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AutoShares Review 2019

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If you’re wanting to get into investing but don’t have the time to research your investments, then someone like AutoShares is a great resource to have. They will automatically invest for you based on the instructions you provide them. They are definitely worth checking out for the busy investor!


AutoShares is a full service firm that offers auto investing and trading brokerage services. Not only does the company provide access to markets, trade execution and trading technology but it also leverages the exceptional capabilities of Apex Clearing.

This helps with the clearance of transactions and the protection of client’s funds and securities. What you ought to know is that AutoShares chose this mode of operation in order to mitigate risks as well as meet all clients’ needs – from traditional investing services to large institutional traders.

As a division of ViewTrade Securities Inc, AutoShares has extended its services –trade execution – globally. We all know that managing your investment and retirement accounts means investing a lot in terms of effort and time so having a company that will do it automatically for you based on your investing instructions.

Account Registration

To get started with AutoShares, you need to register for an account. Registration takes 10 minutes if you have the following items close at hand:

Social security number or tax identification number
Drivers license, government issued ID or passport
Bank account information
Employer’s address and phone number
Financial information such as liquid, net worth and annual income

For non US customers, they are required to provide their passport details, proof of address and any additional information as requested by AutoShares.

To continue with registration, add your name, email address, daytime phone number, driver’s license, issue date and expiry date. Confirm if you are a US citizen or not before selecting the type of account you would like to operate.

Account type options available to you include: cash account and margin account.

You will be required to select one or more services for your AutoShares brokerage account application. Available options include:

Newsletter autotrade services
CoolTrade Robotic trading platform (a license is required)
Automatic investing (for scheduled investments)
Trade leader services
Online trading account (no Autotrade service)

Once you have selected your preferred service, fill in the details of the person or source that referred you to AutoShares, click continue and complete your registration.

Not ready to risk your funds? AutoShares offers a free demo account where you can try out the web trader’s features and different trading strategies using virtual money.

Stock and Options Trading

With your new AutoShares account, you can now get started with the web trader. Simply enable Autotrader services and start receiving notifications while on the move. You can also track your account activity via your smart device. The web trader comes with useful tools and other features such as:

Unlimited trading dashboards with several tabs and customizable layouts. You also have the option of touch optimized screens
Ability to monitor your orders, positions, account balances, profit and loss all in real time
Ability to select available orders such as market, limit, stop, trailing stop, one triggers another and one cancels another. Other orders available on the web trader include conditional orders, stop-limit and complex options such as debit and credit spreads.

Trading with AutoShares web trader is now easier. The web trader is optimized for mobile and tablets alike. It works on iOS, Apple Watch and Android devices. To trade, simply touch a chart or price and enter different orders for options or stocks. What you ought to know is that you can also enter option spread orders up to 4 legs.

Schedule Investments

This amazing feature allows you to free your time to accomplish other tasks. Basically, it helps to record your investment transactions according to instructions provided by you. For this feature to work, all you need to do is add your pre-determined plan. From then onwards, the feature will continue to process your orders in accordance with your instructions.

Here are the options you can schedule:

Your automatic investment transactions for a period of 18 months
Funding and automatic investments into your IRA accounts (Traditional, Roth and Education)
Auto investing in Leaps, Stocks, Mutual funds and ETFS
Auto funding and withdrawals
Sale and purchase of securities

You can also cancel any time since transactions are reserved in time slots. During this period, you have the option of changing, updating or cancelling your orders. Another option available to you is the ability of attaching special instructions and notes.

Auto Stock Trading

With CoolTrader’s raw computing power, you can experience the best of automatic stock trading. The CoolTrader system is a full robotic algorithmic trader that does not require any human intervention. Since it’s a bot, it will never be emotional, fatigued or confused.

Once enabled, it will easily filter through NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE stocks to find securities that match your criteria.

It comes with a powerful stock search designed to help you create your own trading conditions. Thanks to the built-in smart strategy builder, you can make stock trading decisions confidently without the need of learning the complex technical and trading language.

You also have the option of using the simulated trading environment where you can test your strategies during market hours.

Other benefits you will enjoy when using CoolTrader include:

Filter stock symbols using hundreds of indicators
View your strategy working in real time
Monitor the market in stealth mode
Access strategy sharing for improved performance

Autotrade Newsletter Alerts

With this feature, you have the option of executing options, stock and ETF trades automatically. This will be based on the investment newsletter publishers you subscribe to. AutoShares does accept trading instructions from the specified investment newsletter(s), directly. All instructions are entered for trade execution according to your pre-determined plan.

To ensure that you know what you are getting into, AutoShares has provided the following link to an SEC release that explains the risks of auto trading.

Benefits of auto trading with AutoShares include:

A copy of your newsletter trade alerts is sent to your AutoShares account
You have the option of selecting the maximum amount per trade. This is based on number of contracts, % of account value and dollar amounts.
You have the right to retain control over your account
No additional fees are charged by AutoShares but your Newsletter provider may charge a subscription fee.
You can start and stop the service at anytime


As said earlier, individual investors and traders have the option of trading with AutoShares web trader. To be incompliance with the regulating authority, AutoShares charges the following commissions for stocks and ETFs.

$6.95 per trade for each trade plan
$1 per 100 shares (CoolTrade only)
$4.95 per trade +.75 per contract
Mutual funds – $49.95 per trade
Bonds – $35 per quoted bond
ACH funding – free
Phone assisted trades – $39.95 per trade

For option trading, AutoShares charges the following commission – $4.95 per trade. This is subject to monthly volume.

Other fees charged by AutoShares include:

Software – $39.95 per month for CoolTrade non professional users
Margin trading – this gives you the extra buying power allowing you to attain the trading position you need. For margin trading fees, contact AutoShares sales representatives.

Final Thoughts

If you are a strategic planner, investor or trader, you will surely find AutoShares to be very useful. The company has a portfolio of services designed for all – traders and investors alike. With AutoShares online brokerage service, you can automate your investing which frees up your time to tackle other tasks.

All this is possible thanks to the arsenal of stock trading tools available with AutoShares robotic trading system. You can also leverage the power of AutoShares API by launching products and services for the financial market at a fraction of the cost. In addition, developers can integrate digital trading service together with your current products and services.

All in all, AutoShares is a great online brokerage firm that will help to automate your investing.


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