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Crazy Momentum +$14K! | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? What a day. RBZ, from $6 to 27 bucks. That’s as of right now, 12 noon. By the time the market closes, who knows? The stock can either be at $50 or it can be back at $6. Just crazy momentum. Seriously crazy. RBZ was halted six times in a row going up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

Into the first halt I was like, “Well, we’ll see what I can do on it.” I think I jumped in out of the first halt and scalped into the second halt and then coming out of the second halt I was like, “Well, don’t add. I’m not going to add going into the third halt.” That’s like 101, super risky to do that, usually. Well, it halts a third time and I’m like, “All right, well that’s cool.” Then it goes up, halts a fourth time and I was like, “What is going on with this thing?” Fifth time, sixth time, crazy momentum and then it halts twice going down, once coming back up. Just totally wild.

So on RBZ, I made some money on it. My best trade in terms of like maybe dollar per share was buying the dip off 12.90 and selling as it popped up to 15, $16. But the stock that I did really well on with CTRM. Now, this is what I always say, if I miss trade number one, RBZ is the train that’s left the station. If I miss it, then rather than try to jump on and buy something that’s extended and chase it and give into FOMO, it’s usually better for me to wait for the next stock that starts to pop up and that was CTRM. It hit our scanners. I jumped in quick. Very similar daily chart, low float, just everything about it looked like it had the potential and it went from $6 to a high of about $8.50 cents or so and so made $11,000 on that one in two trades.

I feel a little bummed out I didn’t make more on RBZ but at the same time, I followed my rules, I didn’t chase it. This is the frustrating thing about trading is that sometimes you get rewarded when you chase stuff, even though you’re breaking a rule. We’re going to talk about that tomorrow and we’re going to upload a video a Saturday morning that you guys are going to really enjoy where I talk about how to bounce back from a huge loss and just that mental struggle of when is it okay to break rules and when’s it not okay. So stay tuned for that tomorrow. For today’s recap, as always, any questions, any comments, leave them below. I’ll come back through and answer over the weekend. I’ll see you guys all first thing on Monday morning.

All right, everyone. Well, we’ll do our midday market recap here. Can’t complain too much today. This is going to be the biggest green day here in a couple of weeks, which is awesome. Traded five stocks, green on all five. So accuracy on point. I think I did have one loser today on PHUN but whatever. So a bunch of winners, one loser, a couple of really amazing momentum stocks. RBZ currently is halted. It’s up 56%. It ended up going this morning from $8 all the way up to $27 per share, from eight bucks to $27 and then very quickly back here down to 14. I traded it early on in the move right here around 11, selling after the second halt before it went into the third halt having no idea that it would halt six times going up.

Halted six times in a row going up, which is insane. I mean, that’s unprecedented. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a stock go up six times in a row, halt six times in a row going up and then halt twice in a row, coming back down and then I bought the dip right here, in at 12.90 and and 13 and sold here coming out as it popped up to 16. So I’m only up 1,300, $1,400 on RBZ. This is one of those days where I followed my rules. I said, “Ross, you cannot buy this stock coming out of a third halt. You know that this is the exact type of stock that you could lose 10, $12,000 on in a heartbeat. You can’t do it. You can’t afford to do it. You’re on a really good green stretch here.” This right now could be my fifth green day in a row. I need to stay focused.

So I took one low risk trade on it and then by the time it was going up here, I just kept saying, “The risk is too high. I need to follow my rules.” However, I will look for sympathy momentum and that’s what we got on CTRM, a similar stock on the daily chart opening up here. It hit the scanners this morning and this was the one that made up for it. So that’s what I kind of like to say is if one train leaves the station without you, just wait for the next one. So I jumped in this right here at 6, it pops up to 7.18. I added going into the second halt, being a little more aggressive since RBZ was so strong. It went to a high of 7.80 and then it rolled over and I had to sell when it came back down.

So made about 7,000 on the first trade and then got back in on the second one right here and made another 4,000 or $5,000 on this trade as it squeezed up to a high of 8.48. So it did okay. It didn’t do as well as I hoped it would do. I was hoping that we might get two, three, four halts in a row just like RBZ and this thing would be up to 10 or $12 and I’d be in it from $6.50. But I can’t complain, really. Can’t complain. Being up $14,000 in an hour and a half of trading. Life is good. I’m still not feeling good. Today, I was like, “Well, I’m going to come into the office because trading from home yesterday, I kind of had some issues with my hotkeys.” I would have done better if I’d come down. I just wasn’t feeling well. I was like, “I’ll come down, I’ll trade, I’ll do my thing and I’ll just go home and rest.”

So hey, coming down $14,000. That’s a great way to finish the week. Like really, that’s awesome. I feel good about that. So that’s gonna put me up around $146,000 on the year right now, which is not bad for April. I mean, that’s more than a lot of people make in an entire year and I’m sitting there in April and it puts me up $35,000 on the month. Remember my monthly goal is 40 grand a month. 40 grand a month is 10 grand a week. How many days left do we still have in the month of April? We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, halfway through the month and I’m basically just shy of my monthly goal.

So, that’s good because last month I didn’t hit my monthly goal. So this will give me a little time to play some catch up, try to make a little bit of progress and I’m in pretty good shape here. So an unexpected day but just very, very grateful for it. Grateful for the momentum. As much as I might feel a little FOMO that I didn’t make as much as I could have made on RBZ, I couldn’t afford to take the risk required to step up into this trade. I just couldn’t afford to take that risk. Not where I’m at right now. Right now I just need to be having consistent green days. I can’t take, I just can’t take a ton of risks. If I do that, I’m going to put myself into a really bad position. Now RBZ is, it looks like it might get halted going down again. It’s now at this point very weak.

So I think the easy money today is definitely behind us. Not that it’s ever easy easy, but relatively speaking, I think that at this point it’s 11:30 AM, it’s been a great Friday and close up shop here. Haven’t really been keeping a close track of where I’m at with my account balances and stuff like that. I am trading in my retirement account, my IRA account. That’s been really great. It’s tax free, which is terrific. So this is a day of tax free growth. I’ll be able to thank myself and my fifties when I’m withdrawing this money and knowing that this was some hard work that I put in in my thirties to get this account started.

Then of course I get to benefit from compound, compounding interest, right? I’ve got 20 years, hopefully a good 20 years before I’m thinking about retiring. So that means $500,000 that I might make this year, I can put away for the next 20 years and let it grow. Compound interest every 10 years roughly it doubles. So that means by the age of 40, the 500 will be a million, by the age of 50 the one million will be two million, by the age of 60 the two million will be four million, right? That’s standard compound interest, 7 to 8% growth a year. That’s if I don’t trade the money. That’s if I just take 500K out of this and put it into a different Roth IRA that’s invested in ETFs and maybe a couple of mutual funds and some bonds and stuff like that.

Obviously, I had someone on youtube the other day say, “Ross, if you can take $583 and turn it into a 100K, you would have taken 58,000 and turned it into 100 million. You’re a liar. If this was true, you would just do that.” Here’s the problem. You can’t take 58,000 and turn it into 100 million because in order to do that, you’d have to be taking 10 times the average position size. Say your average position size being a 8,000 shares, it would have to be actually 800,000 shares. You can’t buy 800,000 shares shares of a stock like RBZ. You can’t buy 800,000 shares of a stock like CTRM. So there is a limit to how much you can make as an active trader. You can’t expect that you’re going to have 10%, 12% growth compound forever, all the way up to a billion dollars. That’s just not how it works.

Can you take a small account like 500, $600 and grow it quickly? Yeah, that’s what I’ve done. But there is a limit to scalability. So that’s the downside of trading. Although where you hit that limit is up around the probably million dollar a year level. So I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it. Unless you’re really looking for something to do that it’s going to make you 10 million a year. Most people are going to be really happy with 200,000 a year, 500,000, a million a year is like a dream for 99% of people out there. So we focus on the goals that are achievable, more readily achievable than these kinds of like really crazy, crazy ambitious 10 million, $20 million goals. That’s not what we focus on.

Our goal is to teach you how to make $200 a day and looks like a lot of you guys today hit that goal, so I’m really happy for you. Another green day and will be back at it on Monday hopefully for my sixth consecutive green day and just keep this momentum going. Reminder guys, this is sad. Next Friday, the market is closed for Good Friday. So that means next week is only a four-day week, but in four days, I’ll see if I can have four good solid green days and maybe have $10,000 of profit, which would be my weekly goal.

All right, everyone, so I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Live trades from the dip buy RBZ, from the move up on RBZ and from CTRM are going to be uploaded to live trading archives for Warrior Pro students. So students will be able to see that. We’ll get that uploaded later, I guess today, probably. All right, everyone. I’ll see you all first thing on Monday morning. Bye, guys. If you’re still watching, you must’ve really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content? Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.