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Best Day of 2019! +$21K | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? All right, so I better change this. I set this as red yesterday, red day. Well, back in the green: up 21000 dollars. Best day of 2019. Unexpected in a way although in some ways predictable. Often times if I have a big red day the next day I come back swinging, I come back aggressive. You’ve got to be really careful about not being a revenge trader, being overly aggressive on the wrong set ups.

Yesterday I was too conservative early in the day. The stock takes off 50%, runs pretty much without me, I then overcompensate by taking way too much size near the top and then I give back all my profit that I’ve made. Today I was aggressive from the start. I started off with 6000 shares of Jagex gap and go set up, made seven thousand dollars like that, and that put me in the driver’s seat. And then as it continued higher I reduced my share size to 1500 shares, so I kept taking scalp trades as it moved higher and I was adding icing to the cake, adding a little bit of profit, and then when I did have a loss, which is inevitable, it didn’t give back all my profits. I ended up trading four stocks, green on all four names. So really solid day and it just goes to show momentum is still in the market. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and be aggressive.

So we will do the mid day recap. As always, questions, comments, leave them below and I will see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right everyone. So, I’m going to finish up here. Today is the 109th day of the year and this is going to be a nice bounce off of yesterday’s red day. I was down 10000 yesterday, up 21000 here today. So, net, it puts me up 10 grand on the week. Despite this being the single best day of 2019, last week I made $30000, and it wasn’t on big days like this. It was on five slow and steady days. And, the thing that’s disappointing this week is that I started with a big red day. And so now, even though I’ve got this really nice big green day, well, half of it has to get me out of the hole. And the rest is profit. So, it puts me up net about well, $11000 on the week, which is a good week. My weekly goal is 10000, so I’m above my weekly goal, because I made 30000 last week, I’m now at 40000 on the month which is my monthly goal.

So, this point, we’ve got two, four, six, eight, ten, 12, 13 days left in the month, and those days can all add icing to the cake. I don’t have to be super aggressive. If I do see something that looks great, I have a cushion to take a little risk, and hopefully I can avoid doing what I did yesterday, which is have a really solid green day and then give back that profit by being too aggressive in the wrong spot.

Today I was aggressive. Jagex was our leading gapper on the gap and go scanner. It was gapping up 64% pre-market, which is pretty impressive. Actually it might have been a little bit more. It was gapped up 70%.

Let’s look at the scanners here. The watch list at 9:15. So, my watch list this morning was Jagex and NBY. These are the two that I was really watching. Now, this is another one of those days where we’ve had a lot of gappers on the scan. It’s been a little bit difficult to narrow down which ones are the best, which ones are really worth looking at. When you have the overall market gapping up as we did this morning, that can create a bit of confusion with the rising tide that lifts all ships. You have a lot of stocks gapping higher, but they’re not all necessarily worth trading.

So, this morning on Jagex, I was super interested in it, because yesterday, I traded it and made $700. It had a reverse split yesterday. Today, they have news, and we see this type of thing all the time. Reverse split. News headline. The stock moves up. Sometimes it goes parabolic. It’s usually followed at some point with a secondary offering. Maybe they won’t do a secondary offering, but the one that we traded yesterday … why am I blanking on this symbol. PRVB, this one, I made $8000 on it and then lost 18 grand on this drop right here, putting me down 10000 on the day, which was embarrassing and completely avoidable. I was way too aggressive at the wrong time. And then after hours they put out an S1 form, proposed 5.5 million share secondary offering.

Very typical. We see this all the time with small cap companies. They’re small companies. They need to raise money and this is the way they do it. So, Jagex this morning, by the time the bell was ringing it was already getting a little bit extended. I was a little worried about it. The market, it opens at 12:50, and basically as soon as the bell rang, this thing took off, and I jumped right in. I jumped in for the break of 12, and then I was looking for the break of 14 … no, sorry. I got in for the break of 13 and then for the break of 14, we hit a high of 14.44, we got a pull back, I added again up here. We got a squeeze all the way up to a high of 15.50 on a gap and go trade. $2.50 per share.

And so, right in there, I made about $7500, which was good on 6000 shares. I wasn’t crazy, crazy aggressive on my share size. It drops down and as it rips back up, I got in for the high a day break. Now that was a risky set up, but high a day break is about set up. It’s a little bit of a double top formation here. We tapped 15.43. We then pulled back and I added for a break of 15.50, and we got this squeeze up to a high of day of $17.

So, again, from 15.50 to 17 is a 1.15 per share, and that put me up over $10000 on the stock, which was really solid. I took a couple more trades on it in this area, but I ended up not making money. I kept getting stopped out, which was disappointing. So, I actually gave back a little bit of profit on this one.

Look at this volatility. These are extreme whips. This thing is moving really, really fast. So, on this one, there was money to be made, both up here and down here … what? Oh, you need my keys. Here you go.

So, yeah, there was a lot of opportunity on this one and I think overall I did pretty well on it. Probably could’ve done a little bit better, but it is what it is. So, this was Jagex CTRV, the second leading gapper up 5000, or second leading winner for me up $5200. This one I actually didn’t notice this morning. I think it was a gapper. I’ll go back here. Maybe it just wasn’t gapping up a lot.

So, this had news this morning, which was posted right here in E signal. It’s a recent reverse split. We can see this move here a few days ago where it popped up to a high of 15.75, gapping up, squeezing and then selling off. First daily account to make a new high, good job for the people that had this on their watch list as a daily set up for the break of eight dollars. Because this thing broke eight, and squeezed up to a high of $14.65, which again is ridiculous.

Now, in this one, I was not able to get in before the first halt. The first halt was right here at 10.17. I was watching it. Actually I wasn’t watching it. Someone called out the stock. I pulled it up quickly and I was like, “Oh, it’s about to get halted, I’m not going to get filled, it’s not going to happen.”

So, I waited for resumption, and let’s see. We resumed and then that’s where I added on this right here at 11 for the break over the whole dollar. We squeezed up immediately to 11.50. We pulled back for a second moment of truth. Broke 11.50, squeezed to 12.45, and all the way up to 12.84, which was really solid. So, nice trades here. One minute micro pull back worked and there we got the move up to the high here of 13.55. It was halted. It then resumed from the halt and dropped down and I was still holding about, I think it was 300 shares in the halt going back down. I bailed out of that position and then I got back in right here as we squeezed up. I was hoping we would break the highs, but we didn’t. And then it halted going down and halted a second time going down.

So, this is one that was like Jagex, pretty volatile. The two candles at high a day were both red with little topping tails here. So, we didn’t quite have enough follow through on this one, but enough to make $5200. I was up closer to 6000 and then gave back some of those profits. So, another day where you’re either giving back profit or missing opportunities. Leaving money on the table or giving back your money. And today actually, despite being in really good shape today, I gave back a little bit of profit on Jagex and I gave back a little on CTRV, but, unlike yesterday, I only gave back a little. Now, yesterday on whatever it was, PRVB, I was up 8000. Could I have given back 1000 or 2000? Sure. And still finished green? Sure. Absolutely, that would’ve been great. Instead, right up here I took yesterday, my biggest share size, 9000 shares, and instant $1 drop, I was down 10 grand. Gave back my whole morning.

It rips back up, I got back in with 9000 shares or whatever it was, drops down a second time and now I’m down 11 grand on the stock. So, today, I was aggressive at the beginning of the moves, and then a size down up in these areas, so I was able to add some profit, and in the places where it didn’t work, give back only small amounts instead of taking really huge losses.

So, that was CTRV. XYN was a stock off the high a day MOMO scanner and this was another one that was volatile yesterday. So it hit the scanner down … where was it? It hit the scanner down here 3.84. I saw 300000 share flow up 26% on the day. Relative volume is ten and I knew that this one had made a big move yesterday. I’d seen it on the scanner yesterday. Had squeezed up from 3.50 all the way to six. And I remember yesterday, we were seeing some crazy volatility. NBY was going just parabolic. This halted almost 20 times going up and down. Just totally crazy.

So, we were seeing a lot of really strong momentum and that often carries over to other stocks. And XYN is one of the ones that it carried over to yesterday. NBY, I was watching for a gap and go trade. It needed to break over 4.50, and that never happened. So it never triggered an entry, and ended up just selling off today. So, disappointing. It was on the watch list but didn’t trigger an entry.

XYN, it hits the scanner. I jumped in for the break of $4. It squeezes and gets halted at 4.14. It resumes and actually added up here for the break of 4.50. It hit a high of 4.50. Could not break that level. There was a seller right there at 4.50, and then I hit the bid. I bailed out, but was still holding 400 shares. It was then halted going down. I hold through the halt going down. It pops up here. Actually held through that pop back up, because I thought, maybe, first five minute can be able to make a new high would give us a move back up to 4.10, 4.15, 4.20. At that point, my cost basis was 4.12.

Given the volatility we saw in Jagex and CTRV out of the gate. So I was like, “It’s possible.” So I gave it a chance, that didn’t happen and I stopped out of the rest of it at 3.64, as you can see right here. That was my last exit.

ANY, this was another one to hit the scanners earlier this morning. Popped up here pretty quickly from a $1.60, up to 2.20. I jumped in at $1.90 for the break over two. Then squeezed up to two, hit 2.20. I took my profit on that. I didn’t get back in for this five minute set up. I see that it ended up failing. H-O-T-H, Hoth, this is one that I saw earlier. Unfortunately, not a lot of volume on it, and at the time that I first looked at it, I just felt like there was only 10000 shares of volume. I figured I saw it in this area. So, no trades on that one.

So, that’s about it for today. Traded four stocks. I took a total of 104 tickets today. 104 executions. So 104 times I pressed either the buy button or the sell button. So, that means my commissions today are going to be well over $200 with the $2 per ticket plus ECN fees. So, that’s part of the deal. Commissions on days like today when you’re really aggressive are going to add up, but at the end of the day as long as you’re profitable, it’s just the cost of doing business.

So, I’m disappointed still about yesterday. Would I have been as aggressive today if I hadn’t lost money yesterday? I don’t know. Possibly not. I was pretty aggressive today, but I didn’t take huge share size on anything, I just was a little more active today. I wasn’t as gun-shy as I was yesterday. Because yesterday I missed some really great opportunities early on, and then I was frustrated. I missed them, and then I FOMO’d at the high of the day trying to compensate, and then gave back profit. Whereas today, I was aggressive with 6000 shares right from the start from Jagex, and made $1 per share. Was up six grand, seven grand, and then from that point, I was in the driver’s seat right away. So, I think it just for whatever reason yesterday, I was a little conservative at the wrong times, and then aggressive at the wrong times. And today I reversed that, and this is the result.

Yesterday could have been a 10, 15000 dollar day. If I had traded the way I traded today yesterday, I probably would have made at least 20 grand. And instead for whatever reason yesterday, I just wasn’t in the zone and that little shift between not being aggressive in the right spot and then over compensating. That could be the difference between being up 20, 30 grand or being down 20, 30 grand. So, today, everything came together. Really nice to have that redemption off of yesterdays red day, and great to be up 40 grand on the month. We can look at my daily averages here. So, today is the 109th day of the year, averaging, I’ve got total profit of just under $280000, which gives me a daily average of $2561 right now.

So, that’s 21% increase year over year. And it has me tracking for $535000 on the year if I average last years average for the rest of the year. If I continue to average 2500 a day, I’m going to be at just under $600000 of total profit on the year.

So, we’ll see what happens. Pedal to the metal. I’m going to continue to be aggressive. Last month, May was the best month of 2019 with $86000, and I’m up 40 grand here with 13 days to go. So, I’ll see maybe if I can top last months highs and I think it’s possible if we keep seeing momentum like CTRV, Jagex, GNCA, NBY. It’s definitely possible that we’ll have another really, really strong month here, which is pretty cool.

So, anyways that’s it for me. Good job for those of you guys that capitalized those. You guys that got on the wrong side, the way I did yesterday, go back, study your trades, ask yourself, “What were the correct entry points? Where did I go wrong? And what am I going to do tomorrow to help start to turn things around?”

All right, so that’s the game plan. I’ll be here first thing tomorrow morning and hopefully we’ll have another solid green day.

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