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Day Trade Recap: He Who End Day Green, End Day Happy! +$5,150!

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What’s up everyone? All right. So here we are. Monday morning. Another great day of trading. Finishing the day up about $5,000 and this month has just been incredible, 29,000 last Wednesday, $29,000 on Thursday, $8,000 on Friday, $5,000 here on Monday. So when we’re in that kind of market, I mean, you can see, just look into calendar, it’s like big day after big day after big day.


It’s a reminder of what January looked like. January was 11,000, 6,000, 9,000, 18,000, 9,000, 8,400, 5,500, 7,500. I mean, back to back, it was everyday was a four or five figure day. I didn’t have a single day that wasn’t at least four figures and I had several five figure days.

So here we are in May and it feels like January, just the momentum is so strong. Yeah, I started with a red day on Tuesday the 1st but bounced right back on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and here on Monday. So I was a little mindful this morning that maybe I should go easy. The reason I thought that was because, I thought, “Well, today is the fourth day of almost like a hot streak.”

When you have a $29,000 day and a second one and then the third one is a little smaller, just looking almost at a bar graph, my PnL, it’s 29,000, 29,000, 8,000, so it’s going down and now what would Monday be? Would Monday be the day that finally is red? I start with $2,000. So I was like, “Okay, I’m going down in profits. I need to be a little bit more conservative, not try to swing for home runs because now I’m at a point where one red trade could put me in the red and then I’m down for the day then the curve is going the break even line.”

So where is it going to bounce? Where is it going to curl and start to go back up and I’m not sure. But of course, I can idle and grind on $5,000 a day. I’m totally okay with that. But this morning, with only $2,000 in the first 30 minutes, I sort of was like, “Well, maybe today is the just to stop.” But then BLNK opened up, bounced back up. Got over the VWAP, squeezed up to $4 and that was the one that made my day. So finishing the day up five grand. I’m excited. So we’re going to break down all of today’s trades in today’s midday market recap.

All right. So we’ll break down every trades from this morning. Overall, another awesome day of trading, really good follow through for the most part, finishing the day up $5,150.50. Another great day, I mean, really, just the month of May so far has been fantastic. I guess right now I’m up right around $67,000 on the month and it’s only the fourth day of the month, so actually it’s the fifth day of the month, so in any case that’s really good. So writing this in the calendar. $5,150.50, 80th trading day of the year. Really solid. So you can see the PnL today. BLNK, VVPR, those are the two that I traded. This trade on L, this was actually a typo. I made a mistake and took 100 shares, covered it for a $7 loss so that one’s not an actual trade. But these are the two that I focused on.

BLNK, we were watching this pre-market. This was on our watch list. It was on the gap and go watch list this morning. We had a little bit of a gap here. There was news on it, a partnership or, I mean, not partnership but a contract with Whole Foods for their charging stations to be at some of the locations. So right away, we knew this was in place with a catalyst, low float and the daily chart, you could see this big blue box, we had this window from 3.29 all the way up to 8.50. So once we got above 3.29, we knew there was a lot of potential. So my very first trade on this was right out of the gates, long at … These were some test orders pre-market. Long at 2.10, 2.15, selling at 2.27, 2.23. So kind of a small, 5,000 share scalp, about $500 on the very first trade.

I was watching it at $2 but I wasn’t quick enough to get in. So I got in at 2.10. I was okay chasing this one a little bit, pre-market high was 2.20. So pretty nice move there. Popped up to a high of 2.35 and then pulled back. We also had a first one-minute candle to make a new high which was right here. I anticipated that and I added at 2.10 and again at 2.26 and 2.26 for the first one-minute candle to make a new high.

The actual candle to make a new high was at 25. I got in early anticipating it as we bounced off $2. So this drop down to $2 and then there was like a 20,000 share bid at 2. So as it started to curl back up, I jumped in at 2, what was it, 2.11 and 2.13. Added at 2.26. Squeezed up. We hit a high of 2.35. I’m scaling out on at 2.33 on the ask and then I hit the bid at 2.27 and sold the rest at 2.23 and 2.22.

So after those trades, I was up about 1,200 bucks or something like that. So making a little bit of money, not a big five or $6,000 winner in one trade but some profits. We’d pull back a little bit, some consolidation. My next trade was at 33. I guess I did a scalp back in this area at 22 and sold at 34, 32. So a small little scalp there. I don’t think I made a lot on it. So a little bit of kind of consolidation there. Then VVPR comes up.

VVPR was strong last Thursday, Wednesday and Thursday and so I decided to take a trade on it but I didn’t feel like it was going to be the easiest one to trade. I jumped in long at 36 and 40 and added at 40. So I had 13,800 shares, jumping in as it was squeezing up. It hit a high of 55. I was selling at 54 and then 48 and 44. So taken some profit on it. It dropped own. It came back up.

There are a couple of other little scalp opportunities on this one at 55, right in this area. We hit a high of 58 so that wasn’t a very big winner. Another little consolidation here for the break over the half dollar. Tapped a high of 60 but didn’t really hold up very well. So this one was giving us these false breakouts, the pop up, the drop down, the pop up, the drop down. I was profitable on it but not as much as maybe I would have liked. So $1,300 on that one.

Then we went back to BLNK and noticed that it was suddenly squeezing up. It kind of consolidated sideways, dropped down and then out of nowhere, boom, it pops up right here. I was tempted to jump right in as soon as I saw it squeezing up and then I said, “No, hold on a second. Just let’s look at your PnL today.” I’m up about $2,600 which means this is the slowest day in the last four days of trading.

Wednesday, I made 30 grand, Thursday I made 30 grand. Friday I made 8,500. So here on Monday, being up only $2,000 in the first 15 minutes, I kind of was just like, “You know what,” actually this is past the first half hour. This was at 10am. So I was sort of like, “You know what, I should go slow, because if I get in this and chase it, I could give back that profit really quickly. So I hesitated. Ended up squeezing and halting on a circuit breaker and I didn’t get in.

Then resumes higher and squeezes up. I jumped in this at 2.43 and 2.52 and sold at 2.57. So 7,500 shares. A little bit of a scalp there into the squeeze. We then have a high of 2.60. So I jumped in for the one-minute micro pullback adding at 2.55, 2.54, 2.58, selling at 2.63 and 2.58. Small little scalp there. Nothing to be super excited about. It then go sideways in through this area, it’s kind of grinding up and I just didn’t feel like I could get a really good entry on it. You can see here, this is a spot I could have been watching a little bit more carefully, 2.77. Because when it finally broke over that level, it squeezed up pretty at 3.05. I was watching it but I just wasn’t sure. I thought it seemed extended. But it ended up working.

So it goes from 2.77 to 3.05 without me. I jumped in at 3.24, 3.31 and 3.44 or 3.40, as it started to open up here into this next leg. So this was the pullback. Then into this leg, I was adding. Hit a high of 57 and I’m taking profit into that squeeze. So that was a good like $1,500 winner. Then from that point, I’m just scalping these breakouts. So I’m buying the pullbacks, selling into the squeeze. Buying the pullback, selling into the squeeze. My final trade was right in here, buying the first five-minute to make a new high at 83 and then I finally got stopped out down here at 55. So I gave back $1,000 on that last trade, in it 83 with 5,000 shares and stopping out 56.

But you know what, I pushed it today basically until I had that first red trade. I took 13 trades today and I had 12 winners in a row before that first loss. So that’s really the way I like to trade, to be aggressive, to push hard, dig deep and then when I do have that loser at that point, I say, “Okay, I’m going to throw in the towel and be done for the day.” So that’s where we’re at here. 80th day of the year, averaging $3,387 per day. Sitting at $270,000 of profit. So I’m $393,000 from my million dollar goal. That means I need to average, let’s see, I need to average about $2,600 per day for the rest of this year if I’m going to hit that goal. So since I’ve been averaging 3,300 per day, if I average 2,600, I’ll be there. It’s within reach. $2,600 is a high average. It doesn’t mean I can just sit back and relax.

I’ve still got to be really, really focused and obviously if I have a red streak where I have two weeks in a row, they’re red or I have a really big loss, that could set me back. That could bring down my daily average and then it will be hard to get back up. So it’s one of these things where once you start to fall behind, it can be really hard to catch back up. So I just want to try to keep up, stay on pace and today was another day above the average. Any day that I’m above $2,600 is the day that I can give myself a pat on the back and feel good and it’s a day that will help me down the road when I do have that inevitable red day or the inevitable day where I make only maybe a couple hundred dollars instead of several thousand.

All right. So let’s see. So that’s about it for me today. Like I said, another solid day of trading and will be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, 9, 9:15 for pre-market analysis. Yeah, Louise, I didn’t trade in my IRA today. BLNK just moved a little too fast and just didn’t happen. So that’s all right. I’ll get the IRA maybe later this week. All right. So anyone with questions or comments on Facebook or YouTube, feel free to put them in the below the video and I’ll get back and answer them later today. All right. I’ll see you guys in the morning. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content. Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.