Ross’ custom layout for Lightspeed (LS Trader): Download

Mike’s custom layout for Lightspeed (LS Trader): Download

(To load the custom Lightspeed layout, go to your Lightspeed platform and navigate to the “Layout” menu option. Then, click “Load Saved Layout” and locate the .zip file, right click on it, go to Open, and then select to load the .lsc file to open the custom layout.)

Warrior Trading Members will enjoy $2.50 per trade commissions

We are excited to announce that Lightspeed will be offering a group rate to all Warrior Trading members. Lightspeed accepts US Residents and Most International Traders, but unfortunately no Canadian Residents.

As a trading platform, Lightspeed offers everything Day Traders require, including multiple order routing choices, smart routing, customization hot keys, and a very stable platform.  Commissions have always been an important point of consideration for a trader, and Lightspeed has gone above and beyond to accommodate Warrior Trading students.

All members of Warrior Trading will be priced at their lowest tier.  Our students will enjoy the rate of $2.50 per trade, plus routing fees, on accounts funded with a min of $25k.  Routing fees are as low as $0.0015 for LSPT Routing (Smart Routing), or up to $0.003 for ARCA,EDGX, or BATS.  These Routing fees are standard among brokers that offer variable routing, but remember you can earn rebates whenever you add liquidity.

Clients with an account of at least $25k are eligible for Lightspeed Trader. Accounts below $25k, ($10k min) are only eligible for Lightspeed’s web/mobile platform and are bound by the PDT rule.

Warrior Trading options traders $.45/contract

Lightspeed is a great fit for Warrior Trading members and students who trade options. Unlike many of the brokers out there, Lightspeed has a straight per contract pricing with no ticket charge. Lightspeed is offering Warrior Pro students $.45 per contact and waives the $1.00 minimum.  For clients that can’t meet the $25k account minimum for Lightspeed Trader, they are offering a $.45/contract with a $3.00 minimum.

How to Get Started with Lightspeed?

Since the Group Rate is for Warrior Trading Members only, as a requirement, you must send Proof of Membership (copy of your receipt)** to our Warrior Trading representative and VP of Business Development, Rob Livson [email protected] Use Promo Code: WARRIOR2021

Start your Application, and then when asked if a Sales Person helped you, choose Rob Livson. Once you have funded your account with the $25k min, the $2.50 per trade rate will be applied to your account.  From there, you just need to follow the rules of your strategy and have fun!

Warrior Pro Students will enjoy $2.00 per trade commissions

As part of our Broker Rebate program, Lightspeed is subsidizing your education through discounted commissions.  Enjoyed discounted commissions until you’ve saved an amount equal to the price of your education!

Students in the Warrior Pro trading course will be priced at $2.00 per trade plus routing fees until they have recouped the ENTIRE cost of their education.  Just like getting started for a regular Warrior Trading Member, you can open the application on the Lightspeed website.

How to Become a Warrior Trading Student

Becoming a student is easy! All you have to do is decide which course best fits your needs and then follow the steps below to get your savings with Lightspeed. Don’t forget to join our webinars where we give away huge discounts on courses and other trading products! How to get Warrior Trading receipts.


Lightspeed Desktop Trading Platform

As long as you generate more than $130 in commissions per month, the desktop trading platform is free, excluding any add on data subscriptions.  Do you like my layout?  Feel free to download it via the link at the top of this page.

Lightspeed Financial

* Lightspeed Accepts US Residents and Most International Traders are Eligible (Canadian & Australian Residents not eligible)

* Referral program not valid for existing Lightspeed accounts.

** Verification of paid services via the submission of the Warrior course receipts is required prior to eligibility of promotional rates