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8th Green Day in a Row! +$1,600! | Ross’ Trade Recap

green day

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, another green day. Eighth green day in a row, and I’m up about $17,000 in the last eight days. Today, I made another 1,600 bucks, so green is good.


These aren’t huge, huge days, but they add up, and that’s how you create your weekly goals, your monthly goals, and then eventually your annual goal. We’ll break it down in today’s Mid-Day Market Recap. Any questions, any comments, leave them below, and I’ll come back through and answer them this afternoon. All right, I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, everyone. We’re going to do our Mid-Day Market Recap, go over the trades from this morning. Today is my 193rd trading day of the year, and I’m up $1,618.86, which is good. This is my eighth consecutive green day, and I’ve made about $17,000 in the last eight days, so it’s been a nice run. It puts me up around 32,000 or so on the month. I’ve only had two red days so far this month, so October has been pretty good. I was hoping for a no-red October like I had last year, no red days, but two small red days is not the end of the world.

Green is good. Another solid day. But when I put up my P&L here, you’ll see that the bulk of today’s profits came from one stock. It was PLAG, which surprised me. I didn’t think this one was going to be one that I would trade today. I really didn’t just because yesterday … Well, for those that aren’t familiar, PLAG made a huge move on Friday. Made a move from like $3 up to 11.50, and then it was halted on a circuit breaker for the rest of the day, and then yesterday at 10:25, it resumed at $3.80. It resumed down 66%.

Initially, I was like, okay, I want to jump in this for a scalp and a bounce to the upside, but it immediately opened at 3.46 and squeezed up to 3.80 and was halted on a circuit breaker going up. It resumes at a high of, or it resumes at $5, drops to 4.63, and is halted going down. It then resumes again, squeezes up to 5.46 and is halted going up. Through this, it was just up and down and up and down, and I was like, “I don’t know.” Then halts going down again, halts going up again, and then finally, here, at about like 11:20, 11:30, it starts up open up from 6 to 7 to 7 to 8, and then all the way up to $9.50.

However, it ended up retracing the entire move and closing basically at the low of day. It just kept coming down. This morning when I saw it was gapping up slightly, I was like, “Eh, it’s probably just a little bounce of the low. I don’t think it’s going to do much. I’ll keep it on watch, but I don’t know,” but right out of the gates, boom, it squeezes up on this little red-to-green move from 5 all the way up to $6. Pulls back for a second. Goes up to 6.25. Pulls back. Goes up to 6.60, 6.80. Pulls back. Squeezes all the way up to a high of just under 8 bucks. Now it’s pulling back again. Through that move, I was able to scalp and make a little bit of money, which was good.
First trade of the day was actually on RGLS. This was on the gap scanner this morning, a second-leading gapper. I took a scalp on it. First trade was right out of the gates for a break over the half dollar. It popped up to a high of .57. Didn’t hold that level. Dropped back down. I then got back in it as it squeezed up. I think I lost $30 on the first trade and made 180 on the second, which gave me a net of $152, so that’s good.

Now, when you look at the total quantity here, that share’s bought and sold, so if I trade with 6,000 shares, I buy 6,000 and I sell 6,000, I’ve traded 12,000 shares. I trade this with 6,000 shares twice, which is 24,000 shares total trade. PLAG, traded a total of, whatever, 16,000 shares or something like that, buying, selling, buying, selling. CCCL was 6,000 shares as well.

Back to PLAG. My first trade, I got in at 602. I got a partial fill on it. Scalped it for a move up to 6.15, just kind of scaling out, selling half, selling a quarter, selling a quarter. I then got back in at 6.57, which was right here at 36. A little scalp here, a little one-minute micro pullback. It pops up to .80. I’m selling at .74, and the rest is .69, .73, .77, .78, whatever.

I then got back in RGLS for a quick scalp. Made some money on that. Got back in PLAG at .80 as it pops up here, and it squeezes up through 7, but I sold it pretty quickly at, some at 7.71 for a small loss and some … I don’t know where I was. Let’s see. Yeah, I guess I sold there, and then I got back in at 7.50, sold at 7.57, bought at 7.60, sold at 7.70. Just scalping basically to move higher. That was pretty much it.
CCCL, that one pops up, gets halted on a circuit breaker, squeezes up to a high of 2.90. I bought it out of the halt and was make 30 bucks on it. Whatever. It was a small win.

Overall, today, another green day, which I’m happy about, but not a lot moving other than PLAG. That was the one that gave me my daily goal. Well, my daily goal’s 2,000, so close to the daily goal. I’ll be happy with that profit and live to trade another day. That’s kind of the name of the game.
As we look at the overall market, the last, it’s kind of interesting because last week, this is my third $1,600 in the last eight days. I had a day where I made $1,614, $1,631, $1,618. This is kind of my new average, $1,600 a day, and then I had one day where I made 8,200, another day where I made three grand, which those are great days, but 1,600 seems to kind of be my average, which is sort of an interesting spot, but green is good. I’m happy with that, and I want to finish up October in good shape right now. We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six days left, so six times 2,000 a day, that’s $12,000. That would put me up about 45,000 on the month. 45, 50,000 is certainly where I’d like to be.

I think it can be done. I will just need to keep having good trading, but solid back-to-back days like this are good, and then when I have a day where the market really opens up and we see a big move, that’s the day where I’ll get a 4, 5, $6,000 winner, and then that puts me up over the goal.
Someone asked today about my progress on $583 challenge, and I’m sitting, not including today’s trades, let’s see, at $738,000 of profit. $260,000 between me and the goal. Train going by. The Berkshire Hills [inaudible 00:08:14]. But yeah, so $260,000 between me and that big line in the sand, $1 million. I’m excited. I wanted to get there by the end of this year, but I don’t think I’m going to make $260,000 in the next two months basically. That would be a pretty … I mean, I’d have to have two great months. I’d have to have basically two of the best months I’ve ever had, which is not impossible. Last November and December, I did have two of the best months I’ve ever had. I had 80,000 in November and 80,000 in December.

Gavin is on vacation for the month. He wanted to take a road trip, so he’s on a road trip with girlfriend, and they’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and then he’ll be back at it next trading.

But anyways, that’s it for me. Another green day. Back at it first thing tomorrow morning, and hopefully we’ll see some good gappers on the scans. I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning around 9:00, 9:15 for our Pre-Market Analysis.

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