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Hitting My Daily Goal! +2,433 | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up, everyone?

All right, so here we are. Today is actually the 104th trading day of 2019. I’ve been averaging $2423 per day. Today, I’m finishing up $2433, $10 above my 2019 daily average, which is fine. That’s a good green day, an average day, I’m happy with that. $2000 has, for the recent history, my daily goal. Some days, like yesterday, I’ll hit $10 grand and be four times the daily goal, and other days, like today, I’m coming in right around the daily goal.

I felt like momentum slowed down a bit today. This might be a bit day or two of rest before the next round of momentum. Last week, with ELTK, SOLY, GNCA, we saw a lot of momentum. Today, CRTM was gapping up over 100%, and that was the one I made the most money on.

Check out the recap, enjoy it, and as always, if you have questions, comments, leave them below. I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15AM, for pre-market analysis.

All right, everyone. We’re going to do our mid-day market recap here, go over the trades from this morning. I’m going to finish the day up $2433.51 on two trades. Two trades, two winners, and I’m done for the day. Not going to overstay my welcome, not going to push my luck. It doesn’t feel like momentum is a strong today as it was yesterday. Besides that, I’ve got my schedule of one on one sessions with Inner Circle students that I’ve got to keep, too, so I’m not going to trade past 11AM for sure. It just makes sense to do the recap at 10:30AM, switch gears 11AM, and for the rest of the day I’ll be working with students.

So, what’s interesting today was we had a stock kind of similar to what we had yesterday on GNCA. Now, yesterday GNCA, big gap up, over 100%, but the bell rings and what happens? It sells off. It ends up closing the day down significantly from the open price, and has continued to sell of this morning.

Now, I think that because we had this big sell off on GNCA, I was concerned that was going to hurt momentum for today. In fact, though, yesterday, after GNCA was selling off, we had ABIO right here make a 100% move. This thing took off, went from a low of $5.50 all the way up to just under $9 bucks. Then, we had VISL also make a 100% move. Headline around 2PM, 3PM in the afternoon, squeezes up from $1.50 all the way up to $3.74.

Since we did have a couple of stocks make really big moves yesterday, I thought, well, maybe today we will see some decent momentum. I was keeping an open mind.

Let me grab you the gap scanner for this morning. This is what our gap scanner looked like here, and this was at … Let’s see. I’ll reset this time to 9:25AM. So, at 9:25AM, CTRM was our leading gapper. I made $1700 on it. It was up 110% with an 800 thousand share float, and 1.28 million shares of pre-market volume. Let’s look at the chart.

Unfortunately, kind of like GNCA yesterday, it has sold off for most of the day. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t an early opportunity for a small trade. So, what we ended up having here was a small scalp. I was anticipating the break of the pre-market … There were two pre-market pivots, on at $9.15 one at $9.27. I thought if we broke $9.27, we would go right up to $10.10. Same setup yesterday as GNCA.

The bell rings, it dips down for a second. I ended up buying the dip as it squeezes back up, and selling as it broke over $9, $9.15, and it hit a high … Let’s see … of $9.60, which was awesome. That really ended up being pretty solid and I was able to get $1700 of profit on it. I think my best exit … I tried to sell on the ask, I was trying to sell on the fifties, I didn’t get those orders filled. I ended up … I think my best exit was $9.45.

In any case, that’s fine. I’ll take the profit on that, $9.45 was still a nice move. Almost a dollar off the lows, but then immediately rejected bare flag and broke to the down side. Second bare flag broke to the downside. This ended up being probably much stronger for short sellers, for those that were able to find shares available to borrow. Of course, that’s not something that was an option for me at light speed. No shares available to borrow, could only trade in one direction, and was able to capture $1700 right on that gap and go set up. That’s a trade straight from the day trade course.

Now once CTRM was done, we had a couple others on the gap scanner we were looking at. ATIS was a possibility. This one unfortunately, the pre-market chart was pretty weak, it was already selling off and so there were no trades on it. BLIN is the second on that I traded today, $700 of profit. That was on the gap scanner, right here, at $3.70. Pre-market bull flag, squeeze up, pull back, pull back. First count, we’re making new highs here at $3.70. I actually jumped in at $3.92, and sold as it broke over $4. So with 9000 shares I captured about, I don’t know, eight cents of profit or so. I know some of you guys did get it down here in the seventies, which was a great entry, and did a lot better on a per share basis than I did, but I was able to capture a bit of profit on this one, which is good.

At that point, I was just sitting tight. We had SOLY that some traders were watching. I think that it’s worth watching for the first daily [candle 00:06:30] to make a new high. It’s come back down to the $9 moving average, this is a nice period of pull back but it’s a little too expensive and it didn’t break the high of yesterday’s candle which was $18.73. I left that one alone, didn’t take any trades on it.

ELTK, similarly, we’ll be watching the first daily candle to make a new high, but that didn’t happen today either. Yesterday’s high was $6.95, today’s high currently is $6.60. Watch the first daily candle to make a new high, that’s a swing trade setup. There’s definitely something there, but I think I’m just going to, for right now, leave it alone.

Other stocks on the scans, SEED down here with a tiny amount of volume pre-market, squeezed up, tapped the 200 moving average and sold off that level, but on light volume. Nothing there.

What’s kind of interesting if we move this scanner out of the way … Today, on the high day momentum scanner, there was only one stock that hit the yellow scanner, which is the one that is my favorite right, massive volume low float, and that was BLIN. There’ve been a couple other stocks, but really not a lot that’s looked really solid.

We’ve had an incredible stretch, here, the last six days. This is my sixth consecutive green day. I’m 31% towards my month goal, which is fantastic. I’m up about $12500 on the month of June, which is great considering it’s only the second day of the month. Two green days in, starting to build the cushion a bit. Today is the 104th trading day of the year.

What’s interesting about that is … I forecast where I’m tracking for 2019. Last year, in 2018, I averaged just over $2000 per day profit. It was $2058.76 is what I have as my … Actually, no, it looks like … Sorry. $2117, let me just update that. So, $2117 was my average last year. This year, as of today I’ve got $252000 of profit, divided by 104 trading days … 104. $2423 per day in profits, which is 14% above last year. 14% above last year, last year I finished with $500000. If I’m able to actually finish the year 10% higher, that’ll be $550, 15% higher, $575, 20% higher, $600000.

Right now, the way I’m forecasting my profits for 2019 is, I’m taking the $252000 that I’ve already made, and them I’m going to use last year’s average for the rest of the year. If I can just maintain last year’s average of $2100 per day, I’ll finish this year with $518000. Now, if I can finish this year and maintain this $2400 average per day, I’ll finish at $557000.

I like to keep a good sense of where I’m tracking on the year, if I’m tracking a little ahead or a little behind. I was tracking a little behind about a month and a half ago, towards the end of March and coming into the beginning of April, I was tracking in the $480s, $490s. We had a really strong April, strong May, and now I’m tracking ahead.

An interesting thing with trying to forecast. I’m conservatively using last year’s average, given the fact that last year I did have a couple of slow months, and I did have a red month last year as well. I think it’s a conservative average, and then of course, if I’m able to beat it, that’s great, too. We’ll hope that that can happen.

Anyways, we’re sitting here with the 104th day of the year, and that leaves us with about 126 days to go. We’re coming up at the end of June at the halfway point. The year can go by pretty quickly, and it’s always a good idea to revisit what was working in the last month, what’s your plan for this month, what you’re going to do to try to finish June really strong, what you’re going to do through the summer. Of course, the fall, October, November, December, is when the momentum is almost always incredibly strong. I always anticipate that those months will be big, green months for me. That’ll be certainly the goal this year.

Anyways, that’s about it here this morning as we finish up. Another green day, $2433, puts me … Let’s see, $10 ahead of my daily average, which is great. All right, a little above the daily average today, account’s growing, progress is being made and we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, as usual 9:15AM for pre-market analysis.

All right, I’ll see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning.

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