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MarketClub Review 2021

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With competitive pricing, MarketClub is an advanced charting and data center valuable for investors and day traders. It is visually appealing and highly sophisticated.

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MarketClub is a securities data and charting platform that offers a decent range of charts and analytical tools for almost every security on the market.

In addition to standard data and charting software features, MarketClub offers users access to exclusive proprietary software that provides precise buy and sell signals (green and red arrows) that remove the need for traders to perform much of their own technical analysis.

Let’s take a quick look at what MarketClub is offering day traders in 2018, and see if MarketClub is the right trading analysis platform for your needs.


  • Standard historical data and charting software for a competitive price.
  • Visually appealing and easy-to-use format that allows users to quickly and intuitively navigate the wide range of features.
  • Proprietary trading software providing entry and exit signals based on precise data analysis.
  • Huge range of covered securities.


  •  Charting software is not competitive with more advanced and sophisticated platforms.
  •  More advanced traders may find the proprietary software unnecessary and distracting.


MarketClub has a simple no-frills membership cost, with no hidden fees or additional charges. The longer subscription plans offer a discount compared to the recurring monthly charge.

• Monthly: $59

• Quarterly: $150

• Annually: $449

MarketClub also offers a 2 week free trial with no commitment.


MarketClub has all the standard data and charting software feature and a variety of additional perks that will help you to identify profitable trades.

• Scanning

MarketClub’s Smart Scan is a filtering system that allows you to quickly scan the huge range of markets covered to identify potential trades using both traditional technical indicators and MarketClub’s proprietary analytical software.

• Portfolio Management

The portfolio manager feature allows users to set up watchlists to track the performance of their portfolios and portfolio sectors.

• Charting Software

MarketClub offers the full range of charting software that technical traders have come to expect. Users can customize and save a variety of chart set-ups for quick analysis.

• Email Alerts

MarketClub offers a cutting-edge email alert system that can be set for almost every feature available. Everything from price breakouts and new highs and lows to technical indicators can be set to send out an alert, so you are never surprised by anything happening in the market.

• Top Movers Chart

MarketClub compiles the market’s hottest winners and losers across each asset class in an easy to access list.

• Trading Community and Resources

MarketClub’s community resources include professional guidance, educational materials, regular trading blogs and a forum for sharing trading tips and ideas.

• Data

MarketClub features a massive range of downloadable historical data with a variety of time frames.

Trade Triangles

MarketClub’s defining feature is its proprietary trade triangle software, which uses trend indicators to show investors the precise best points to enter and exit trades to take advantage of price momentum.

These trade triangles take the guess work out of momentum investing, and provide traders with no-nonsense trading indicators with a proven track record of success.

While traders will still need to identify good trading opportunities, the trade triangles make momentum investing quick and easy.

Some traders may prefer to perform their own technical analysis when momentum trading, but other traders will appreciate how simple MarketClub’s trading triangles can make their daily trades.

Is MarketClub Right for You?

Whether or not MarketClub is the right tool for you will depend on how much personal control you like to have over your day trading.

To start, the price for historical data and charting software is right in line with all of the top competition in the market. While MarketClub may not be able to compete with some of the most advanced and sophisticated charting software, for less technically-minded day traders it offers every conceivable charting tool that they might use.

Therefore, in terms of purchasing standard charting software for the average day trader, MarketClub is no better or worse than the other top competitors in the market.

Where MarketClub stands out is its proprietary trading signals that provide traders with clear entry and exit points and saves them a lot of detailed analysis and uncertainty around creating exact analysis.

The trading triangle system provides traders with a clear checklist of positive factors for each trade: the more positive factors checked off, the better the trade.

This means that day traders can quickly and easily develop a trading system where there actual trading execution is well-supported by a clear and consistent system for vetting trades.

This system can be particularly helpful for new day traders who are finding the enormous range of technical indicators overwhelming, and finding that they are unable to establish a consistent trading system.

However, more seasoned traders may find that the trading triangle system is simply a distraction from their more sophisticated and focused trading strategies that they have developed over years of experience.

Final Thoughts

Your appreciation for MarketClub will depend on what type of day trader you are and what type you want to be.

If you are new to day trading or looking for a simple system to create a steady stream of safe profits, then MarketClub’s supporting software is ideal for your needs.

This software will take a lot of the grunt work and guess work out of your trading, and let you execute reliably solid trades based on a consistent trading system that you can learn to master in a short period of time.

If you are a more advanced traders or looking to create highly sophisticated trading systems, then MarketClub’s features will end up being superfluous to your needs and their comparatively limited charting software will keep you from the kind of deep analysis that advanced day traders rely upon.

All that said, overall MarketClub is a great charting platform, with appealing visuals, professional presentation and management, good pricing structure, a free trial period and a comprehensive offering of community features.

If you are new to day trading and looking for a charting platform to get started, then MarketClub is perhaps the best option on the market today all factors considered.

The free trial means that everyone who is interested should take the opportunity to see if MarketClub is the right charting platform for their day trading needs.


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