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Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones Betting Big on Bitcoin

  Paul Tudor Jones is known in the mainstream investing world for his cowboy-style futures trading and for correctly calling the Black Monday market crash in the 1980s. As a result of successfully managing his fund over the last few decades, Jones has a net worth of roughly $5 billion. Now he’s making a big […]

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Bitcoin post-COVID: Pros, Cons, and What People Are Saying

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, and the cryptocurrency world is not immune to this kind of change. Let’s look at how Bitcoin is perceived in the wake of this terrible health emergency.   When it comes to post-COVID Bitcoin value, the elephant in the room is the Federal Reserve’s response to the economic […]

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Exmo Exchange Review 2019

Exmo Finance LLP is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 and currently headquartered in England specifically 49 Station Road, Polegate. As a small cryptocurrency exchange, it has brought together developers and successful financial advisors from Great Britain, Russia, Spain, India, Thailand, USA and Singapore. Thanks to their collective experience, they have created an intuitive platform […]

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ShapeShift Review Photo

ShapeShift Digital Currency Exchange Review 2019

Founded in 2014 by Erik Tristan Voorhess (the current CEO), ShapeShift is an instant digital asset exchange that allows crypto users to convert different cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Dash among others. Currently, the company is headquartered in Switzerland. As a leading instant digital asset exchange, the service is most suited for […]

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CoinMarketGame Review 2019

CoinMarketGame is a cryptocurrency trading simulator that enables crypto traders to practice and learn the trading of altcoins. It was developed to follow the real oscillations of the cryptocurrency markets. As part of Coinimpress, a crypto media group, CoinMarketGame is a free platform that is easy to use. Since its launch, CoinMarketGame sole mission has […]

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facebook to ban all cryptocurrency

Facebook To Ban Ads for Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin

Facebook To Ban Ads for Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin In a move that seeks to enhance Facebook’s policy against deceptive marketers, the company has announced that it is going to ban all ads promoting cryptocurrencies, including initial coin offerings and bitcoin. Advertisers, including those operating legitimate businesses, will not be able to post ads about bitcoin […]

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