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I Want You to Learn How I Lost $3k | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? All right, Tuesday morning here we are, second day of trading for the month of July, Second day in this new office, but its red day.

I am wearing a little bit of red today and I hope it’s not bad luck. Not going to jump to any conclusions yet, but I’m a little nervous.

So, yesterday I made $8,000, today I’m down 2,800. So, you know it’s my first red day in about a week and a half and in the last week and a half I made $52,000, so that’s 52 steps up and 3 steps down. So down whatever say $3,000 today, 2,800 three grand it’s all the same at this point so.

A little bit of a step back but not too bad. We’ll really have to see how Thursday and Friday play out, I’m still green on the week, still green on the month, up about $4,000, $5,000. So, you know I’m still in good shape but you know let’s see what comes next.

Right now, I know I was trying to put the petal to the metal today, be a little aggressive and I got my hand slapped by the market, so you know a little bit of a step back but you know again it’s part of the deal.

And I should have know better because this is a holiday week, and today was a half day in the market so maybe I should have been a little more conservative, but you know what that’s all right. I’m going to go into the week, or into the day off tomorrow feeling good, relaxed because you know what I’m up $320,000 on the year, I’m green on the month and I’m in the drivers seat, I really am.

You know at this point in the year, if you’re green, you know you’ve got the wind at your back. It really is now just maintaining your pace, slow and steady, because coming into the fall, October, November and December those are historically my strongest months. It’s actually November, December and January. So I know with those coming up, those are going to put me in really good shape to finish up the year strong and right now it’s just kind of trying to you know keep my pace, keep putting down some winners, and stay in track.

So, anyways we’ll break down the trades from today, it’s you know a little bit of a kind of crazy day, had a bunch of trades, had some winners, some losers, all over the place. We’ll break it all down in today’s midday market recap.

All right everyone. So, we’re going to break down the trades from today. Today is unfortunately my first red day in over a week. Last week was awesome, had some really great trades, made $26,000. Yesterday the momentum continued with $8,000 of profit and then today giving back a little bit of profit down 2,800 bucks.

So, I’ll go over the trades here. I’m just going to go open up my broker account. One of the things that I try to do when I am having a bad day is at a certain point I just close my account, I’m like, nope I’m done for the day, I’m not going to keep trading, because if I keep it open and I keep it in front of me inevitably I’ll end up continuing to trade and that’s when I get myself into trouble. So, I didn’t want to do that today, I just … I’m a little frustrated with a couple of the trades form this morning and I really could have finished today in much better shape if I hadn’t been so aggressive. So, we’ll break it down.

Now, today started like any other day, looking at our gap scanners. All right, so every single day we’re looking at this scan to find the stocks that are gaping up the most in the entire market, so if we use historical date, we search at 9:15 we’ll see this morning that GBR was our leading gapper right here, gaping up 48% which is a huge gap.

Second leading gapper MICT. Third leading gapper MXC. And you’ll see I traded each of these. So for the most part my strategy is to trade stocks that are on the scan, and then also once the bell rings to trade stocks that are on the high day momentum scanner.

as it turns out today I didn’t do super well of the scanner, MXC … Actually I lost on basically, well I made a little bit of money on MICT. Made a 170 on MICT, lost 408 on GBR and lost 500 on MXC. My big winner was actually TGC, which was a total surprise move, it wasn’t on my scanners.

The bell rang and all of a sudden TGC starts to take off, and I jumped in that. The scanner alert for us was the dollar and one cent and hit a high of $2.47, it’s 150% from the alert. So I’ll show you that alert in a second.

The first stock let’s look at GBR. So, GBR was gaping up and initially I was thinking geeze this is interesting because look at what happened yesterday. Yesterday this big move pre market, and then it takes off when the bell rings. Today, this big move pre market, and then it takes off when the bell rings, or sorry it takes off pre market and then when the bell rings look at what happened, it literally dropped like six points from a high of 14 all the way back down to a low of 6.15, isn’t that crazy.

What a drop, I mean it’s been a while, I don’t even know the last time I actually know the last time I saw a stock in our price range that dropped like that. It’s just very unusual. So what I tried to do on this, was I tried to do a bottom bounce, little risky but what I did was I waited for the first [candle 00:05:49] to go green.

All right so you saw the sell off, sell off, sell off, I got in here first candle to go green I jumped in at, let’s see it was actually no … I got in a little bit higher … yeah let me go back on this, I’m going to go into a ten second chart.

All right, let’s see back, back, back. So, here we go. All right, so it starts to, it looks like it was starting to bounce right here, so I jumped in at 9.61, I wanted to get in at the half dollar, of 9.50 but I used my hot key. And when you use a hot key, you know you’re jumping right in at the current price, and for me in this case, I was jumping in just a little high. So I got in at 61, and sold some at 73 and 74 as it pops up to a high of 77.

Then it dropped all the way back down to 9, and I sold at 9.50 and I sold the rest at 9.04. So. You know a 70 cent loss or a 60 cent loss for my initial entry on those last 1,200 shares and so that put me down 406 bucks. So, you know this one it just wasn’t ready to bounce and it ended up going lower and continuing down.

So just not an easy stock this morning, it was very, very weak. Kind of surprising considering the big pop that it made pre market, but you know for whatever reason the bell rang, and this thing just tanked. So, I don’t know the price action on this one has been pretty wild last couple days.

Still no news to account for this move, and I guess it was a matter of time before it started to come back in, so anyways lost 500 bucks on it. I’m still up about 10,000 on this stock so I’m not going to be too disappointed on that, on I guess $400 loss so whatever, not that disappointed on that.

So, next trade, MITC off the scanners. This one I jumped into for a break over 180 it started to curl up, I thought maybe it would retest the pre market high, but it ended up pooping up hitting a high of 195 and then fading. So I sold as it came back down, only made $169, so very small win on that, basically like not a good trade.

Next trade, MXC. This one I was hesitant about because the price is a little too high. I got in and, let’s see I got in for the break over 12.50 as it was squeezing up right here, it hits a high of 13.29, and then on this candle it drops all the way down to 11.21 which is a two point drop.

You know that stuff is really hard to manage, and so I ended up stopping out as it came back down. It then curls back up, I get back in at 13 right here and then I get out flat because I got in at 13 it drops to 12.85, and it came back up and I got out break even, actually I got in at 13.20 so I was down like 40 cents … excuse me.

It comes back up and I get out, then it squeezes up to 14.20. So I was just like you know what this stock is a pain, I’m done with it. So lost 500 bucks on that one.

So, those are my three trades so far, and then there’s TGC. So I see TGC on the scans, it hits the scanners at a dollar. So the scanners that I used to find TGC, once the bell rings the high day momentum scanners, we move them out of the way, we’re not using those anymore so we’ll go put those like way over here. No need to look at them.

All right, now the bell has rung, we’re watching the high day momentum scanner, this scanner shows me stocks that are squeezing up right now. MITC was on the scan, GBR was on the scan pre market. SAEX, didn’t trade that. Here’s TGC at a dollar and one cent.

All right guys $1.01, it’s going to go up 150% from here, I’ll make $2,200 dollars on it. So it starts squeezing up, squeezing up, and as I see … Initially I was like, oh I don’t know if I’m interested, and then right in this it did a little one minute micro pull back, right here, right in this area at 1.20 and as it breaks over 1.20 and squeezes up I jumped in. It squeezes up to 1.55, I jumped in with 15,000 shares. Stepping up to the plate, big size and I’m holding at an average of 1.30.

So, I’m up 3,000 bucks right there. It resumes from a halt, it’s a five minute circuit breaker halt. It resumes, it hits 1.65 and I added, I said I was going to add coming out of the halt. So I added at 1.65, so where is this add, 1.64 there we go, I add and then. So I add and then immediately I realize that I’m buying into a hidden seller, and so I try to get on the ass to sell, I don’t sell and it drops. It drops from 65 all the way down to a low of 30. Now I’ve got 17,500 shares and I go from being up 3 grand to being down about 800 bucks. Just like that, and I was like dang it. You know this is, I’m already red on the day, this is not what I need.

So as it pops back up, I start to ease out on the ask at 44 and 43. So I sell 15,000 shares at 44 and 43, and them boom, it pops up to two bucks, 2.10. How’s that for frustrating. If I had held the whole thing, if I had like a mini stroke at my desk and fell over and woke up 15 minutes later, I would have been up $8,000, but I stopped out, I just got nervous, I bailed. It then pops up and you know I got back in and chased the momentum a little bit, but the trade was ruined.

So what ruined it was this drop here, obviously in a perfect scenario that doesn’t happen. You know in a perfect scenario they open higher and they continue, but in this case it opened high, it dropped, and then it surged up. I never like when that happens because there are time, now lets just remember, this could have gotten halted going back down, right? It could have gotten halted going back down and then what? I’m holding 17,000 shares and a halt going back down, it resumes at $1.10, that could have been a $5,000 loss. So it was the right thing for me to do, to sell right here, it’s just disappointing that I ended up missing so much of the profit. So, it was actually about $3,000 of total profit, I then got back in right up here for the break of 2.50 and that ended up being a false break and I stopped out here as it came back down to 2.10. So I lost $1,500 as it came back down. So I went from being you know up $3,000 on the day, after that trade I was down like 1,500 bucks … I gave back 1,500 bucks so I was up 1,500.

Then we had USEG hit the scanners. So USEG hits the scanners and I jumped into it really quickly because USEG is energy, TGC is energy, GBR is energy. So we’ve been seeing these energy stocks surge up and I though USEG, being an energy stock, might get sympathy momentum. So since these others were so strong, this one might be strong as well.

So I jump into it, let’s see here it is. It’s on the scanner 65, 68, 67, 70, 74, 75, 78, I got in it at 80, with 17,000 shares. So I take another really big position, it pops up to a high of 1.90, so I’m up 17,000 bucks, but I was looking for this to break 2, I wasn’t selling at 1.90. I wanted to see it break over $2. It hits 1.90 and what happens, two minutes later it’s back at 1.55 and I had to bail out. So I sold as it came back down, and so there I lost three grand, and like that I went from being up 1,500 on the day to down 1,500 on the day. Super frustrating.

One of the most frustrating things for any trader is to go from green on the day to red. It’s just, it’s this feeling if you had it in your hand, and you let it slip away. It’s like imagine holding a handful of gold, and standing in the ocean and just you let your hand go and it’s gone, you’ll never find it again. It’s gone forever, right? That’s kind of what it feels like, you got it, you got this win, and then it’s gone. There’s just this incredible feeling of frustration when that happens. And here’s the thing, frustration is an emotion, and when you trade with emotion …

Look at the spreads of MXC right now. Just looking at that, like that’s a big spread.

When you trade from an emotional place. When you’re emotional fueled, you end up getting too aggressive, you end up making mistakes, you can end up getting impulsive. So for me, you know I ended up being down 1,500 bucks, I recouped some of that loss on, let’s see, on AMTX on my first trade on it.

I jumped into AMTX, initially I wasn’t that interested in it, but then as I saw it squeezing up here I was like, okay I’m going to jump on this momentum, it looks like it’s obviously going parabolic. So I got in at 2.10, and added at 2.20 and added at 2.40, for the high of day break thinking over 2.50 maybe it would squeeze up towards three. So with this one I had 10,000 shares and I sold, I think I sold 7,500 and so I was at that point down only about 500 bucks on the day, and then I added back for the break over 2.40. Then I had to stop out here as it came back down to 2, and lost 1,500 bucks. So it’s like ah, you know I … again even on that one, I had profit and I didn’t hold it because I was looking for a bigger move.

You know, we’ve been in a market where looking for bigger moves has not been unrealistic, look at GBR from $1.99 to 12 bucks. Right?

Look at MXC, from $7 yesterday to $14 today.

looking for a big move is not unrealistic, we’ve been seeing a lot of big moves in this market. It just unfortunately didn’t happen for me on USEG or really on AMTX. I mean it happened, AMTX from $1.50 to 2.40, that’s a big move, I just got in a little too high, and I didn’t take the profit when I had it and I thought it would continue and I was wrong on that. So, I guess we haven’t seen in the last … Well maybe we didn’t see as much today is follow through on some of these stocks. GBR very weak, MXC rolled over, AMTX didn’t hold up, USEG didn’t do very well, MITC didn’t do very well, and TGC actually has sold back down to $1.50.

So, we’re kind of in one of those markets where the best opportunity is the first leg of the move. You know kind of right in here, and you’ve got to get in early. If you’re not in early then it’s like the trains left the station, and you can try to grab a little piece oof it up off high and maybe you’ll get lucky but the risk is just becoming higher.

So, you know yesterday I made $8,000. I’m not going to beat myself up today. I’m still green on the month, which is great. I’m still green on the week, $8,000 yesterday was fantastic, but today I think I was just, you know I was just wrong on USEG, that was the big one that got me. I think that it could have just as easily worked, I think it could have just as easily gone to 2, 2.10, 2.20, maybe 2.30, and that could have been a 4 or 5 thousand dollar winner. TGC could have just as easily opened at 1.60 and gone right to 1.75 and gotten halted, and resumed to $2, I mean that could have done it in one push and been a $10,000 winner. It just didn’t happen today.

So, you know when I look back on my trades, is there anything today that I would do differently tomorrow. Well, tomorrow that markets are closed for 4th of July, but is there anything I would do differently on Thursday? Honestly, I really wouldn’t say there’s a lot that I would do different because all of these had that potential to go into a circuit breaker halt, to open higher and to be a really big trade. Especially considering the market that we’ve been in for the last week. Now, I’ll say that on Thursday, I’ll be maybe a little more cautious, because I lost money today, but you know if I hadn’t lost money today or whatever the strategy today I would trade any other day. Really I don’t think there was any issue today. I think we just, maybe a little bit of slower market going into the holiday or something like that. Nothing I would really do that differently.

So, today is just kind of one of those days where I’m on the red side of the fence and it’s just. You just chalk it up to, all right that’s part of trading. My accuracy is between 65-70%, so today’s just one of those days where you know I’m on the other side. So I’m just going to write this down in my calender here, -$2,896.24.

One of the things that interesting with trading, you know if I had to stack up the $2,900 that would feel like a lot of money to be giving back to the market. Yesterday making $8,000 that’s a pretty big stack of money to take out of the market. It becomes this kind of thing where the amount of money made and lost, the numbers become so big, it’s almost like pretend money. I mean it’s real money but it just has this sort of like, for me at least, when you’ve made enough, you get this sort of detachment, where it’s like okay I’m down 2,800 bucks today, I’m not really thinking about how much money that really is. Or I’m up $8,000 yesterday. Or I’m up $315,000 this year, I’m not really thinking about how much money that is in terms of what it could but or what it would look like stacked up on a desk.

I just kind of keep myself focused on the trades, trying to take good quality set ups, trying to scalp the momentum, and the numbers are bigger because my share size is bigger. That’s it, you know if I get myself really hung up about how much $2,800 could buy then I’m going to start scaring myself away from stepping up to the plate. If I’m afraid to step up to the plate, I’m not going to have $29,000 green days like I had last month. I had two $29,000 days back to back. $58,000 in two days. All right that’s a crazy amount of money, and if you really over think it, you’re going to scare yourself and start taking smaller and smaller size.

So, I just kind of try to compartmentalize that aspect. Ah, today’s a red day, whatever. It could be 280 bucks, it could be $28, it could be 2,800, doesn’t really matter I’m doing to make it back you know later in the week. Later in the week I might have a $15,000 green day and you know I’m not going to let in change my mentality, I’m not going to let it change my spending habits. I’m just okay, that’s that and back to you know the drawing board, or you know back at it you know the next day. Nothing changes.

So, you know it’s a funny thing. I know for me when I first got started, it was very hard to detach the emotions from the money because it’s like every single trade just feels like you know you’re making or losing money and it can be stressful. The longer you do it, the more that the trading account is just kind of like this thing that you do. And then yeah every couple weeks you end up taking money out of it and dropping it in your bank account and then it’s real. But, in the mean time it’s just kind of focusing on the pattern, scalping and not getting too caught up in the numbers, whether they’re going up or they’re going down.

Going down obviously those number are more painful to deal with, but going up can be tricky as well because it can give you false senses of confidence. You might have made money because you got lucky, it may not have been because of accuracy or skill. It could have just been luck. So if you have really big winners, it can make you complacent, it can make you sloppy. Losers can make you gun shy and timid, and then you miss the next big mover.

So the best thing to do is to work on emotional conditioning. Where you’re basically conditioning yourself to not have emotional reactions when you lose money, or even when you make money. SO the best way to do that is to start with smaller share size. You know if I was trading right now with 500 shares, it’s like I could care less about the profit or the losses because they would, relatively speaking, be so small. You know, if I traded right now with 50,000 shares, that for me would start to bring out emotions because on a green day I might make 150,000 and on a red day I might lose 150,000, and that would be a lot of money. That would start getting emotional. So you start small and then you keep adding share size, you know to keep pushing your limits, and pushing your limits until you get to where I’m at which is trading between 15 and 20 thousand shares, and making anywhere from 30 to 40 thousand to losing 15,000 on a bad day and that’s all just kind of normal for me, at this point. I’ve conditioned myself to experience down $2,800 so many times that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Up 8,000, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

The only time I get kind of whatever is if I’m at the extreme. So if I’m having a 30 to 40 green day, then I’m going to start to feel pretty excited. If I’m having a red day down more than 10 grand, you know then I might start feeling a little bit bummed out and a little bit annoyed or frustrated. Everything in between is just kind of the noise.

So, you know that helps you focus less on the money and more on the strategy, more on the pattens, and more on what you need to do to be successful. You know to really succeed at this.

So, you know like I said yesterday was a great day, 8,000 bucks. Today is a little bit of step back. So, if yesterday was three steps forward, today is basically one step back. No big deal, it doesn’t really matter that much.

Market’s closed tomorrow. Thursday, Friday we’ll be back at it. Next week, you know hopefully this hot streak continues.

GBR I want to say that we’re probably going to be done with this one. You know with this big red day, I could be wrong. I mean this one’s faked me out a couple times, but with this kind of red day and the way it’s just kind of like this, I feel like it’s kind of done.

So now I’m thinking, and I mean I’d love to know, you know that’s just suck an incredible amount of selling pressure. It’s really nuts.

Anyways, just haven’t seen a stock drop that hard in a while. But, in any case, I think probably going into the weekend, we’ll be look at … Thursday and Friday we’ll be looking at the next stocks to hit the scans. So you know whether it’s a TGC type of stock hits the scan or takes off. These surprise moves seem to do pretty well. They kind of catch traders off guard, and we just sort of end up jumping right in.

Yesterday we were talking about that feeding frenzy mentality. Where you see something moving in the water ad you bite before you really think about it, and traders do that all the time. They see something starting to move and they jump, you know and the stock may not have news. Well, you know it may not have the best daily chart but next thing you know enough people have jumped that now the stock is going up.

So, on TGC initially I wasn’t going to be the first one to jump. I saw it a $1.01 and I thought, okay, I’m iffy on it I don’t know. $1.10, all right well showing strength. $1.15, $1.18 all right okay, at this point $1.20, $1.25, $1.30 all right now I’ll take a stab, clearly it’s taking off. Is there news? Does it make sense? Maybe not, but you can’t apply logic as a day trader.

Day traders are all about technicals, we’re all about momentums. It might not make sense that this stock goes from $2 to $12, but if you are trying to make sense of it you’re just going to be sitting on the side lines thinking instead of trading. So you trade the price action, you see the pull backs, jump in on the pull backs. You see the flag patterns, the dips to the moving averages. You know those are entries, those are opportunities. Once stock goes from 2 bucks to 12 bucks, that’s an opportunity.

So our job is to try to capitalize on it and you know in the last … Well let’s see, so today’s the first red day I’ve had since June 20th. So since June 20th let’s just see how much money I’ve made. Was this a red day? Nope that was a green day. Going back, going back, all right there we go.

So since June 20th. On June 20th I lost $5,000. Between June 20th and yesterday, I made … let’s see, sorry I’m just looking at my doc here. Where’s the 20th? There we go.

What is going on? I got to turn off this thing. Deactivate. All right, there we go.

So, sorry.

Okay, between … So on the 20th I lost $5,400, right? SO I had a little bit of a red day there. Just trying to find the 20th on my … there it is, okay.

So since then, I’ve made … I made $52,000. So I lost 5,000, I made 52,000, and now today I just lost 3,000. So let’s keep it in perspective, right? Keep it in perspective, that’s … Well, I mean, if you multiply the steps by the thousands. It’s 52 steps up and three steps back. So, I’m okay with 52 steps up and 3 steps back. I can handle that. It’s not a big deal.

So I’m going to go into the holiday here, 4th of July, feeling good. Momentum is on my side, making some good money, and you know hopefully July is a strong month. Hopefully we see things you know pick up on Thursday and Friday, and next week we see continued strong momentum. I would love for this to be a 40 to 50 thousand dollar month.

Right now, for me to hit my target of $665,000 this year, I need to average about $3,000 per day. You know, so I’ve got my work set out for me. I mean it’s … I’m $340,000 dollars off my goal, so lets just do the math here. 345,000 divided by 6 months, that’s 57,000 a month. I mean that’s a steep ask, but this year I did 117,000 in January. Made 74,000 in May. You know I mean, I’ve had some good months. I think it can be done, and even if I have a couple of slow months, maybe July is slow, maybe August I slow, maybe September is slow, but then if I have another $120,000 month you know that’s going to, right away, bring up all the averages.

So that’s kind of the thing, you know. When the markets hot, petal to the metal, I’m going to get aggressive. When the market’s slow, I got to scale back.

Conner, good question. So the share size, for me where I would start to feel uncomfortable, is more than 20,000 shares at this point for where I’m at right now. In three months, you might here me taking 22 or 25 thousand shares. Even three months ago, 15,000 was pretty much my top. Occasionally I’d be a little more than that, but very rarely. You know, now I’m seeing 15 to 17 to 20 thousand shares on a pretty regular basis. So because we’ve been in a hot market. I’m not going to trade that way in a slow market, but in a hot market 17,000 to 18, 20 thousand is not making me as uncomfortable as it was.

So that’s good, I got to keep pushing my limits, if i want to have a six figure day, you know one day where I make more that $100,000, you know I need to be able to trade and feel comfortable trading with 30,000 shares. I get a 30,000 share position, stock squeezes up three points, that’s 90,000 bucks. You know that’s what I need. I’m not going to get a $100,000 day with 5,000 share positions. That’s just not going to happen. The math just doesn’t work out.

So, I need to keep amping up my share size and being aggressive when the market’s hot. So last November we had some incredible momentum, it was a great month for me with $82,000 of profit. The November before that, we had DRYS which went bananas, from whatever $5 to 115. So I have high hope for November, December and January. Those are my three months where I statistically make the most, but you know between now and then anything I can make is icing on the cake. It will just put me in that much of better position come November and December. I don’t want to still need to make $200,000 at the end of October in order to hit my $660,000 goal, but you know at the same time, if I do I do. It’s not that big of a deal, we’re talking about a lot of money. $665,000 is a lot of money. It’s in the top 1% income bracket, so you know it’s … whether it’s 550 or 650, or whatever this is all really pretty silly stuff to worry about.

Anyways that’s where we’re at. So remember guys this … today the market closes early, tomorrow the market is closed for the 4th of July.

So all of you guys watching on youtube, on Facebook, come check us out over at Warrior Trading. We’re hosting our 4th of July specials. 4th of July, it’s time to think about freedom and independence. Those are the two big values that made me want to become a trader. The freedom of never having to work a nine to five job again. It has been almost a decade since I’ve had a boss. I’ve been my own boss for almost the last 10 years, and you know I haven’t looked back. Even thought the first three years were pretty tough, you know once I got over the hump it’s been smooth sailing, and I just I absolutely love it, and I want to help as many of you guys as possible make that transition where you become your own boss. Where you’re trading for one, two hours a day, hitting your daily goals and then doing the things you love. Spending time with your family, building other businesses, whatever it is.

So, you know today’s not maybe the best reflection of that freedom, but this week I’m still up about $4,000 which is pretty good, considering it’s only Tuesday and we’ve still got two days left in the week.

All right, so life is good and I want you guys to get on the other side. You know there’s a whole community, 100s of thousands of traders doing this every single day. Coming into the market every morning to capitalize on these opportunities. Every single day there’s a stick that moves 20-30%, that’s opportunity. Everyday that you’re not in the market, you’re missing this opportunity, this freedom, this independence that comes with being a trader. So I want you guys to come over to Warrior Trading and become part of the family.

All right, so anyways that’s it for me. I’ll go on probably Facebook live or maybe youtube live maybe sometime tomorrow just to say hello to everyone and hang out for a little bit. But, I’ll let you guys go for now, and we’ll be back at it first thing Thursday morning, 9, 9:15 for pre market analysis.

All right, I’ll see you guys all Thursday morning, have a great 4th of July.

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