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Focusing On Green Days +$5K | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are finishing Tuesday morning up almost $5,000. $4,700 and some change, a solid green day. Right now, I’m just coming in each day to train the market that I’m in.

Now, the gap scanners this morning were super interesting. Didn’t end up getting a really good gap and go trade, and actually, my first trade of the day was a short, which was very unusual, but gave me some profit, about $300 and so that starts building the cushion.

Second trade, $100, and then third fourth and fifth trades on ATAI is where I really opened up, made about $2,000 on that stock. SSLJ hits the high-of-day momentum scanner. It’s a recent reverse split. Jumped into that, 400 on the first trade, about 1,200 on the second trade, another 400, 500 on the third trade. Boom. That’s how you do it. It’s a $5,000 day. Close enough, anyway. Almost two times the daily goal. Actually, no, more than two times the daily goal. Daily goal’s 2,000 bucks, so, two times the daily goal. Green is good.

Right now, I don’t really know where I’m at on the $583 to $1 million challenge. I’m know I’m, I guess, somewhere between $950,000 and a million bucks. I haven’t crossed the line yet. I certainly haven’t made back everything that I lost in the last week and a half of March, but I’m making progress. I’ll talk about it during the recap, but right now, I’m just trying to keep my focus on having a green day, trading the best quality setups because if I start to get in my head and think, “I’m only $27,000 away from the line,” or, “I’m only 22,000 away from the line,” I just start thinking about, “Hmm, can I make $22,000 today?” because I just want so badly to finish this challenge, to cross this big line and to achieve this thing that I’ve been working on for the last two years.

This last 5%, it’s been the hardest part of the whole challenge, and right now, I just gotta keep my head down, keep booking green days, and I will cross that line. This is what I’m doing right now to help me stay focused, and it seems to be working.

For some of you guys who are really focused on your monthly goal of $5,000 a month or $10,000 a month, perhaps putting it out of your mind and just focusing on green days will help you as well. As usual, any questions, any comments, leave them below. I’ll come back through and answer them this afternoon, and I’ll see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, everyone, so we’re going to go over our Mid-Day Market Recap here, trades from this morning. SSLJ, this was the last one that I ended up trading. This one is up, well, 451% on the day, not adjusted for the reverse split. You could see it did a reverse split, although it still is up quite a bit versus yesterday’s close, which was nice. Gave a little opportunity.

Overall, today was a really solid day of trading. I haven’t been keeping, like I said, really close track in my calendar of how this compares to last week. My calendar’s, well, it’s empty. I’ve got nothing in it. My goal this month was to really press the reset button after some big red days last month and to not be so fixated on daily profits or how today’s profit compares with yesterday or how it stacks up with my weekly goal or my monthly goal. Right now, I don’t really know how much I’m up on the month.

I don’t really know for sure what the balances are on either of my accounts, my IRA account or my cash account. IRA … Well, cash account’s up 447 today, IRA is up $4,728, so green on both accounts, which is terrific. Was green yesterday. That’s good. It doesn’t really matter where I’m at on the month or where I’m at in my million dollar challenge. Just knowing that today I’m green is good. That’s been a little bit of an adjustment for me trying to step back a little bit from how typically I would be really tracking my P&L down to the penny.

The trades today, I traded a little bit in my main account, a short on CCNI. This one, I shorted out of the gates on a bear flag. I didn’t end up actually doing that well on it, but … Let me put this back to a one-minute chart. Let’s see. There we go. Shorted this one right … Where was this? Now I’m like looking at this … I guess it was right here. Right here was where I shorted it. This is still a 10-second chart. That’s why it doesn’t look right. One-minute chart.

Anyway, shorted that for the breakdown here, but I ended up dipping down to 4.91, and then surging back up, which kind of surprised me that it didn’t hold those lows as well. On this one, oops, so I was short at 5.10 and 5.09, and then, I guess, tried to add at 5.04 and covered at 4.93 and $5. Tried to cover at 4.90, 4.96. Didn’t get covered there, so ended up just being a small trade. I did flip long on it. Took a little scalp as it squeezed up here and did okay on it, but not particularly well. Anyways, only up $316 on this one. Just a little bit of a tricky stock to trade, but that’s okay.

Then ATAI. I started trading this one first in this account here. My first entry on it was .66, $1.66. This ended up hitting a high of $2.54, but the thing is, it was a grinder. It wasn’t one that was the absolute easiest to trade. My first entry on it was way back here, jumping in at .66. It came up to .76. Didn’t really hold those levels, and so I ended up selling .72, .71, and, .69 for a small win. I got back in up here and got stopped out, and so I was only up $1.31 total on it, and that’s when I was like, “All right, well, if I’m going to trade to the long side, let me just switch over to my IRA account. It’s tax-free.”

Once I was done with short trading and adjusted, I switched over to the IRA. The first trades in this account were on PHAS. This was a tricky one because it was on the gap scanner this morning. It’s kind of interesting on this is that … Let me just move this over. Gap scanner, you can see right here … Let me go to time frame, historical date, 9:15 a.m. PHAS was on here, second leading gap. We’re up 24%, but the price is on the higher side, 10 million share float. The big concern was that the price was higher.

When I ended up trading that one, and I’ll just put this one on a different chart here because we’ll come back to ATAI, so PHAS, initially, I was kind of like, “I don’t know. I think this one’s probably going to sell off,” because it looked like it was already stair-stepping down here, so I was started to looking maybe for a short down this way, but the bell rings, and it ends up making this really big squeeze right out of the gates. It surges all the way up to 16.60, and then it drops all the way back down here to 15.11. That was some pretty crazy volatility in the first three minutes of the day. I was like, “I don’t know. I’m not really sure about it,” but when it was consolidating right here, this is where I took my trade, in at .39, expecting to break over the half dollar. We got a move here up to .65.

That for me was $429 of profit. It wasn’t a big win, but … In fact, basically, as soon as I got in, I was like, “I’m looking for the break of .59, .65, but this is a lot more risk than I was thinking about taking here. The price is higher. The spreads are bigger, and I could easily lose, well, probably 2,000 bucks on this if it goes the wrong way,” so I was pretty quick to get right back out of it and just be done with it. That was in on PHAS.

ATAI, finished up 1,900 in my IRA, trading this pretty aggressively, scalping it, so getting in, getting out, getting in, getting out. You can see this here was the nicest move, and I jumped in for it. In at .88 for the break over high of day. High was .92, and we got that really nice move here. Bought the first pullback, scalping up through the highs. I think my best exit was like .52 or .51. This is where I really made my money on it. Only made a hundred bucks here, but was a really nice ABCD pattern, the pullback, the pop up, the pullback, and then the break over that level right there is what we look for. That was 2,000 bucks, so really happy with that.

Then SSLJ wasn’t on the watch list this morning but ended up hitting the high-of-day momentum scanner. When it first hit the scan, I looked at it, and I realized that it was actually a decent five-minute set up right here. It was hitting the scanner right here at .42, and I jumped in at .42. I think it hit the scanner maybe at .40. Let’s see. Let’s look at this. There it is. Hit scanner at 3.41. I got in at 3.42. I typed it in real quick, SSLJ. I then go down here, SSLJ. I saw it, and shift-1, boom, I jumped in. I did add my hotkey back on there for shift+1, so I jumped into this. It squeezes up to .57 and gets halted. It resumes higher, goes up to a high of .88, and then sells off. As it sells of and comes back down, I sold it. I ended up only making $400 on that first trade.

It then, as you can see, curls back up here and makes this really nice move. Now, this one, it first broke 3.60 right here and squeezed up to 3.85 and got halted. Coming out of 3.85, I took scalp, in at 3.88, scalping the move here up to 4.39. That was a nice winner, and then I got back in for one more trade right here, first five-minute candle to make a new high, in at .71, anticipating that break. It goes up to a high of .94, and so that added another couple hundred bucks.

This ended up being a much better day than I was expecting, $4,700 or so between the two accounts. Green is good. I’m just happy to have a couple of green back-to-back days. Yesterday was a nice day, about 2,600. Today is an even better day at 4,700. That puts me certainly in good shape on the week. I had a great week last week as well. It was slow on Thursday and Friday. I was red on Thursday and Friday, but I was still in google shape because Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday was so great. Here, we’re getting a pretty nice strong start to the week. I can feel good about that, and I’m just looking forward to seeing what we’ve got in store for us tomorrow morning.

That’s it for me. Again, not really keeping track of where I’m at on this challenge or anything else right now, just trying to come into the market each day, trading good quality setups and making some money and knowing that obviously every day that I’m green, I am making progress. It’s kind of a tough thing to put those goals out of my mind a little bit, but it’s like just, in a running race, just another 10 feet, another 10 feet, another 10 feet, just really short-term, let’s just have another green day, another green day, let’s just keep good form and everything else. Ultimately, that’ll get me across the line.

At some point, maybe the end of this week or next week, I’ll start to look at what kind of progress I’ve made over the last two weeks, but at the moment right now, I know I’m still red. I haven’t made it all, obviously, I haven’t made it all back. I’ll probably just not sweat to too much, just try to have a really solid month of April. Right now, I know I’ve got a green Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of last week, small red days on Thursday, Friday. Only lost $500 on Friday. Then green here Monday, Tuesday. Well, see if we can do it again tomorrow. All right, so that’s the game plan. Yep, progress is progress. I hope you guys have a good afternoon, and I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning right around 9:00, 9:15 for our Pre-Market Analysis. All right, see you guys in the morning.

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