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Down In One Account, Up In The Other +$1,700! | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, fourth green day in a row, technically. I’ve got one ear down because I’m red in my main account, down three grand, but I’m up 4,700 in my IRA.

Net, $1,700 of profit, just shy of the daily goal, another good, solid green day. Monday was great, 6,500. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday here all been between 1,700 and 2,500, so I’m sitting up probably around 12, 13,000 on the week, which is great, and that means I’ve really only got, I think at this point, gosh, I’m going to have to pull my sheet and see where I’m at on this million dollar goal. I am getting really close to the level.

I don’t think it’s going to happen this month by the end of April, but maybe if not next week, the week after. Of course, at the same time, with ARCI today really up 58% pre-market and then taking off, I was thinking that that stock might’ve had home-run potential, and if it did give me a home run, I might’ve crossed the line today, but ended up not really being as easy as I thought. In any case, green is good. I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow. As usual, any questions, any comments, leave them below, and I’ll see you guys live streaming 9:15 tomorrow morning.

All right, everyone, so here we are, fourth green day in a row. This has been a pretty solid week. Started with 6,500 on Monday, 2,500 on Tuesday, 2,500 on Wednesday, so that put me up about 11,000 on the week. Now, today, in my IRA account, I’m in great shape, up 4,700 bucks. Up 5,193 on ARCI, but in my main account, I’m down almost three grand on ARCI.

I’m up today net about $1,700, $1,800 between the two accounts, which is good. I mean, it’s a little bit below my daily goal of 2,000 a day. I’m a little disappointed that ARCI didn’t work out a little bit better, but any day I’m walking away with more money than I had an hour and a half ago is a great day. Today’s another green day, so the bunny rabbit ears stay on here since I haven’t had a red day yet since Easter.

Let’s look at ARCI. This one I was aggressive on, no doubt about it. I was pretty confident on this one that it was going to give me a lot of opportunity. Let’s check this out. ARCI this morning was already up 58% pre-market. I mean, this thing was 58% pre-market, plus it had a float of 600,000 shares, so a super low float. The volume was already about 2 million shares, so everything on it pretty much checked out. I was really hoping it would open right around here, 7.50, 7.60. As soon as the bell rang, I was going to be a buyer for the break over the pre-market high of 7.75 with a first target to $8.

Unfortunately, because it already had 2.6 million shares of volume pre-market, it actually broke that level pre-market. Pre-market, it hit a high of 5, sorry, 8.14, or 8.13. The bell rings, and right away, it starts surging up. It opens at 8.01 and surges up, so I took a starter of, a starter… I took 9,000 shares at .24 and sold half at .49 and sold the rest at .37 and .32.

In the first, what is this, 18 seconds, 20 seconds of the day, I was already up, I don’t know, 1,400 bucks or 1,500 bucks. It hits a high of .50. It then drops down to 7.90, and then it squeezes back up, and I got back in right here. Let’s go back down. Let’s look at this trade. I got back in at 8.35, 8.43, and 8.45 right here, and I stopped out right here, and I had 9,000 shares again on the second trade.

I went from being up 1,500 to down 2,000, so I lost about $4,500 on that second trade, which was disappointing, and I was frustrated because I really thought it was going to break over the half dollar. I jumped in here at .35, anticipating it did go up to .48. I was up… Well, I added also at .45, so I kind of added right into that, was expecting a break of .50 and move up to .65, .70, maybe $9. That did happen, but not where I thought it would. On this drop here, I was just like, well, I got a couple loss. I gotta bail out. That was the biggest loss probably in the last two weeks and put me down 2,900.

At that point, I was like, “Okay, well, I am maxed out on this account.” Let me just show you. If I tried to place a trade here to buy, it’s going to say… Let’s see. Where is it? Down here, “Cannot place any long-opening position on my account,” and that’s because I’m below my $2,000 max loss in my main account.

This is kind of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks, or maybe the last month or so. If I hit my max loss in this account, then I switch to my other account right there, and I have my max loss a second time. If I hit max loss in both accounts, obviously, I’m done for the day. That’s it. But just because I hit my max loss in one account, when it happens really quickly on one trade, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to still be good opportunities; however, I don’t want to keep trading in this account because I don’t want to keep looking at this red number. I don’t want to look at being down at 2,900. Then maybe on the next trade, I’m down only 1,500, and then I’m down only 700. I don’t want to be looking at that red number, and so I just basically start the day over and clear it out.

Now I’m in my second account. On this one, as it started to squeeze back up right here, I got back in. Look at how fast this trade was. In at .31, .38, and .40 with 9,000 shares, and four seconds later, I’m selling half at .73. The high was .75. I’m selling half at .73 for an instant $1,200 of profit, or $1,400 of profit. I mean, it was just like instant.

Pulls back for a second and squeezes up to 9. As it pulls back, I add at .69 and .71, and I’m selling at a little bit .76. I add back at .94, .95, sell some at .98. I then add back at .79, .80, and .82. I sell at .87. This is scalp trading, adding at .94, .95, and boom, there’s nice, quick win right up to .24. Adding at .22, selling at .39. Adding at .29, selling at .42. These are just small scalp trades, adding at .38, selling at .50. High of day, and then this was a trade that I lost on. This ended up hitting a high of .56, and I was able to make $5,000 in my IRA account, which is great because that’s tax-free anyways. $5,100 of profit right there, solid trade.

Then MOXC I jumped into. That was off the high-of-day momentum scanner. I thought maybe it’s going to work. I got in at .61 for the breakout and ended up stopping out of that with a $500 loss. Whatever, not a big deal, but that’s… Well, I finished the day up $1,700 in nice shape in this account, so if I go to settings here, we can see what this account balance is. The balance has been moving up. Equity. Add. Sitting at $121,000, so I’ll be around 125 tomorrow. This one was at 52, just under 52, so it’ll be back down to like 48 tomorrow, but that’s okay.

Either way, I’ve got a good cushion on both these accounts. I’ll pop that back off because I don’t really want to look at… Well, I don’t know, maybe I’ll just leave it on there. The only problem is that sometimes I accidentally trade in the wrong account.

But yeah, this ended up being a pretty good day. ARCI had a lot of potential. It just wasn’t as easy to trade as I thought it would be, and then of course, it dropped here. It got halted going down bear flagging here, and then dropping again to the downside. I don’t know. We really didn’t have any other momentum today. We didn’t have anything else that was really solid.

I would say my edge for finding my entry points is a combination of having a pretty good understanding of chart patterns. Of course, I mistimed this one, but pretty good understanding of chart patterns combined with a really good understanding of level two and timing sales. The reason I punch that buy button where I did was I saw green buyers coming in, and it looked to me like it was going to break, and so boom, boom, I jumped in, and then all of a sudden, if you have a big seller, a hidden seller or whatever, that can ruin the pattern.

That’s kind of what happen there. Then we flushed down here. We went red on the day. Then all of a sudden, rips back up. If it wasn’t for this move right here, I wouldn’t have made back my money on this stock, that’s for sure, but in any case, hey, live to trade another day. Today wasn’t the most graceful day I’ve ever had, it wasn’t picture-perfect, but it’s a green day, and I’ll be happy with that.

Again, 1:00 Eastern, we’re going to host a day trading workshop, so those of you guys that want to register who haven’t already, you’re welcome to join me, and everyone else, I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning around 9:15. We’ll try to finish up this week with maybe fifth green day in a row. That’d be nice. That’s the goal, and I’ll see you guys, most of you I’ll probably see you later this afternoon in our workshop. All right, I’ll see you on in a little bit.

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