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Colmex PRO Review

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Colmex PRO Review

Colmex Pro is a regulated investment firm that offers services to a diverse group of clients. It provides a wide range of investment tools which help clients and investors to capitalize their time trading on the stock market. It has six trading platforms available to all clients and other options including web trader, mobile and tablet programs. With these at hand, you can track your account activities from anywhere in the world.

The investment firm places its client at the forefront so they are ready to exclusively assist new and current customers in all trading needs from the very beginning. The company was founded in 2010 and since its inception; it has been delivering superior service by helping investors and other clients to make informed and educated financial decisions.


As said earlier, the company provides its clients access to education and resources which helps one reach their trading goals with confidence. The company is located in Cyprus, Europe. It works with a group of partners located worldwide to provide first class services to its clients. Here are the services offered by Colmex Pro.

a. Opening a trading account
In order to enjoy trading via the platform, the company provides an easy way to open a trading account. Registration is quite easy. All you need to do is add your email address and then click “Start Now.” An email will be sent to your account providing you with further instructions. Follow the instructions carefully in order to complete the process.

b. Deposit management
Colmex Pro has built its reputation upon the mission of providing investors and clients with transparent services. Okay it’s quite difficult to trust a company with your funds but with Colmex Pro, you are assured of security. Once you have registered and selected your trading platform, you are required to make a deposit. Since the company provides services globally, it allows deposits with US dollars and Euros. A minimum deposit of $500 is required. You need to know that ECN and SEC fees apply plus an overnight daily margin interest of 0.026%. The platform accepts deposits from online payment systems like Skrill and banks like Citibank. Checkout their website for more information.

c. Access to trading platforms
The investment company offers you access to live trading platforms. As a client, you have the opportunity of trading with equities or CFD on equities. CFD stands for contracts for difference which allows investors to trade different products or commodities without having to own or purchase them. The company offers a healthy leverage of up to 1:20. Furthermore, you can diversify your portfolio. In order to trade with your CFD account, you need to deposit a minimum of $500 while Equities needs a minimum deposit of $3,000. Other trading platforms on offer include:

1. Colmex Pro MT4
2. Colmex MT4 mobile
3. Colmex Pro Trader
4. Coolmex Pro Trader CFD
5. Live Forex

With the above accounts, you can trade with stocks, forex and CFD.

d. 24 hour support
As a beginner in trading, it can be quite difficult to know how to use a new platform. You probably have hundreds of questions you need answers to. Furthermore, you don’t want to lose your money at the first attempt of trading. Colmex Pro offers 24 hour support which includes trading tutorials, email, call and live chat support.

e. Demo accounts
Apart from the 24 hour support offered by Colmex Pro, clients have access to demo accounts. They help to simulate a real trading platform allowing beginners to learn the ropes about trading. According to Colmex Pro review, the company offers both CFD and Forex demo accounts finally improving your knowledge and trading skills.

Pricing options

As a highly regulated investment firm, Colmex Pro offers the following pricing options. For CFD trading, clients are required to make a minimum deposit of $500 and for Equities a minimum deposit of $3,000. Other requirements include ECN ad SEC fees, overnight daily margin interest of 0.026% and overnight daily penalty f 0.5% for unauthorized balances over 1:2 on client’s opened trade.
You can check Colmex Pro pricing page for more information.

Final Thoughts

Colmex Pro is headquartered in Cyprus where it is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 123/10. Since trading in financial markets carries lots of risks, Colmex Pro has met the strict standards of financial stability and correct behavior funds. It offers clients access to 6 trading platforms and two demo accounts (CFD and equities) which allows clients to hone their trading skills. They have an affordable pricing model which is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. If you are interested in trading via Colmex Pro, visit their website and contact support for further help.


  • Johnbosco Odek

    March 20, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Great Review Ross. Thanks. Your stamp of approval for Colmex gives me more confidence in them. I’ve been with them for about a year now. Much appreciated.

  • Anthony

    April 5, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Thanks for the review Ross. I’m not sure how they compare fee wise? CFDs offered by Colmex seem to be a great way to trade shares as orders are filled instantly.

  • Luis

    October 16, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Awful broker. To call a broker even is a generous act as scammer or burglar would be more appropriate. Have been trading with them for several months. As soon as I made some interesting profits, Colmex makes up an investigation process, comes up with the absurd conclusion that my account had some kind of money manager (it hadn’t, I was trading it with an EA, something that they can verify in their end), terminates the account and seizes the complete amount of profits. In the process they dont substantiate anything, they dont communicate. They just make a debit in your MT4 account and steal your money. During the whole process, I was naive enough and I complied with all they asked me, but even so since more than one month now Colmex has not answered a single email, namely to clarify where are the funds they stole away from me.

    You trade, you make gains, they loose due to their rigged business model, they close your account, they steal your money, they don’t communicate and leave no other option than to hit social media.

    This broker is great for traders who loose money. If your plan is to be profitable, stay away as you will get into real problems getting your money back.

    Disclaimer: this post is one of the several ways I have at my disposal to pressure Colmex to come clean and return the funds which belong to me. I aim not only to warn other possible traders and customers, but also and above all, to recover my funds back from Colmex, I wish to make this clear.

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