up to a high of 634 and it resumes ten minutes later at 680. So it resumes almost 10% higher. And then it squeezes into a second halt. And that’s kind of what I was thinking might happen on ATIS. I was thinking it might squeeze into a second halt given the fact that its such a low float, given the fact that its hitting the high day momentum scanner, and of course, its similar to BLIN and ABIO.

Unfortunately it resumes at 295. Now I actually added 4,000 shares at 295 and then it drops to 255. And so I was like, “Well that’s not good. Now I just lost forty cents on 4,000 shares.” It pops back up and I stop out of those shares at like 260 and then as it kind of held right here, I changed my mind and I was like, “You know what? I’m going to add back.” And I added 9,000 shares right here at 275 or right around there for the first one minute candle to make a new high and it pops up to 317. And so I ended up kind of panicking out and adding here and then selling down here and then adding back right here and selling up here. So you know I lost here and then made it back here which I don’t usually like doing but it is what it is.

So anyways. That trade was kind of botched from partial entries here, adding here, stopping out here, adding back here, selling here. Made money on it but wasn’t as clean as I hoped it would be. Did a false break out and now its starting to sell off. Now it comes up right here, right here and this right here is where I added 12,000 shares. So now I was stepping up to the plate with a bigger position because I was seeing the first five minute candle to make a new high and more importantly, breaking back over the VWAP. We break over the VWAP and there we squeeze up to a high of 325 but then it drops back down to 293, pops back up to 320, drops back down, pops up to 329 and now its struggling at that 200 moving average.

So this put me up $8,000 on the day but you know it really, despite being up even right now 50% this was not the easiest one in the world. It had a false breakout, well first of all, this came very quickly so it would’ve been easy to miss. First one minute candle was a false breakout. It didn’t open a lot higher and continue, it kind of opened flat and sold off. Broke below the VWAP then comes back above the VWAP for what I thought would be a nice move up towards 350 maybe 393 daily resistance but its struggling at the moving average. Of course not having a fresh catalyst posted today is probably a factor although that hasn’t been a huge issue with other stocks that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen stocks just take off on what we would all technical break outs. So the chart technically has been selling off for a long time and you start to kind of get these daily reversals where it just sort of all of sudden takes off and traders are like, “Yeah actually this is a low risk setup because the stock has been almost at all time lows,” so you get that technical bounce off the lows and that’s sort of the set up there. But I don’t know. I was just a little disappointed that it didn’t give us that move up to 350 and 393. And now tomorrow is this going to come out with news overnight and then tomorrow its going to be gapping up to 350 and then we’re like looking at it tomorrow morning but unfortunately if we are, we’ll be also remembering that a couple of these other stocks, ABIO and BLIN on second day continuation ending up failing.

So anyways, I’m looking at the clock, its 11 a.m., I’ve got an one on one session with an air circle student so I’m going to switch gears, jump into that and I will see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning 9:15. I’m up just under $50,000 on the month so this is so far a great start to the month of May and I think that the momentum is hot, its time to put the pedal to the medal, be aggressive and see if we can make this the best month of the year. Alright everyone so that’s the game plan, I’ll see you al first thing tomorrow morning.

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