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Closing August in the GREEN, Here Are My Stats! | Roberto’s Weekly Trade Recap


What’s up guys? Roberto here, and we are here for one more weekly recap. This week, I took an overall total of four trades and I had three winners and one loser. Unfortunately, I did close the week with a loss. It’s never a good feeling when that happens closing up on a Friday, especially on a long weekend because, remember, next Monday, markets will be closed and I actually will be off for the next full week. That’s never a good feeling, but it is what it is. In the end, we are never in control of the outcome. What we can control is our plan, our risk management. It’s all about what the market is willing to give you. Enough talking, let’s jump over my shoulder and review those trades together.

All right guys, so let’s talk about this weekly recap. As I said, I ended up taking four trades. Now, we are also coming to the end of the month. The end of the month is always a good time to kind of watch back and look for your stats. If you don’t do it on a regular basis, I will suggest you to do, you’re going to learn so much from yourself. Excuse me. As I always say, you are going to become your own teacher in the long run. Definitely, definitely there is no other trader you will be able to learn from than yourself. Once you get strong foundation from a serious program, such as the Warrior Pro, which is really one I would definitely recommend, not because I’m here guys, but because I truly believe it can make the difference into speeding up the process of becoming consistently profitable.

After that, of course, you are going to go and learn from your own way of trading. You are going to end up refining your own approach in a way that you can learn from your trades. The only way to me to be doing it in a real, real detailed way is by processing and reviewing your trades, so you learn from your mistakes. You learn where you could have done better, no matter if the trade ended up green or red. There is always a lesson to learn. Here’s my month of August, can’t really complain about the overall numbers. One of the best month for me this year and [inaudible 00:03:19] is right above 65%, so it’s above my 60% benchmark. Profit [inaudible 00:03:27] ended up being above 4.521, which is truly, truly remarkable.

With that being said, let’s analyze the trades in a way that you can definitely learn more insights from my standpoint. The first trade I took was on [ROCO 00:03:53]. Actually I ended up taking the first rate on Tuesday, I didn’t take any trade on Monday. There was simply nothing I really liked, in the terms of the setup that I wanted to trade, and so ended up skipping that day. On Tuesday, I took two trades, one ROCO, the other one [SGAM 00:04:20] so let’s analyze those.

First one on ROCO, so why did I have ROCO on watch? I did have that on watch because, as you can see here, it’s usually, here on the left, I have the three minutes chart. On the right, on the top part, I have the 10 minutes chart. Here, on the bottom right part, I have the daily chart. Now, if you guys are interested, I am going to drop down below in the description a link for you to eventually subscribe to the service I use, which is TradingView. After that, you can definitely, definitely drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share with you guys my own layout. It includes all my custom made indicators that I use for my trading.

One of those custom indicators is extended session high, low and it’s one of my favorite one, for sure. You can see here, it’s going to indicate me where the pre-market high and low [inaudible 00:05:36] is at. In this case, for ROCO, there was a catalyst, some good comments made by a firm. I couldn’t really remember what was happening that day. The story was that we had pre-market volume. We had 200,000 shares traded already pre-market. We had this relatively small gap to be honest with you. That’s the fact, and that’s what I didn’t really love. You can’t really see what they were talking about here in the daily chart. That’s typically not a great sign to be honest with you.

What I liked was the fact that we were gapping higher close and a little bit above previous day high. Whenever that’s the case… And the previous day, actually we had a huge run up. This thing really, really looked quite strong. I did include it in my watch list even though it was just on the back burner, because what I just said. The gap wasn’t really huge as well as the catalyst was not the strongest. What I was interested here was to see, of course, as usual, a potential breakout and hold above pre-market highs to take either a three minutes opening range breakout, which I ended up not taking even though the setup was quite there and it would have actually worked quite nicely all the way from 14620s all the way into the 14750s.

I skipped on the three minutes opening range breakout just because, as I said, I wasn’t really sure about this thing because of the smaller gap and the weaker catalyst. Instead, what I did, I waited for the next setup and it happened right here. As you can see, we had the three minutes consolidation right above the view [inaudible 00:07:51] here this orange line is the [inaudible 00:07:55] this blue line is VWAP. I ended up taking here position long. This candle you can see, now it’s in the form of a shooting star of course. What I ended up doing, I ended up taking a position here at the break when the price broke, that previous candle high at 14690. Then, I applied my stop, my mental stop, right here at the low of this candle into the 14630.

Now, as you can see, my post-processing, what I actually ended up writing is that I entered the trade after the three minutes consolidation. Stop area was 60 cents below my entry. I put out the order for the first target out at 14775, so I entered at 14690. I would have gotten my first target, so one third of my position, the position out at 14775. The funny thing was the stock gets there, gets exactly 14775, so I got the top ticket but it doesn’t fill any shares of my order. It gets rejected.

Then, the move gets rejected and I get out, practically break even. I actually got out like four cents above my entry on that big rejection that happened afterwards. As you can see here, the high of this very candle is 14775. Here on the top left corner, I have the high of each candle. I add the order out, 14775, and I get no fills. This thing pushes and for a second.


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