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Green Day Trading in CA +$3,213! | Ross’ Trade Recap


Hey everyone. All right, so here I am trading on the traveling trading station live in California. A green day, up $3,213 and 41 cents, a little bit more than I made yesterday trading from the Delta Sky Lounge at JFK Airport. What’s interesting is that yesterday I had more lag on the wifi and on my orders than I have today, even though now I’m across the country and yesterday I was in New York city. You know, it comes down to the quality of your internet connection.

Now, you can certainly make money on poor quality internet connections. I’ve done it before, and yesterday I was up $1,700 before I finished the day down $1,700, and that wasn’t because of the internet, it was because I over traded. But it’s just interesting to note for those of you guys that are in different parts of the country or the world and ask yourself, “Will I have lag on my orders?” I can tell you from experience that if I have a good internet connection, no lag at all. So found my way to some profit today, and as always, questions, comments on the recap and the trades, leave them below and I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, everyone. We’re going to go ahead and break down the stocks from today. Midday recap, finishing the day back in the green, up $3,213 and 41 cents on two stocks, MDJH, which was tough, and SINT, which was also tough. Today was a day where, you know, kind of like yesterday, things were a little tricky. But today, instead of overstaying my welcome, I’m going to just take the profit and be done. All right, so SINT, we’ll look at this one first. This was the first one that I traded today. It was gapping up over 50% pre-market. It was our leading gapper in the entire market with over a million shares of pre-market volume. It had a catalyst, and I’ll just mute this for a second. The catalyst was an analyst price target of $3. Well, you know, that happened overnight on the catalyst of the price target. So it’s like, you know, cha-ching. But obviously for me, I just saw this on the scanners pre-market and I was like, “Okay, well, you know, this looks interesting.”

My only concern was that it already had over a million shares of volume pre-market, and that sometimes means that when the bell rings because it’s been actively trading, that it kind of trades the way stocks trade at 1130 or 1230, which is a little bit choppier, a little bit more resistance. It surprised me when the bell rang and it squeezed here right up to 290. On this pullback right here, I got in, right around 288 or something like that, for anticipating the break over $3. It comes up, it hits a high of three big sellers on the ask. Lots of volume, couldn’t break three, I bail out with $500 of profit.

Okay, so I bail out, it drops back down here on this one minute candle to 276, then it rips back up, and as it curls back up, I get back in with 9,000 shares at 95, 95 and 98. It pops over $3, it hits a high of 314, I’m selling half, selling half, taking my profit. After that trade I was up $1,500, so I made $1,000 on that trade, and now four minutes into the day I’m already up 1500 bucks. All right, so now it’s pulling back. It’s doing an ABCD set up, and an ABCD setup is when we pull back on the one minute, we pop up, we pull back again, and then as we curl up right here, that’s where I look to take a trade. On this one, the first five minute candle to make a new high was a break over 295. What I ended up doing, as soon as the five minute candle here ended, this five minute candle, as soon as it ended, I was looking here on the one minute chart for my entry.

It starts, I start to see some volume on the time and sales, so I see the green on the tape right here, and I went ahead and punch the order, buy, buy, buy right as it broke, or right as it was hitting 290, in anticipation of the break of 295, anticipating the break back over three. It breaks back over three, it hits a high of 306, or seven, whatever this is, 307. I’m taking some profit, taking some profit and up 15 cents per share. Then it reverses, it drops down to 80, and I was like, okay, well I’m now down 10 cents on my remaining 800 shares, but I’ll give it a chance to pop back up. It doesn’t pop back up. It drops all the way down here to 40 and I sold at 46. On this trade I made an additional thousand dollars. Well, I made an additional probably 1400, 14 cents or so, and then I gave back 400 or whatever it was on this drop.

Not picture perfect, and you see now it’s selling off more. I think this one’s probably going to be done for the day, and that’s definitely disappointing to see a rejection as big as that, because it was pretty dramatic at the time. Yuma, I see moving up on the high day momentum scanner, up 23%, moving higher. This was the one that was in play yesterday, but I gave back my profit on it, so I’m going to leave that alone. MDJH, Jacob’s saying, “Up another $70 after commission with MDJH and Yuma. It’s five green days in a row with a small account.” Nice, good job. Now let’s see, so MDJH let’s see, the high here is 380, so where I took my trade on this, I was watching it out of the gate. This was also a gapping stock on the gap scanner.

The bell rings and it squeezes up here from 350 to 375 and I was like, “Oh man, wow. I guess I missed it.” I didn’t want to jump in and chase it, because you know, yesterday I was red. Today my only goal was to finish the day green, and I did that and made back everything I lost yesterday, which is great. But anyways, so I kind of hesitated and then as it curled back up here, I jumped in as it was breaking over 350 and added as it broke over high of day, which was a bad add, because as you can see, it only hit a high of 80 and then came back down. When it came back down, I stopped out with a $600, yeah, $687 of profit on 10,000 shares.

That’s only 6 cents, so that wasn’t a great trade, but you know, it’s a little icing on the cake. But I would say today, not as much follow through as we were seeing earlier in the week. But despite that, trading with a decent share size of 10 to 12,000 shares. I was able to hit my daily goal, in fact, beat my daily goal by 50% and make some real progress here today, so I can be happy with that. Live to trade another day, and I’ll be back at it as always first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll finish off the week hopefully with one more green day. All right, so that’s it for me. I will see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning.

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