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Five Days of Green +$1,200 | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are finishing the fifth consecutive green day. The bunny ears, wherever I put them, they’re going to stay on next week. I said I would wear these until I had my first red day.

Well, five green days in a row, finishing up April in really good shape. Monday was awesome, $6500. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, small green days. Here we are Friday, up $1200. It’s a small green day. It’s not quite my $2000 daily goal, but as I always say, green is good and it’s a great way to finish the week, go into the weekend feeling good, and of course we’ll be back at it Monday, Tuesday, last two days of April, try to finish off April with a couple more green days, and then well, starting over, May. It’s a brand new month, brand new goals.

So, mid-week next week what I’ll do is I’ll probably go over all of my trades from the month of April, my metrics, my accuracy, profit/loss ratio, what worked, what didn’t work, so we’ll get some interesting insights there and that’ll help me make the game plan for the month of May. Now tomorrow I’m going to upload a driving with Ross video from San Francisco last weekend, and last weekend I had just finished three consecutive red days and during that video I was kind of talking about what my game plan would be coming Monday morning. And here we go, five green days in a row, followed the plan, I feel really good about that and so yeah, enjoy that video tomorrow as usual with the video today, mid-day recap. Any questions, any comments, leave them below. I’ll come through in the interim over the weekend and I’ll see you all first thing on Monday morning. All right? See you guys later.

All right everyone, let’s see, all right so we’re going to go over the trades from today. We’ll do a little mid-day market recap. Kind of an uneventful day. I’m up $1237, so a green day, which is terrific. Fifth green day in a row. This has been a pretty nice week. I haven’t had too much stress. $6500 on Monday, got me a really nice cushion on the week and then $2500 Tuesday, $2500 Wednesday, $1700 Thursday, and $1200 today. The green days yesterday and today are a little smaller, a little below my daily goal, but I’m not going to complain. I traded for about 15 minutes today. My last trade was at 9:42 and that was it. So, 12 minutes of trading, $1200 bucks, $100 a minute, that’s okay with me and I’ll live to trade another day, be back at it on Monday morning.

So because it’s my fifth consecutive green day, my Easter bunny ears are going to stay on here into next week. I said I would keep them on until my first red day. So this is the beginning of a green streak, which is great, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to be wearing these things for a bit longer. So, the interesting thing … By the way, live trades yesterday on ARCI uploaded to the live trading archives for Warrior Pro students, so you guys can go check those out if you’d like. The interesting thing the last few weeks has been that I’ve done really well, actually, on gap and go trades. There have been a couple that have opened and sold off right away, but when we’ve had a good gapper near the top of the scan float under 10 million shares, the price is good, it’s got a good daily chart, I’ve been able to do well.

And today HRE was that stock. It opened, it was already up 60 percent pre-market, pre-market pivot right here at $267. I jumped in at $260. It opened a little lower, it opened at $254, surged up, I got in at $260, it squeezes up to a high of $315. I actually could’ve made more on it, but I scalped the first trades. You can see here in the first two minutes, it popped up to $88 and then dropped all the way down to $40 and then ripped back up. So right here I made money. I got back in right here and then I gave back a little bit of profit right here. I wasn’t holding through there, but I got back in expecting and thinking it was going to go up higher and so I was up about $1500, gave back $500, whatever. Still green on the name, so I’m happy with that.

But year, that first five, 10 minutes has been really good for me. We got the same thing on ARCI yesterday. We can go back and look at that one. A little wimpy, not something that I would just hold for the first 10 minutes, but still actively scalping it. You can see this did the same kind of thing. It squeezed up out of the gates, pulled back, dropped here, and then ripped up. So, it gives you a couple opportunities. The first right there and the second one right here as it moves higher. I did better on ARCI yesterday than RIG today, but in any case, $1000 bucks on RHE right off the gap scanner. CTRM was on the high day momentum scanner. The MOMO scanner was a little on the light side today, not a lot on there, but I did jump in this. I got in high at seven dollars. It only hit a high of seven twenty, so I only made $149 on it and then it came back down.

I could’ve probably gotten in a little earlier, but I don’t know. I wasn’t totally sure about it, I waited for a little more volume to come in, and then I ended up buying in a little near the highs. $861 or so was the daily resistance point, so I saw that it had a good amount of room up to that $860 level, but not the easiest one. So, whatever. No worries there. Basically a break even trade. And that was at 9:42, so then I was like, you know what, we’re not seeing a lot of momentum today. I’m going to sit tight, I’m going to watch the high day momentum scanners, and nothing ended up hitting that scanner at all. I mean, the scanner just ended up being dead. Literally since 9:42 only one stock has hit the scanner and it’s like 10:30 right now.

So that’s the way Fridays sometimes are. They’re hit or miss. Sometimes you get great opportunities on Friday and other times things really slow down. Now, coming tomorrow on YouTube, I’m going to upload a driving with Ross video from San Francisco, from last weekend. When I did the video, I recorded it on Saturday morning and it was just after I had finished three consecutive red days. Now, the red days were all small fortunately, but I was feeling a little bummed out and kind of trying to put together a game plan of how I would bounce back this week and I did it. Definitely bounced back this week, five consecutive green days in a row, up somewhere around 12-$13000 dollars on the week. Up $42000 on the month, so things are looking up, which I’m really happy about. We’ve got two days left in the month of April, Monday and Tuesday, and then we’re going to start over a new month. So, new month, new goals. It will definitely be an opportunity to go back and look at everything that I did in April, what my metrics were, my profit/loss ratios and everything else.

Yes, I do have a Center Point account, however, they haven’t had accessibility, they haven’t had borrows of most of the stocks I’ve been wanting to short. I’ll pull up the account here and we can just take a peek. I tried to borrow ARCI yesterday and I couldn’t get any shares available so let’s see. All right, so let’s try RAG, rejected, no shares available. RBZ, RBZ is six cents per share, so reserving 1000 shares would be $58. Reserving 10000 shares would be $580 and you know I like to trade with 10000 shares. What’s another one? CTRM, five and a half cents per share, $55 for 1000 shares. So, you know, I set up the account hoping that … Well that one’s cheap, but it’s also 20 cent stock. Yeah, I was hoping I’d be able to do a little more trading in it, but a lot of the stocks that we’ve seen, ARCI, they have shares available today, but that’s not helpful. They didn’t have them yesterday.

The floats have been really low and I think those ones maybe have been harder to borrow. I may end up setting up a CMEG account once I finish this challenge that I’m working on right now. I might do that. That may be a better route to go. So, yeah, it’s cool you can locate the shares right here, it makes it very fast, you don’t have to call anyone, but then the stocks that are kind of in play the most each day, I haven’t been able to get borrows on. Yeah, I don’t know. Not really sure what to do about that. But in any case, yeah, so that answers your question on that. And let me pop up here … I’m going to pull up a video here for you guys.

So, this is, I’ll just give you guys a little sneak preview of … This was uploaded for Warrior Pro students. So this is the live trades from yesterday on ARCI. I tried to reserve the shares, there’s no availability. That was at 9:15, so I thought I was early enough. So, we’ll get closer to the open here. All right, so here’s the bell and this is the same thing that I did today basically. Jumped in out of the gates, the bell rings, it’s squeezing up, I jumped right in there expecting a break pretty much immediately of the half dollar. It hesitates for a second, 30’s, 30’s, but we almost always have a lot of buying right out of the gates. Looking for that break over 35 now, that’s the high day. There’s 30, 35, there we go, there’s 48, there’s 50, selling half, selling half, and that’s $1500 of profit in 20 seconds of trading.

So, these are the types of videos that Warrior Pro students, you guys have access to. Just kind of being able to see what I’m seeing on the level, where I’m getting in, where I’m getting out, this is some pretty helpful stuff. This is when I switched over to my main account or my other account, scalping it on the way up here. So, that was that account and then boom, from here this was the big trade right here. As it broke this level, it squeezed up, I jump in at 36, boom there’s the half dollar just like that. Boom, there’s $1700 right there. So, yeah, I encourage you guys to get in there and watch these videos.

All right, so that’s it for me. Make sure you check out the video tomorrow, Driving With Ross, and I’ll see you guys all first thing Monday morning. Hopefully we’ll have some good stocks on the gap scanner and we’ll be able to make a little bit of money and get the week off to a good start and also finish up the month of April with two more green days. All right everyone, I’ll see you guys first thing on Monday morning.

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